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  • TahhkoHaus
    5 posts

    Soooo. Are you guys going to fix this or just leave your game broken after we paid money to play it?

    After initiating "Siege of Paris" DLC, having the feast with Toka, right before speaking with Pierre to leave for Frankia, I left Ravensthorpe to do another mission. Now, every save I load from that point on starts with male Eivor drunk and stumbling.

    And before any support staff asks, no I will not provide pics or any more information. No, I will not try "this" or "that". Everything you need to know is here - or in this thread that was closed by another incompetent support staff member.


    Ubi-Borealis closed the thread 6 months ago and your company has obviously left this issue unresolved haha unreal. FIX THIS GAME.

  • Ubi-Thrupney
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2669 posts

    Hi @tahhkohaus , welcome to the forum, and thanks so much for reaching out about this issue. I've gone ahead and merged your thread together with the one we've got for tracking this latest issue. My apologies for the confusion caused by us having to threads for very similar issues. While the first one was indeed resolved, the issue has reoccurred, and we're now tracking it in this new thread.

    I've gone ahead and added your experiences with this to the investigation. My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime. Let me know if you've any questions at all.

    Official Response
  • TahhkoHaus
    5 posts

    @Ubi-Thrupney whatever dude ik nothing is really going to get done. I've somehow managed to get past getting stuck in caves, fenrir getting stuck under the map and multiple other gamebreaking bugs. Going on countless forums here to see "SuPoRt StAfF" closing threads that were never resolved. 2 years later on a lot of these threads.

    It isn't your fault and all but man your job must be demeaning, just having to blow smoke up peoples back-side to cover for a terrible company that treats it's customers like dog-crap. Honestly we paid for something is it too much to honor what we paid for and at least have a game that works. Like that's about the bare minimum and this company can't even do that? Like I feel like a Karen here but honestly. It's not like the company forgot a mcnugget. It's like the company filled my mcnuggets box with tartar sauce and defecated all over it, then said, "oh yeah we'll get you those mcnuggets, sorrrrrrryyyy🤡". Then two years pass, I'm now old and decrepit and I still have a box of s**t.

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