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  • bielik01
    1787 posts

    @ubi-auron can you tell at least what's the connection between meteors, rainbows, and burning Odin statues? What are the latter for?

  • SpirantCrayon22
    Original poster 1916 posts


    So we get one meteor and that's it? No, that can't be right, I had three or so but then nothing at all since then. When does the chance reset? Does it reset?

  • SpirantCrayon22
    Original poster 1916 posts

    Just noticed the "like" (thanks).

    I did get a couple of meteors a couple of days ago. As usual it was at night.

  • azullFR
    2442 posts

    here some locations and dates ( I didn't took notes of all ) :

    Note : I don't have meteors, burning statues or rainbows on my account that have problems to see player's Jomsvikings, to get Jom's payments and also that has problems to get an avenge quest, all even if I'm connected ( Reda, Ubi-connect, Ubi-shop, in-game Opals, etc. )

    @Randelia , seems that the metors you had were at, or not far away from, this place :

    • Ledecestrescire // Tonastadir ( Bardon lookout ) // Meteor // Thursday, 28th April 2022 10:30 PM GMT/UTC

    location is Eivor's marker
    Gain = 1 Carbon lingot + 110 Iron ore spoiler

    • Ledecestrescire > Tonastadir // Rainbow treasure ( 100 silver ) at sunset // Sunday, 30th April 2022 09:17 PM GMT/UTC

    exact location is at the <I> marker
    Spoiler tag used for illustrations to spare some space :

    a thing I noticed with Rainbow and Photo mode = the rainbow is visible only on one side, which is somehow logical ( sadly I didn' tested outside the photo-mode 🤦 ♂ ), examples : spoiler

    • Ledecestrescire > Tonastadir // Burning statue // Wednesday, 04th May 2022 04:24 PM GMT/UTC

    at the same place as shown on the previous map :

  • azullFR
    2442 posts

    here another one :
    East-Anglia > Forest Hideout // Meteor at night // Friday, 13th May 2022 05:46 AM GMT/UTC
    Exact location = <I> marker
    gain = 1 Nickel lingot + 1 Titane + 121 Iron spoiler

  • Randelia
    219 posts


    Just read the whole thread to catch up on meteor sightings. Yes, azullfr, your screenshot points the exact location my meteors landed. The screenshot was done with my player character still standing at the exact location where I had picked up the meteor content.

    So far I had several, around 7 maybe. Am playing since February. Usually I am unable to find where they landed. They seem to trigger more often around Barsdon Lookout and when I am on the ship going down to Grantebridge area. One I saw was in I think Glowecestrescire but there were guards on the road from whom I tried to take an ingot. And they didn't let me go find it.

    From now on I'll try to take screenshots each time when I see one and can find it.

  • azullFR
    2442 posts

    many thanks to you for these info 👍

  • arni-GX
    42 posts

    @randelia for long 134 hours in england, i have only know and finding 2 meteor strike, 1 its become secret tunnel in front of my town (home base), the other 1 is somewhere in england..... its that a random event or there is something to trigger it ??

  • SpirantCrayon22
    Original poster 1916 posts


    the secret tunnel one is part of a quest line

    the others strike randomly, there are fixed locations all over England but they are not very common, night seems to be better

    nothing we know triggers them (they are in the version on original discs but disappeared with the day-one patch) and that's what Ubisoft have said, too

  • Randelia
    219 posts

    Meteor sighting: Suthsexe, near Guildford, US-East Coast, 9:30pm on June 04th 2022

    Content: 1 Titanium, 1 Nickel Ingot, about 142 Ore

  • Randelia
    219 posts

    Meteor Sighting: Cent, near Hadrian's Priory, 05/06, US East Coast, around 2:19pm

    Content: 1 Nickel Ingot, 1 Titanium, 108 Ore

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