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  • xxSw33txx
    2 posts

    @ubi-theberry My 3 friends and myself have been getting the mountain-00014 error. We connect fine and then at random times get disconnected with this error. We all have verified the game files twice. The error has to be on your end. From looking it up online, you do have a major issue that you should be fixing. We love the game when it isn't kicking us.

  • GODOFWAR666_221
    1 posts

    I'm playing on the Xbox Series X and have been encountering the MOUNTAIN-00015 error frequently about the same frequency as other players every 10-15 mins.

  • StonewaIl
    1 posts


    We don't have any major issues with the servers at the moment and a significant amount of players from all platforms are currently able to connect.

    Then I'm sorry, but you need to take a look at your servers again and this time either put on your glasses or clean the monitor, because there are most definitely issues, and it isn't on the player's side, its on Ubisoft's side.

    This is NOT about being able to "Not connect" this is about constantly getting booted out of the game due to Mountain 00014 or Mountain 00015 errors. I have rebooted the game, rebooted my computer, verified the game files, restarted both my modem and router, it's done nothing to help. It takes a 5 second Google search to see there are a huge number of posts from Feb 2022 complaining about server issues, the 'Mountain' error codes, and getting booted out of the game without warning multiple times. Just through this evening I have had 12, count them, 12 either Mountain 00014 or 00015 error codes that boot me out of the game. Just buy something from the store? Mountain 00015 error, booted back to main menu. Just stealth your way through the mission and about to finish? Mountain 00014 error, booted back to main menu. Just craft something, sell or buy something in the bivouac menu? Mountain 00015 error, booted back to main menu.

    The game is very near unplayable currently, as anytime you do anything in game that requires a transaction or adds/consumes goods where the game has to communicate with the server, chances are you are going to get booted with a Mountain error code.

    So again, you DO have a major issue with the servers at this moment, and you need to recheck.

    1 posts


    good evening , starting around feb 23 2022 I began to experience a wild-000 error code than it has become a mountain-000 error cold multiple people I’ve come across can say they are experiencing similar issues where mid game in a CO-OP or a Raid they would get booted with the same error code. You guys gotta fix it some how because it’s definitely more than a coincidence. Please fix this as this game is currently unplayable with friends

    2 posts

    Same error here, tired of being disconnected by that.
    Will be playing other games.

  • MajicNomad
    11 posts

    I don't think we as players will be able to solve problems outside our control, and suggest that Ubisoft investigate this problem more diligently.

  • cubens_
    3 posts

    Count me in and it's happening more and more today. Always Mountain-00014 here.

  • MikeWeeks
    275 posts

    Just now gave up playing when I would get either the -00014 or -00015 error multiple times within 5 minutes of re-starting the game after the first -00015 error. That took place after about two hours of no issues, them WHAM, basically repeatable drops within a few minutes of each other.

    Not acceptable Ubisoft, not at all!

  • Stelinatoris
    3 posts

    Please start solving it, please, you see that everyone is complaining here, so the problem is on your side and not on the player's side. The game is really unplayable

  • Nightbar0n
    7 posts

    Yeap, Used to play this game extensively before the motherland update(PC), never experienced any bugs or crash... runs smoothly, yet now... starting to replay this game again a week ago with fresh new character and planning to go main campaign - motherland and getting hit quite often with the 00014 error... kinda starting to think to give up.

  • StepwisePilot
    Original poster 9 posts

    So, looking around online, it seems that this is a very widespread problem right now.

    However, seeing as how it is the weekend, I doubt we will get a fix anytime soon. The fact that the ONE ubisoft reply to this thread (one so far anyway) claims that they don't have any issues on their end also indicates that it will be a long while before things get fixed.

  • Maciulla200000
    1 posts

    I have the same problem. I created a new character to play the game anew and every time after about 5 minutes I get a MOUNTAIN-00015 error. It's a pity, because I wanted to play.

  • JulieNoSpeak
    5 posts

    Same here, constant MOUNTAIN-00015 or MOUNTAIN-00016 errors...

  • Whoosaa
    2 posts

    And the same here. Haven't had an issue with Breakpoint for the past 12 months, got kicked back to the main menu twice today with the MOUNTAIN-00014 error message. PC, Windows 10.

    EDIT: I might add, both of these occurrences happened right after I killed someone - first time a seeker, second time a behemoth. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not..

  • toreadorvampire
    56 posts

    What frustrates me most about this is getting it when I'm not playing multiplayer and not using any online functionality.

    For all practical purposes I'm playing a single player game which happens to cut-out any time there's a connectivity blip (on my end or Ubisoft's). Also, I've noticed enemies teleporting short distances from time to time, as you would see sometimes in online games. I guess that even playing solo, the game session is still being "hosted" on Ubisoft's servers, not locally.

    The excuse of "always online makes your experience better" doesn't wash with me because all I wanted was a single player game. Based on the direction Frontline is taking, Breakpoint might be the last GR I buy.

  • SinkSankSunk-
    1 posts

    I'm getting this error pretty consistently as well. Made it 20 minutes without a DC last time which is a new record. Seems to happen as I'm loading into new areas though, maybe the problem is load zones syncing with the servers?

  • Ubi-Milky
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2605 posts

    Hello everyone, thank you for keeping us updated over the last 24 hours and letting us know you are still unable to connect.

    We have asked our Breakpoint team to look into this and we are awaiting further updates.

    For anyone who is commenting on this thread now, can you please let me know the x5 following things to help us report this >

    • Platform you play on?
    • Are you using any VPNs?
    • What are you doing when you get disconnected?
    • Which of the error code do you see?
    • Who is your ISP/where are you located, if comfortable sharing?
    Official Response
  • Diekracken
    1 posts

    Bought Breakpoint when it 1st released , had no internet where I live , returned the game....now after getting internet installed at my apartment , which created a whole ordeal due to the fact that in order to get internet I had to have the local cable provider come to my place (took off work that day and missed 1 day of $ ) and install satellite, my landlord saw the satellite and had me review my lease which states "no satellite dishes to be installed anywhere on property".....needless to say I was almost evicted and now on bad terms with my landlord. After ALL that I install the game yesterday 2/26/2022 and after 30 minutes I get mountain-00014 error code ....try playing again and in 5 minutes mountain-00014 . This is a disaster and I loved Wildlands and have waited so long and have been through so much to finally get Breakpoint and this happens. Beyond dissapointed Ubisoft , please fix this error and fast

  • p3tr0v-xXx
    2 posts


    1. PS 5
    2. Yes;
    3. Kill behemoth, travel to Bivouac, or on half of some mission on Motherland
    4. MOUNTAIN-00015. 
    5. Ruse/Bulgaria

  • Ubi-Milky
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2605 posts

    Thanks very much for those answers @p3tr0v-xxx

    I've added this information to our report for the team to check out, along with a few other reports from players who were able to provide more info in this thread. Thanks again.

    Official Response

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