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  • Unt3rd0g
    8 posts

    @darkmuninn Similar issue here, only with an Xbox code redeemable in the Microsoft Store. I purchased that code with full confidence due to the wording in that support page that made it seem like all digital purchases from participating retailers (i.e., Microsoft store for the Xbox) would get the Twilight Pack automatically, but that was not the case for me. The Microsoft Store only released the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC itself, not the version with the pack or a later unlock in-game via Ubisoft Connect account (as hinted by the support page). This is probably not a fault of the Microsoft Store (i.e., maybe my code wasn't for the pre-order pack), but that does not explain the missing in-game unlock via the Ubisoft Connect account as stated in the support page.

    The exact wording states:

    The Twilight Pack is included in purchases or pre-orders of Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök made before 9 April 2022 from participating retailers.
    For digital versions, you will be able to access the Twilight Pack in-game automatically with your purchase.

  • auditorello...
    13 posts

    hi ubisoft ... I entered the Ragnarok activation code purchased on amazon but the email with the activation instructions did not reach me I tried to enter the code again but it tells me "that this code has been used" what should I do do?

  • coolgcb7
    9 posts


    Same. I still haven't received my email code yet either. It's been about 16 hours and nothing so far. Very disappointed in Ubisoft for this!!

  • xEnrique85x
    8 posts

    @coolgcb7 same, no email code

  • NextCascade7547
    9 posts

    same here too

  • AfterGames19
    19 posts

    Any news on sending those e-mail dear Ubisoft? I believe it's not that difficult to send some emails out. Thanks!

  • Wolvieman58
    1 posts

    hier hetzelfde , alleen krijg soms tekst dat de code al gebruikt is @boltassassin17

  • Ubi-Mushy
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1351 posts

    Hi all, apologies for the wait. Those codes will be sent to you as soon as possible.

    @Wolvieman58 Please note that these are our English language forums, and we can't assist in other languages. You can reach out through our support site for assistance in your preferred language.

    Official Response
  • WarrantedMayhem
    11 posts

    What happens if you've been able to redeem the code and selected a platform, but are yet to receive the second code that allows you to access this content?

    Edit One - 16:55 11/03/2022: I am unable to provide any evidence of this as I redeemed my first code yesterday with zero issues so I saw no reason to take screenshots or record videos. My chosen platform is PS5.

  • PimBasketball10
    1 posts

    I also made a ticket and this is the answer. Does this work? (I am not able to test it today)

  • VladimirKal
    8 posts


    That's the same canned response I've had with previous Ubi games where there have been problems with codes and I doubt it would work because it doesn't seem to appreciate the problem fully.

    Frankly, Ubi Support are really difficult to deal with as far as codes go because they seem to both/either really not understand how so much about codes actually work and are stuck with a really restrictive script that doesn't seem fit for purpose. (At least in every single one of my experiences where there's a code problem that's on their end and not mine.)

    Also I'm having the same problem; bought the physical PS4/5 code-in-box version, got an e-mail with the Twilight code, gave an error, redeemed later in the day but I've not received an e-mail with the actual code to redeem on the PS Store. (Unless this is one of the Ubi codes where it works based on your account being linked and so you get no PS Store code but their wording suggests otherwise.)

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6075 posts

    Hello there,

    Thank you for continuing to update this thread with your experiences with redeeming the Twilight Pack DLC code. I'm sorry to hear that you have encountered this trouble, and apologise for any impact on your gaming experience.

    I'd like to assure you that the dedicated teams have been notified about this issue and they are working on resolving this as soon as they're able to.

    Please note that when entering your code, you now will receive a message informing you that your Twilight Pack key will be delivered to you by email with additional instructions. There is a delay on receiving this email, which we expect to be resolved shortly. 

    We will update with more information once this issued has been resolved. Please keep an eye out within the forums and on our official platforms for more future updates.

    Thank you 🙂

    Official Response
  • WarrantedMayhem
    11 posts

    @ubi-borealis It's been more than 24 hours and I've still not received my second code. It shouldn't be this hard or take this long to send an email. Why make things this complicated?

  • Fallto
    26 posts

    @warrantedmayhem i remember when i redeemed my preorder code for valhalla it took a while for the code to be sent out

  • step09
    3 posts

    Has anyone else the following situation:

    * Youu fill in your code;
    * You select the console you want the code for;
    * You get the message that the code is already used.

  • verytireddad76
    2 posts

    Managed to redeem my code last night. But the Twilight pack still does not show up in my inventory.

  • Fallto
    26 posts

    @verytireddad76 did ubisoft send you a code for the platform you play
    the game on

  • verytireddad76
    2 posts

    @fallto nope I have had nothing through yet.

  • xEnrique85x
    8 posts

    I still waiting my email code...24h+ waiting

  • emever
    6 posts

    I bought my retail version of Ragnarok for Xbox here in Italy. According to the retailer redeeming the code inside the box on the Xbox Store before the 9th of April I would have the Twilight Pack too. Instead I just had the expansion. The bundle with the Twilight Pack is still buyable at 39.99 Euros. Ubisoft support asked me a lot of screens from game and Xbox Store and then told me that I must wait for an update. I want my damned Twilight Pack!!!

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