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    I have to agree with the other gamers from the community that this audio sound should be a toggle option and is very disruptive to game play; it makes for a poor experience.


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  • Ubi-Viral
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    Thank you all for your replies and valuable feedback. It is greatly appreciated!

    Rest assured this feedback has been passed on. At this time this is all we are able to do.

    If any changes to the game audio and these sounds are to be made it will be announced in patch notes.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Steve64b
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    This post is deleted!
  • rickidoo2010
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    @steve64b Hey thanks! I'm installing it now! I've been wanting something like this since release!

  • Ubi-Milky
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    Hello everyone thank you for your sharing your thoughts on the ability to disable this sound effect when an ally is nearby.
    I will move this thread to our player General Discussion section of the forum, to see if there are other players who would like to contribute to this too and so it can be seen by a larger audience, including our game devs and community team.
    If you have any more feedback about the game, please make sure to post this in our General Discussion area of the forum, thank you!

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  • Steve64b
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    @rickidoo2010 Np, you were lucky to snag it because my post was removed for promoting mods. 😞

    So I guess anyone who wants to turn off the bleep/thud hud/UI sound and is on PC will need to use Google and avoid Ubisoft's discussion board, unless they want to wait for developers to support a game that's ended its release cycle.

  • DV20Katana
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    This is an excellent post because you have highlighted an issue with many of Ubi's games that have these highly irritating and unnecessary sounds. In Ubi games in general:

    • You lift a weapon theres a sound
    • You look through a scope theres a sound
    • You see an enemy through the scope and theres a sound (even if you have "tagging" turned off)
    • If theres a character nearby theres a sound (as the video in this post shows)

    Ubi shooter games are full of bleeps, dings, whooshes, pings & rattles. For some of us this ruins the immersion and is very irritating. Even more so on headphones.

    I realize that no two gamers are the same so the only way (and easy way) to fix this is to provide a menu switch to disable ALL these noises. Just like you let us disable all the super hero powers like xray vision, "alert clouds" and "tagging" let us disable these sounds also.

  • Hi_Voltg3
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    I was really enjoying this game since I got it over the free weekend but just like everyone else, I started using Boom Boom and now the tagging an enemy noise just won't stop even when he's not there. It's really killing the enjoyment of the game for me and there's posts all over about it since the game came out 😞

  • CarlWeezer567
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    @Ubi-Karl This sound is incredibly annoying and far too frequent. Not being able to disable this function has ruined my experience with the game to a surprising degree. I know it sounds silly but beeps and boops are far less likely on a South American/Carribean island than RPGs and crocodiles in leather jackets, and as a result are very immersion breaking. This issue should be top priority for fixes/patches. The rest of the game is fairly perfect.

  • Nelethil
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    Is there any update to this issue?
    It keeps anoying me.
    This "blop" when hostages are nearby destroies for me the great emersion of the game. 😕

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