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  • No ease to SHD levels for new or returning players for the new update , this need to be addressed devs

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    @au_nexus691 exactly. I have friends who played td1 religiously but not td2, so they never did the wony expansion. An to be quite frank, why would they now? Had i left pre wony i wouldnt come back to this level of grinding required to be pvp ready.

  • TxDieselKid
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    I'll never understand this concept of giving the rewards of those who actually play the game more away for free for "new" players.

  • SuspiciousPixel
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    I think you all are missing the point or got somewhat lost in it

    Looking from a PvP point of view are you at a disadvantage not having SHD 1000 - absolutely , you could have the exact same gear as a SHD 1000 player , play the same in the DZ , but you are missing out on Weapon damage, CHC, CHD , Armor , reload speed and the rest , unless you can corner glitch like a pro good luck been competitive in there

    Division 2 is now on it 3rd year since release and has its next big content due to drop this year (after a 15 month drought)

    We should be encouraging new and or returning players to the game not punishing them top the point where they drop the game and move on to something else , yes it's a gear grinding game but the time taken to grind from SHD 1 to 1000 is very long especially if you only a casual player (yes 90% of us work , have family's etc) , not everyone want to grind resource convoys all day every day it would get a bit boring don't you think

    There should be a system in place in the game (not necessarily pay to win) even if it was a set list of challenges to obtain SHD 1000 like you had to do to unlock certain specialisation weapons , this would encourage a new players or a returning player and make it easier to get up to and ready for the new games content when it drops and then start the new grind in the expertise system like everyone else

    The idea here is to rebuild the player base from the content drought , we have all seen many players leave the game due to this so why not give them an incentive to bring them back into the game

    Why would casual players then care about being SHD Level 1000?

    If people enjoyed the game for it's CONTENT then maxing out Keeners watch would have come naturally. WONY was released 2 years ago!

    If they couldn't because of family commitments then that's unfortunate but I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of having Double XP events which go beyond what you get in seasons, Global Events but expecting players to be "gifted" power levels is not going to happen.

    Where would you then draw the line? Would you then ask Massive to give new and returning players MAX commendation score? Fully optimized gear? A fully maxed out recalibration library? Full weapon attachment category? Fully specd Specialization tree? Raid exclusive weapons? Apparel, patches, backpack charms from previous events?

    As people have said not being SHD 1000 isn't the end of the world and you can complete content by being lower.

    Also back during the old forums I did suggest XP projects and time limited events using trinkets which currently have no purpose in Division.

    • Tape Measure
    • Pencil
    • Hammer
    • Stuffed Animal
    • Toy Car
    • Crayon
    • Screwdriver
    • Battery
    • Tape
    • Sewing Kit
    • Matchbook
    • Utensil
    • Kids Jacket
    • Kids Shoe
    • Kids Sock
    • Camera
    • Magazine
    • Soda
    • Rope
    • Lighter
    • Hex Wrench
    • Anti Biotics
    • Pain Killers
    • Insulin
    • Notebook
    • Plastic Bottle
    • Solar Calculator
    • Small Diamond
    • Gold Necklace
    • Silver Bracelet

    My idea was depending on the quality/rarity of the trinket you could donate (x number) of these to activate an Double XP Daily and Weekly Project. Completing these would give you a boost in XP thus increasing SHD level faster.

    For the rare trinkets tokens which you can redeem from a vendor for a time limited XP event (no longer than an hour) and would also continue the countdown timer if you get disconnected.

  • Adrian-11
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    Just NO!
    Play the game the same way everybody did. No shortcuts.
    I actually see a big disadvantage for the new players getting a shortcut - lack of experience at the end-game stage. They will just be blasted and kicked out from any group of veterans, even if they have the "levels".

  • N3mB0t
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    those trinkets have a use , but a very limited one , i usualy give them to npc´s that are roaming the streets , patrolling or fixing something , its those items they require in exchange for some stuff for your materials .

    seems its a early game mechanic that isnt useful even at that stage , but iam still giving out cameras and screw drivers out to those brave JTF workers!!

  • AU_Nexus691
    Original poster 29 posts

    Again your missing the big picture as this content or expansion whatever you want to call it should be about "rebuilding the community" and "encouraging new players" to the game not slapping then in the face which is where I see the issue now in a 4 year old game and still expecting new players be it buying the game new or coming form console to PC due to no cross save in the gane to grind 1000 SHD levels to be competitive and then have to grind the new expertise system which is effectively another take on a GS50 system

    It is quite obvious with the responses of the people that are replying here only play PvE and have probably only stepped foor in the DZ once oe twice and got shitted on. There is a big disconnect between PvE and PvP players in the game and most only see it from a PvE point of view and yes I play DZ every day only only farm for DZ gear to clear the air

  • CategoryTheory
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    @au_nexus691 I understand your complaints about PvP. But how about a different approach that doesn't harm the PvE progression: in the Dark Zone you lose all buffs from Keener's watch and Experience? Then players will still get the fun of levelling up in PvE without it being a mandatory (or at least highly desirable) grind for PvP.

  • SuspiciousPixel
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    @n3mb0t I knew about donating to JTF but I'm disconnected from the moral sense of donating them trinkets for resources I don't need, just to make them happy lol
    Bit if they gave XP boosts or a mini project, activity that was double XP I would consider putting my morals aside for the greater good.

  • SuspiciousPixel
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    @au_nexus691 You know what's a greater problem in the DZ?
    - Cheaters
    - Glitches
    - Players with 200ms + ping causing desync
    - Lack of events
    - Unbalanced gear
    - Player reports that never get a response from the Developers
    - Removal of Thieves Den vendor
    - etc

    But giving casual players 1000 shd level will cure all that and make the experience better for new and returning players lol

  • AU_Nexus691
    Original poster 29 posts


    No [censored] sherlock any real DZ players knows of these issues and has to contend with it due to massive"s lack of care for the game or platerbase and the will to fix the overall DZ issues plus it seems once Redstorm left the game the DZ was left to die besides some [censored] gear balances and to be honest this new change of the DZ meta is a bit average to be honest, they seriously have not looked at the big DZ picture, fine nerf shields and make the TTK even shorter than ever but do absolutely nothing to skills which are stupidly overpowered in PvP , I feel this change will ne the nail in the coffin for the PvP and once heartland comes out the playerbase will migrate over to it if it's what we all hope it to be

  • CategoryTheory
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    I feel this change will ne the nail in the coffin for the PvP....

    Well, some would disagree. They'd say that nail went into the coffin a long time ago, and no longer beat the dead horse inside that coffin.

    ...and once heartland comes out the playerbase will migrate over to it if it's what we all hope it to be

    You mean what's left of the player base that prioritises PvP over PvE? It could well happen and, if so, power to them! (As well as to the PvP-lovers who already get their PvP needs from different games that do better PvP.)

    I don't bedgrudge the resources put into PvP in Division 2; it is a moderately interesting side dish for the main course, and even I wander into the Dark Zone from time to time. But I think that the developers are correct to make their main focus the PvE part of the game, where they've got one of the best things going in the business. PvP could easily turn into a time sink that hurts PvE and yet still doesn't make PvP as good as competing PvP systems.

  • MaxKiller181
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    @au_nexus691 play the game on challenging with 2 or 3 directives and you can get lvls pretty damn fast. No reason to complain really I had under 100 shade lvls. Actually I think I was at like 68 for about a year or more after wony came out because I was disappointed in losing all the old builds I liked before. Now I'm over 1000.

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