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    @mars388502 Well, I know that the main protagonist is a woman for the first time. So maybe that's all it takes to send some into an anti-woke tither. Or maybe she or one of the other main characters is openly gay or trans? Who knows what goes on in their heads, and I stopped trying to understand it, after they tried cancelling the Teletubbies because they said that the purple one was gay, and was trying to convert pre-schoolers.

    That's all I'm going to say on the subject, so the thread doesn't devolve into a political peeing contest.

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    Besides the female protagonist, there are trans characters. I'll never understand how that can be so upsetting to people, and I'll leave it at that.

    It's one of the better Far Cry, simply because we have actual characters and the combat is tighter. The last few I've bought dirt cheap and didn't even finish because the repetition got old and the combat was a little too floaty for me. This one I at least felt like I was fighting for something, and the characters were interesting.

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    Well, since this cheapskate of forum doesn't have multiple quotes, I am going to have to do the next best thing, which is, Copy/Paste... something UBI loves to do to their games so win win LOL. Never mind, the image is too big I guess and this PoS doesn't do auto compress like most other forums.

    @LTJasonWolfe I am going to have to agree to disagree with you 100% on both your statements because even though WL was a fun shooter, everything a GR game should be should be farthest from it because of... *Teammates*

    Now, unless of course you are ok with Invisible Teammates and/or Teammates that can call out enemies w/o LoS or do sync shots thru structures then sure... WL is definitely THE best GR game so far.

    I will leave the enemy behavior because, well, that one was less worse than the teammates but again... Agree to Disagree.

    Perhaps my bar is set to high, almost to an impossibility on a military squad game, as it seems that now a days games between 25% to 40% finished is all good for people to enjoy and they rather more quantity than quality... I am more of the 80% to 100% kinda guy.

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    @ltjasonwolfe So a game that draws inspiration from GTA and Far Cry, with Ghosts who are indistinguishable from poorly-equipped mercenaries, and who act without any operational planning, no communication with military leadership, and just act like criminals intimidating, kidnapping, and knocking off other criminals is everything a GR game should be? Have you even played the pre-Wildlands games? I'd rather have a Ghost Recon game that has the Ghosts acting as US Tier 1 operators, who conduct missions for JSOC, who plan operations with leadership, who utilize US military support assets in the field and coordinate with military support staff and leadership in real-time on the battlefield, and where the tools they use are a window into what combat could look like in the near-future based on currently-in-development gear and weapons. You know, what the pre-Wildlands games were in part or in whole. But, sure, Wildlands is everything a Ghost Recon game should be.

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