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  • zalexp__
    Original poster 7 posts

    More Control over AI teammates

    • Add ability to command individual teammates
      • Can place 1-2 teammates at a vantage point to act as sniper while 1-2 teammates are placed at other locations or follows player
    • Add commands for AI teammates to
      • Breach/Lock pick doors
      • Non-Lethal/Lethal Melee
        • Does not require sync shot
      • Driving
        • AI teammates can drive to a destination or tail a selected enemy in a vehicle
          • Allows player to shoot out of vehicle while teammate drives
        • Will only drive on roads for destinations (off-roading will require player to drive)
        • Will go off-road if vehicle being tailed goes off road (“simply” follows tailed vehicle’s pathing)
      • Create rappel
      • Give boost
        • Allows higher walls/fences to be climbable with teammates
        • Will require player or other AI teammate to help last one over as well, or else the player/AI teammate will be stay behind or find another way around

    Replace fireman carry with drag mechanic and/or increase fireman carry pickup speed

    • Allows teammates to shoot while being dragged
    • Significantly quicker to hide bodies

    Hiding Bodies

    • Ability to permanently hide bodies in dumpsters
      • Limit to four bodies per dumpster
      • Player can hide in dumpster as well, as long as body limit has not been reached
    • Possible ability to “prone camo” enemy bodies
      • They can only be found if an enemy walks on top of "prone camo" body

    Throw Bodies

    • Able to toss bodies off of cliffs and over railings

    More Civilians

    • Have more civilians similar to Wildlands, giving more life to the country/land the game is set in, as well as forcing the player to be more aware of who they are shooting at

    Crafting During Gameplay

    • Can only craft during gameplay, giving the action much more tension rather than pausing game safely to craft several grenades, mines, rocket launchers, sync shot drones, etc.

    Improve Respawning

    • Fixes problem of infiltrating a base, completing one objective to a mission, dying while attempting to escape the base, and respawning outside of the base with that one objective still complete with no consequences
    • Instead have the player respawn outside of the base without said objective completed if they died before escaping, forcing the player to try again
    • Only respawn with an objective completed if the player escaped the base cleanly or with the Red Alert phase reaching Yellow Alert before the player dies
      • See Alert Phases


    • Ability to detonate specific C4 when multiple are placed
    • Gives player much more control and more tactics to create diversions

    Alert Phases

    • Green: No alerts
      • Enemies follow their usual pathing
    • Yellow: Searching
      • Will approach gunfire, explosions, and flares
        • Some enemies will remain at base
        • Allows player to create a diversion to more easily enter base
        • Enemies that approached diversion will return to base shortly, giving player a limited time to complete objectives
      • Cooldown lasts 1 minute if Red Alert was not reached
      • If Red Alert was reached, cooldown for Yellow Alert will be 5 minutes
      • If unconscious body is found, enemies will search throughout base and cooldown will reset to 5 minutes
        • Each body found will reset back to 5 minutes
      • If new dead body is found, base goes to Red Alert
      • If Red Alert was reached cooled down to Yellow Alert, any loud gunfire/explosions will immediately switch base back to Red Alert and rush the location of sound
        • Exploding multiple C4 one at a time can extend the diversion much longer than one
    • Red: Enemies know player’s location and is shooting
      • When spotted and shot at by one enemy, only enemies within a 15 meter radius will immediately be aware of player’s location. Rest of enemies in base will become Yellow and approach gunfire, allowing player to break line of sight and escape
      • After line of sight is broken and guards have investigated player’s last location they were spotted and has not been found, Red Alert will change to Yellow Alert

    Add non-lethal melee attack

    • Knocks out enemies
    • Faster than killing
    • If an unconscious body is found during Green or Yellow Alert, the body will be awoken
      • If found during Green, base will change to Yellow Alert

    Melee Attack Variations

    • For both lethal and nonlethal attacks, have different variations depending on alert phase and how many enemies are left in the base, not slope angle
      • Green: All melee animations will be fastest
      • Yellow: Melee animations will be medium
      • Red: Non lethal will be longest and lethal will be medium
      • Any Alert phase with Final enemy
        • More intricate/hollywood type animation, earning the long drawn out animation rather than being punished for getting it randomly while being shot at

    Grabbing Enemy

    • If grabbing enemy from behind, simply grab them rather than having an extended animation of the player punching and then grabbing enemy
      • Fastest
    • If grabbing enemy from front, have previous animation of player punching enemy then grabbing enemy
      • Slowest
    • If grabbing enemy from side, simply grab enemy with some twisting animation
      • Medium
    • When enemy is grabbed during Red alert, have enemies of same group and rank refuse to shoot if player is not shooting back, and have them attempt to circle player to get a clear shot
    • Enemies of different groups (Sentinel vs Wolves vs Bodark) or higher ranks will shoot at player and grabbed enemy with no hesitation, even if player does not shoot back
      • Gives player more incentive to search for higher ranked enemies and use their rank against them


    • Can interrogate grabbed enemies for enemy locations, weapon stashes, or collectibles
    • Enemy locations will highlight all enemies within a 10 meter radius and gives player the total amount of enemies in base
      • Allows the player to then scout on their own and counting to see if they have each enemy scouted in base
      • Interrogating a scout enemy will highlight everyone outside of buildings in base
      • Interrogating the highest ranked official in base will highlight everyone outside of buildings and inside of buildings in base
    • Weapon stashes or collectibles will be highlighted
      • One itme highlighted per enemy interrogated
      • If multiple weapon stashes and collectibles are in one base, interrogating another enemy will reveal the next at random until all are highlighted

    Animation Canceling

    • Can cancel grabbing, melee, and chest opening animations by aiming gun
      • If attacking/grabbing an enemy and another enemy spots the player, aiming gun will cancel melee animation and gives the player control to try and contain the situation by shooting the two enemies

    Shooting Weapon while Parachuting

    • Allows player to kill enemy when parachuting onto roof
      • Cannot reload while parachuting

    Shooting While Sliding

    • Allows players to aim and shoot gun while sliding down sloped surfaces
      • Cannot reload while sliding

    Improve Light & Shadow Stealth Mechanics

    • Have every light destructible
    • Add EMP gun from Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
      • Unlimited ammo, but lasts only 10 seconds, has a 15 second cooldown, and replaces either a weapon slot or class item
    • Deep shadows will hide player regardless of camouflage/disguise, similar to hiding in bushes
    • Gives player much more incentive to create shadows and destroy base’s generator

    Base Generator

    • Shutting off generator by hand
      • Changes enemies within 10 meters to Yellow Alert, with the closest enemy tasked to turn generator back on
        • If said enemy is killed/knocked out before turning generator back on, two closest guards will investigate after a couple minutes
      • If generator is shut off three times total, entire base will change to Red Alert and head to generator
    • Destroying generator by EMP or silenced gunshots
      • Closest enemy tasked to turn generator back on will discover generator’s condition then alert entire base to Yellow Alert
    • Destroying generator by explosion
      • Entire base will change to Red Alert and approach generator


    • New weapon attachment: flashlight
    • Would be much more effective than night vision, but makes player visible to enemy regardless of shadow, camouflage, and disguise
    • Add guards with flashlights as well, allowing stealth gameplay to not simply be shoot out all lights and waltz right into bases

    Door Breaching/lockpicking Mechanics

    • Have option to breach or lock pick doors
    • Add more opportunities to use than found in Breakpoint and its DLCs

    Rappel Mechanic

    • New item, the rope, allows players to rappel off of roofs and cliffs for 10-15 meters
    • Can be climbed up afterwards if not reset
    • Each player/teammate has one rope to use
    • Player/teammate that creates a new rope replaces their previously placed rope
    • Having AI teammate stay with their placed rope allows a later escape
      • Can also act as sniping position
    • Only one player/teammate can use the same rope at a time
    • Can rappel through skylights and crash into windows

    Climbing Mechanic

    • Depending on weight, player can use their stamina to climb more harshly sloped terrain, certain textured rocks/cliffs, vines on trees, or pipes on buildings
    • Player can hang/shimmy from ledges until their stamina runs out
    • Hanging can be used to drop down to ledges below or hide from enemies above them
    • Can be paired with the rappel system, having the player or AI teammate rock climb up a cliff then create a rappel, allowing the rest of the team to scale the cliff much quicker


    • Allows player to jump from one cliff/roof to another
    • Max height, distance, and landing sound effected by weight

    Mechanics Able to Turn On/Off in Settings

    Camouflage/disguise mechanic

    • For camouflage, have specific camouflage skins for each environment and only attainable in difficult bases in each province, forcing the player to earn them
    • For disguises, wearing a certain combination of clothes/gear will give a specific disguise
      • No alerts while disguised and driving a car
      • No alerts if walking without aiming weapon and staying out of enemies’ radius of 4.5 meters
        • Disguises with helmets reduces enemies’ radius to 1 meter
      • Any suspicious activity such as running, sprinting, crouching, swimming, and aiming weapon will end disguise’s effectiveness until ending said action
      • If any alert occurs, have the disguise’s effectiveness end
    • Certain disguises are only effective in certain provinces
    • Prone camo is still necessary for drones/enemies with thermal vision
    • This makes collecting camouflage, clothing, and gear throughout the map much more rewarding, especially for times the player would not have worn without these mechanics

    Weight mechanic

    • Items effecting weight
      • Armor
      • Weapons
    • More body armor will give more protection, but significantly reduces agility/mobility, increases noises made, and drains stamina much quicker
    • Weapon attachments add more weight, with some weighing more than others
    • Less weight makes player more of a stealth/glass cannon build, while more weight makes player more of a tank
    • If attempting to escape, dropping heavy weapons and/or armor onto the floor will open up more options but also increases damage taken

    First Person Mode

    • Allows player to switch to first person mode, giving a much more immersive experience

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  • Eagleyezx
    138 posts

    @zalexp__ Play Arma 3. Ubiflop makes games for the casuals.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
    1278 posts


    But this was NOT the case when they were more of a Gaming Studio & Publisher than a Pyramid & Skimming Company.

    @zalexp__ I couldn't read all of that but let's just hope that some of it does get included in the next one.

  • LateNiteDelight
    1040 posts

    @eagle-eyezx how's the solo play?

    None of the folks I play GR will probably go for Arma 3. I've liked Sandstorm solo, but I lacks a bit of the mission/variety/freedom I was hoping for.

    Hell Let Loose also sounds cool, but not sure how I feel about MP at the moment.

  • FcAc-No-Moe
    1278 posts

    Even if I have gotten bit by the Co-Op bug I would not buy a game that does not bring a SOLID Campaign plus SOLID solo missions afterwards and one of the reasons I won't be buying any Cod games in the near future... this last one left a bitter taste in my mouth because it was perhaps as rushed as Breakpoint was even if it was a better shooter game.

  • jmagnum50
    136 posts

    @zalexp__ First, a question about the weight department. You mean increase overall protection/weight (armor-wise) kinda like in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 right? If so, that sounds good. Also, about attachments and weight: game-wise, I'm okay about certain things like heavy duty, long range optics or underslung GL's or SG's adding a bit more weight, because they seem beefier, maybe different barrels of certain length could slightly affect weight. Also, about noon lethal vs lethal, lethal takedowns could be faster than LTL, though the latter could be a bit slower, but helps preserve your target. Anyway, some of this stuff sounds good. I'll have to look over it again. Let me know what you think.

  • zalexp__
    Original poster 7 posts

    @jmagnum50 I've never played Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, but what I looked up real quick, it the same basic idea. The more weight your armor is, the better protected you are, but your mobility/stamina will be decreased.

    And with weapons, the heavier the weapon you are carrying, your mobility/stamina will be decreased as well, and shooting the weapon will have higher recoil, sway, aim speed, etc. This would give an even better reason to add a bipod to snipers, as lying prone with a bipod could eliminate any sway.

    Regarding non-lethal and lethal takedowns, it does make much more sense that lethal takedowns would be quicker in real life. But gameplay-wise, I think having them slower than non-lethal can add trade offs to player decisions. Knocking this guard out will be much quicker, but runs the risk of being awakened if his body is found. Killing the guard will take a bit longer, running the risk of being spotted, but the guard won't be awakened if his body is found.

    Now that I think about it, perhaps lethal and nonlethal takedowns are the same speed, BUT lethal will leave blood marks that can be found by other guards and instantly alert the base, and dragging the body will just smear the blood further (until a certain distance). So if a player is attempting a full stealth playthrough, non-lethal takedowns will allow the player to hide the body, but runs the risk of the guard being awakened.

    But now blood marks can actually be another pretty cool mechanic, allowing the player to takedown a guard lethally, drag his body to a certain location while leaving a trail of blood, and other guards spot the trail and follow it, only for them to be ambushed by the player in the end.

  • Eagleyezx
    138 posts

    @latenitedelight Today I've been playing some gritty scenarios by an author called ThomaHawk.

    I played 2 missions and its gritty, gripping, challenging, things you'd expect Breakpoint to be. I'm really excited to try and complete all his missions because they're really put well together.

    The Arma 3 missions are okay for gameplay experience.

    But as you know, Arma is more about gameplay possibilities compared to triple a games. But try it out and see what you think.

    Personally, I'm liking Arma a lot more to Ghost Recon at the moment. Add me on steam if you want to squad up on a game. Not too sure how it works though. Steam: Eagleyezx

  • zalexp__
    Original poster 7 posts

    more ideas

    Re-Add Window Destruction and Minor Improvements

    • Ability to shoot out windows, allowing more entrance/exit strategies
    • Cane be coupled with the rope/rappel
    • This was in Wildlands and was a great tactic to use for some missions, and finding it completely gone from Breakpoint was a little jarring and a prominent downgrade in stealth and quick escape options
    • Have some windows able to simply be opened and then closed (keeping it open will cause guards to become suspicious)

    More Indoor Levels

    • There are only a handful of indoor bases in Breakpoint, and the ones that are in it are heavily underutilized mission-wise

    Improved Prone Features

    • Strafe movement, allowing more precise positioning
    • Aiming while crawling prone
    • Sprint crawling; has the same detection speed as crouching and noise as running, but maintains low player visibility
    • Add low cover that is only useable with prone (since all cover in Breakpoint from my knowledge is crouching and standing height)
    • Able to crawl and hide under most vehicles
    • Ventilation shafts the player can crawl through
    • Is linked to weight/mobility, so max weight cannot sprint crawl nor fit inside vents

    More Breach Torch Gameplay

    • Have some bases with only one entrance or no entrance, requiring the player to use the breach torch rather than simply walk around to a different unguarded entrance
    • Required to turn off certain base generators rather than just a simple switch, or perhaps is way to shut off base generators without alerting base at all, although breaching location will be hidden somewhere else in the base to be found or interrogated
    • Can stealthily destroy drones with one use, although requiring player to approach drone without being detected and canceling animation will instantly cause drone to detect player and alert entire base
    • Create holes in windows to crawl through; stealthier than shooting but takes more time (Upgrade the torch to a laser or have a separate glass cutting item to use this way)

    Ventilation Breaching

    • Using the breach torch, the player can open ventilation shafts to crawl through

    Added Interrogation Options

    • Has extra opportunities for interrogation to aid in current base infiltration (rather than just collectible locations and unlocking missions)
    • Intel can include: location of ventilation shafts or other secret entrances leading inside base, vehicle that marked target will use to escape (allowing player to sabotage vehicle), location of radio enemies, descriptions of unidentified target in base, types of security devices to look out for, etc.

  • zalexp__
    Original poster 7 posts

    Improvised Ghillie Suit

    • Mechanic to craft ghillie suits with vegetation specific to the environment
      • Using a ghillie suit with vegetation from a different province you are in has no added stealth benefits, and can possibly make you more noticeable by the enemy
    • Gives the player an incentive to collect vegetation, rather than just for rations (which feel quite useless and a waste of time/resources)
    • Adds another layer to the requested camouflage/disguise system

    More Dense Landscape and/or Province Focused Missions

    • After playing through Wildlands once again, I noticed a huge difference between its map and Breakpoint's is just how dense each province is. In Breakpoint, although the map is bigger, there is so much empty space.
    • Also, the story missions in Breakpoint were quite sporadic throughout the map, as opposed to Wildand's missions focused in each Province
      • This, for the most part, encouraged the player to not rely on fast traveling, and in turn helped establish the layout of the land to the player
      • Another great Wildland's mechanic that helped establish the lay of the land was the Helicopter & Airplane Supply Raids, and can perhaps be reimplemented in Breakpoint's sequel
  • tanjodang
    12 posts

    Bows: Recurve and compound with attachments, etc. See: Crysis / Far Cry. You don't have to agree, just something I would like to see. This is a scifi tactical game with some fantasy elements in it, so I personally think this would be fine. There's a crossbow in Wildlands and in Splinter Cell Blacklist. Let's do a Rambo-style recurve... Bows were used for a thousand years in actual combat and are still used to hunt large animals.

    Shooting on motorcyle: It's actually less realistic that you can't shoot on a motorcyle than more realistic. People get robbed in 3rd world countries by thieves riding up on them on motorcycles all the time (look it up). It's real. Real life. It just kind of breaks immersion when I can't shoot on my motorcycle... I want to be a motorcyle riding ninja please.

  • Megalodon-26
    335 posts

    @tanjodang Criminals do conduct violent crimes while on motorcycles. But normally, it's a passenger that does the shooting. But if alone, the rider will come to a full stop before firing their weapon (typically a a small concealable SMG), and then drive away. You don't hear about lone motorcyclists shooting while driving, outside of maybe a Hollywood chase scene. And even then, they usually end up crashing.

  • tanjodang
    12 posts

    @megalodon-26 I'm talking about coming to a full stop. It's simply realistic. It happens in real life. It makes no sense to me that I can't sit on a bike and use a drone, pistol, tablet, phone, etc. And doing it while driving--maybe you would wreck, but that doesn't mean the entire functionality should be removed. Even soccer moms text and drive without wrecking.. C'mon.. We're elite soldiers. There are videos of police officers shooting from the drivers side of their vehicle through their front windshield. It's an actual realistic viable option. That being said, we should be able to shoot while driving too (see GTA 5). There's no reason why GTA 5 should have more realistic options to shoot than this game. And anyway, if this functionality was added to the game, *you* don't have to use it at all. You can play however you want 🙂

  • tanjodang
    12 posts

    @megalodon-26 BTW, it took less than a minute for me to find a guy on Youtube robbing someone on his motorcyle all by himself without anyone on the back of the bike. Just him and a gun. I won't post it here though because it's a bit disturbing. But by all means continue to respond to my every post--you're actually helping me make my argument stronger.

    While you're at it, go ahead and YouTube search for "police shooting through windshield." Happy to educate you.

  • Megalodon-26
    335 posts

    @tanjodang First of all, you never specified that the motorcycle had to be at a complete stop before being able to shoot, just that you wanted to use a weapon while riding a motorcycle. And secondly, I said that shooting while driving a motorcycle would likely cause one to crash, so I have no idea why you brought up driving cars? Cars and motorcycles handle very differently. You are too busy trying to defend your opinions, to properly read and properly understand what people are saying.

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