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  • niniiam
    2 posts

    also my rations disappear when I go to river raid and won’t fill while on river raid.

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3690 posts

    Hi @niniiam and welcome to the forums.

    I'm sorry to hear about the issues that you are experiencing during River Raids.

    Can you please confirm the following:

    • Have you encountered the issue in the cave on the River Exe River Raid more than once?
    • Do your rations disappear every time you go into River Raids? if so could you please provide a video to demonstrate this

    I would also recommend going through the PS4 troubleshooting to see if that helps prevent any further issues.

    Official Response
  • davidtsmith333
    67 posts

    I fully endorse the original poster and others' frustration with not being able to save in river raids. One should at least be able to do a manual save. I'm doing the "new" river raids with the Champions of the Faith and not being able to save is frustrating as heck. Reason being the Champions are usually at the furthest area of each river and after one takes the time to raid the various camps along the way painstakingly raiding whatever including all sort of defences along the way it's very hard to take that when you finally reach towards the end or the Champion you get killed in a flash for sometimes no good reason after committing all that time it took you to reach that part....and then you lose all your progress and every frigg ing thing. Twice this has happened to me now and I'm mad as hell.

    Fortunately the only one left to do is Francia's Anointed along the River Rhine....which I just spent the last couple hours doing, painstakingly working my way up camp to camp, finally reaching the Champion with cargo full only to get one-shotted by the Champion before I could blink and that was the end of that. Every bloody thing lost. All that time in vain.

    Is that really working as planned? Is the plan to frustrate players and discourage them from doing river raids? For heaven's sake please allow saves in river raids. I can't say I've experienced crashes like some others have said (besides one time stuck on a rock or crevice) but the no-save thing in river raids is quite annoying.

  • Freestepper
    Original poster 161 posts

    @davidtsmith333 Yea. The devs that made Odyssey was making the game with fun being their main goal. I remember they even said it in one video. They tested something and asked themselves "is this fun?". And if they found some frustration in it, they changed it. And i feel it from the game. I never got frustrated while playing Odyssey and i was always playing the nightmare difficulty. It was just proper challenge.

  • Freestepper
    Original poster 161 posts

    So here you have some screenshots from me Ubisoft. Not like it matters, because it is caused by the teleport bug, which us happening everywhere. Fix this [censored]!

  • gertluddpowwel
    1 posts

    Im having the same problem, 3 of 6 RR i have done theese last few days have had glitches. I havent almost had a bug during "freeplay" but the RR is glitching all the time. Superannoying!
    It happens at diffrent locations, and diffrent things. Right now my character is having like a seizure and cant move.
    The two times before that she flew away waving with her arms untill she fell down in the sea. Another time I was doing a Valkyrie dive and fell through the ground into a underwater void where I could dive but died later on.

    Like many have said before, this isnt challenging, its frustrating and it pisses you off when you just spent 30 min RR and its all for nothing...

    Playing on ps4

  • Jack287346
    13 posts

    I thought I'd give River Raids another chance after some time.

    I was about 30 minutes into the raid when I got teleported up to under the roof. Eivor kept hanging there for a few seconds and then died.

    This is not fun. I won't try again until this teleporting bug is fixed.

    I'm playing on PC.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 5779 posts

    Hello there @davidtsmith333, @Freestepper, @gertluddpowwel and @Jack287346,

    I apologise for my delayed response. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and experiences with us regarding being able to save during River Raids. I understand from experience that these raids can take some time, especially when seeking out a River Champion, and apologise for any inconvenience that has been caused by desynchronizations and disruptions to your raids.

    Please be assured that we have shared this feedback with the development team for further consideration. We haven't yet had an update from them regarding the potential to introduce a saving feature during the River Raids. As soon as we have any new information to share regarding this feature, we will let you know within this thread or within the News & Announcements forum once it is made available.

    The development team is also looking into what could potentially be causing Eivor to randomly teleport or fly away whilst exploring the world. We have an ongoing Megathread for this investigation, in which we'll share any updates or new details from the development team. If you have been affected by this teleporting issue, I would recommend following that thread for more information.

    Thank you 🙂

    Official Response
  • Gayngel2019
    22 posts

    I want to cry. Had to restart the river Berbha missions 3 times now because of crashes and getting stuck. Please please PLEASE allow saving during river raids! Not allowing saving during a raid "because it increases the risk and reward" isn't a really reason that makes sense. Raided supplies can still be held in cargo in a save state but only be banked when going home to Ravensthorpe. If Eivor dies during a river raid then yeah lose the unbanked cargo. Crashing and bugs shouldn't have to be part of the "risks" that we are facing in a raid.

  • Freestepper
    Original poster 161 posts

    @gayngel2019 I think you shouldn't lose unbanked cargo even if you die normally. You need to consider a fun factor for the game. This isn't one. It is frustration and it also has nothing to do with difficulty.

  • vm4M9Tz4pB
    118 posts

    one again, same annoying bug and crash, lost all progress on river raid . why ubisoft still didn't add a checkpoint for this mode. it is on PC, and so frustrated due to crash on raid.

  • Ubi-Oxavo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 623 posts

    Hello @gayngel2019 and thank you for reaching to us. Sorry to hear you've had such a frustrating experience.

    As was previously mentioned we gathered the feedback from our players and passed on to the Game team, however as for now we don't have any updates regarding the ability to save during River Raids.

    We'll share more information as soon as we have it. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Oxavo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 623 posts

    Hello @vm4m9tz4pb and thank you for reaching out to Ubisoft Support. Just wanted to let you know that I merged your post with this thread, please pay attention to what I posted below informing gayngel2019 that as for now we don't have any updates.

    If you have other questions, please let me know!

    Official Response
  • AS_DE
    1 posts

    Hello there,

    add me to the list of frustrated river raids-players.
    Latest example: RR on river Erriff, Bog Rot, first hut on the left side entering the camp.
    Spent nearly 2 hours raiding and got sucked into the wall...

    @Ubi-Borealis @Ubi-Woofer others have already complained about the game working (or not) as intended, I won't repeat that.
    If you and the devs can't think of a better solution to put some stress on the players, heres two ideas I came up with:

    1. allow the player to have a single quicksave slot that:
    - is owerwritten by the next quicksave trigger
    - is deleted on death
    -> you still loose your collected loot if you die, but you "survive" bugs and crashes (I guess bugs are not intendet as parts of lore and gameplay?).

    2. as random teleporting seems to be a thing that actually works within the game - why not make it intended?
    I've seen it work in other games: add a "help, I'm stuck"-option to the G-menu, that requires you to stand still for 3 seconds and then teleports you e.g. 5m to thin air somewhere around you.

  • Freestepper
    Original poster 161 posts

    @as_de I just want to be simply able to save in river raids just like in the main world. How it is more challenge if you can't save in RR? If you die, you still can't progress regardless of being able to save or not. But if you can't save, you can lose hours of progress on top of that. And f&@king hate that. I hate extremely when i have to do things i already done, just to get back to the point where i died. And longer i have to go over again to that point, the more it's pi&@ing me off. How does that challenge me, except challenging my nerves?

  • flashgorton
    1 posts

    Just add saving to River Raids. Stop delaying it. Just do it. It's not hard. Don't tell me you're working on it. I've played over 300 hours of this game, and not a single thing has changed on your end. Seriously, just add saving to River Raids. Did you hear me? Did you hear all these people in this thread? Just add saving. Add it. Go ahead and add it. It'll be better. So much better. Add saving.

    Did you know that adding saving to River Raids would increase the happiness of your fan base? I know it sounds crazy, but it's true! I promise. Go ahead. Don't be afraid to add saving to River Raids. It's what this cruel world needs. You could be the light in our darkness. All you have to do is add saving to River Raids. Take a leap of faith.

    Imagine a universe where you don't lose an hour of loot because the game crashed. What a life that would be! Golly! To add saving to River Raids would make my wildest dream come true. They say, "not all heroes wear capes. Some add saving to River Raids"

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 5779 posts

    Hello there,

    Thank you for continuing to share your feedback about introducing the feature to save during River Raids. The dedicated teams have been taking a closer look at this, and have reached out to us with a response. At this moment in time, there are no plans to implement the ability to save during River Raids to the game. You can read the full statement below:

    Thank you for reaching out! We are currently investigating the cause for crashes that are occurring for players during River Raids. However, saves are not implemented during River Raids in order to keep the content challenging. We recommend returning to the settlement when your cargo is full, or when your crew numbers are low, in order to bank your rewards and save your River Raid's progressions.

    I understand that this may not be the answer some of you were hoping for, and I would like to assure you that the dedicated teams are looking into what could potentially be causing crashes to occur during River Raids further. If you are experiencing frequent crashes in-game, then I would recommend that you create a new thread or post within our dedicated crash / freeze Megathread for PC so we can investigate and troubleshoot these further.

    We also have an ongoing Megathread for the investigation into Eivor randomly flying up into the sky, which you can find here. More information and updates from the investigation into that issue will be posted within this thread, so I'd recommend checking it out regularly if this is the issue you're encountering in-game.

    If there are any plans made to implement the ability to save during River Raids, then this information will be shared on our official platforms and within patch notes published in the News & Announcements forum. If you have any additional thoughts or feedback you would like to share about being able to save during River Raids, then please feel welcome to post about this within this thread. The Player Support team will continue to pass your feedback to the dedicated teams for further consideration.

    Thank you 🙂

    Official Response
  • ChuckKatse
    352 posts

    UbiSoft your response from the dedicated teams is HOG WASH. You will not implement saving progress in the River Raids because it would not keep the content challenging. When is a player facing challenge when he or she is on their Long Boat traveling down one of the Raid Rivers from one location to another? That is where saving progress should be allowed. The player is not in a challenging situation at that point. The only time a player is in a combat situation on the River is when at a blockade point. So why not come clean and state the real reason. You don't want to take the time to do it. I call this response not giving a damn. This is just another one of the reasons your game is getting so much negative feedback in your forums and on social media.

    Honestly I knew when I first read the initial complaints from players on this issue, you were not going to do anything about the problem just make an excuse for having it in the first place. "Keep it challenging" I got to laugh.

  • JamesLogan491
    131 posts

    Just lost an almost 2 hours long raid in river Dee to falling through the map while killing an NPC on the last location after having cleared all the other places. This moronic concept of risk and rewards on river raids is so stupid not at all what we have on the game. The fact that this is a design choice shows how disconnected the people providing the post-launch support are from this game.

    The risks on those raids are either getting stuck into a wall forcing a reload, falling through the map or getting launched into the sky resulting in death or the game crashing. What all those risks have in common is that none of them are the players fault for failing the "challenge".

    The only reward on river raids are XP and a tiny bit of silver. All the iron ore and leather is irrelevant. Silver is used to buy any other resource you might need, runes and scrolls of knowledge. If the dev team supporting this game actually played it, they'd know this.

    Here are a few suggestions to make river raids an actually decent end game gameplay loop.

    1. I'm pretty sure this is beyond the "team's" capabilities since if they could do it'd be done by now but fixing the small teleportations Eivor does when he/she starts moving. They are more noticeable if there is some small obstacle like a rock or bucket that interferes with the animation causing the teleportation to occur over longer distances. This causes Eivor's character model to simply teleport forward but sometimes it means getting into a softlock situation, stuck in a wall, swimming below the map it if happens near a body of water (in a River Raid this means forcing the player to restart their game since no fast travel is allowed). Sometimes this teleportation can cause Eivor's physics to mess up (I'm guessing if the teleportation results in a collision with another object) and he/she gets catapulted into the sky, or Eivor might just teleport below the map and fall. In either case the result is death (once again, in a River Raid this means losing all progress).
    2. See River Raids for what they are, a gameplay loop, not a challenge. The challenge is to keep playing when you lose a one or two hours long run due to a glitch. If they realize that, there is a small chance of those raids becoming more rewarding in regards to silver, the most important resource since it is literally the currency to acquire other resources you might need.
    3. Letting us save during a raid in order to circumvent glitches that we all know will keep on happening.
    4. Give Vagn a proper shop or let us sell the leftover ore and leather. It makes no sense for Norsemen to go on a viking for [censored] ore and leather instead of precious metals like silver, literally the currency of the game.
    5. Have a weekly Opal deal on Vagn's shop to buy 15-20 Opal for 500-600 foreign supplies. This would give more incentive to replay River Raids.
    6. Forget all that ore and leather on raids, they make no sense. Silver is an important end-game resource since it can be exchanged for titanium (the true bottleneck resource when upgrading all the gear), runes players might want and the expensive Scrolls of Knowledge. As such it should be the main lootable resource on the raids, it makes more sense both from historical and game play perspectives.
    7. Regarding the new River Raid maps in Francia and Ireland, having more leather and iron ore than I could ever need, there is no reason for raidingthere anymore since those maps barely yield any silver to loot when compared to the raids in England. They serve a purpose for completing the quests/getting the new gear pieces, but there is no reward on them to incentivize replayability which is the whole point of river raids in the first place, to be a gameplay loop for the end-game. It is ironic that farms in England have more riches than developed villages/monasteries/estates in Francia (supposed to be a land of riches and abundance).The rivers in Ireland and Francia should have a lot more silver and sellable junk to loot.

  • Freestepper
    Original poster 161 posts

    @jameslogan491 As an OP of this thread, i agree with you. But what if there wasn't any kind of glitch in the game at all and you died completely by your own fault in that one River Raid run on the final location after spending two hours clearing out all the other posts? You still wouldn't want to be able to save everywhere before every post, just like you can in the main world? I mentioned this many times in the thread. The only challenge that i accept as a challenge is an enemy that stands in front of me or anything that has anything to do with the game's world and lore. Not being able to save is decided by devs and it has no lore meaning. It's there just for the sake of a challenge. But to me this is no challenge. All this does is pi**ing you off. If you die in the game, you won't be able to progress regardless if you can respawn right in front of the last enemy that killed you or if you need to start the whole thing over. Only that when you are forced to start the whole thing over, you are also pi**ed more on top of that. Why is it good to add something into the game that does nothing, but pi**ing people off? Where's the fun in that?

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