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  • Xadro_
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    I love the crazy and fantasy stuff and i hope they add wings and such like many MMO's as well. Just wish they added them sooner because i finished the game ages ago with all the boring outfits weapons mounts and birds.

    And considering the amount of game sales has gone up since Origins then i think you are the minority.

  • Sedkijez
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  • Sedkijez
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  • WildHunt
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    I think the uni-bear is something of a silly tradition with the AC team. I don't mind it, it adds a bit of comedy and they did the same thing with a camel in AC Origins. Speaking of AC Origins, I still play it, and Odyssey. This new breed of AC game is the best AC has ever been and I am totally on board with it, including the fantasy elements. I've not invested anywhere near the number of hours in the older, more traditional AC games than I have with Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla, so Ubisoft is doing something very right with these games.

  • AORUS2017
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  • Sway277
    Original poster 11 posts

    @sedkijez I wholeheartedly disagree with your statement that “most people don’t play Assassins Creed because it’s historically accurate”, and your assessment that Ubisoft didn’t design the games to be that way. The level of painstaking detail that went into the Ezio collection through to Syndicate was incredible. If they didn’t care about the history, then why has each game had a codex, explaining the history? They’ve gone to amazing lengths to blend the AC canon with real historical facts, any time I watch Jeopardy I almost always get at least one answer right due to something I learned in Assassins Creed. So if nobody cares about it, why has this franchise been so successful? The combat? One of the most complained about aspects of the first 12 games, it was both too easy and repetitive. The free running and parkour? Fun, but almost always came with problems, glitches and control issues. Multiplayer? Virtually non-existent. The Assassinations? Definitely, (I will never, ever forget creeping along the roof of the Sistine Chapel to assassinate the Pope! LoL). But by the time Syndicate came out there was a lot of talk that the Assassination aspect had gotten stale and needed reworking. Sadly, Ubi seems to have decided they don’t know how to do that, so they’ve just made it less of a factor, as most of the Order members in Valhalla can just be walked up to, (they don’t even run away), and stabbed. I’ve just started Seige of Paris, which seems to have built a little more drama into the kills, don’t know why the whole game wasn’t like that. Anyway, no, I’d say the biggest factor that managed to build this now humongous franchise, with 15 main titles, plus everything else they’ve released on the strength of those titles, (handheld games, expansion packs, comics, movies), is the amazing worlds they’ve built for us to run around in, which for the most part have been as historically accurate as their story allows them to be. If nobody cares about the history, the gameplay wouldn’t have been enough to sustain this franchise for so long. I’m not even sure they’re done making games like that, but the last 3 titles have been set in time periods that we don’t have nearly as much information on. But I’m sure the people at Ubisoft would be sad to hear that you didn’t think their games were historically accurate. Maybe you don’t know enough history to know that they’re historically accurate?

    I also have to give Ubi a little recognition. This last pack they released (the Holy Knight set), was a whole lot closer to what I’m asking for. It’s highly detailed, looks awesome, and somewhat fits in the world, (aside from the mount and raven). I won’t buy the armour, since I can’t imagine why my Viking would be dressed as a holy knight, but I DID buy the great sword, which looks awesome. The shield is beautiful too, I just don’t use them. I’m sure you can build many more armour sets, weapons, and shields using iron, leather, fur, and bone that look just as good. Waiting on another unique horse or two also, that’d be great.

    And who tells someone to shut up in a forum? This is what forums are for. If people didn’t complain in a video game forum, they’d all be empty. You apologise for being rude, then say we’re crying about this stuff. Well you’re crying about our crying, what ya think about that? 🫢

    I’m also really, really glad, that despite some disagreements on other things, everyone agrees on the basis of my thesis: purple ice cream bear is stupid, wrong, and should be shot, skinned, and turned into a fur coat for a 70s era pimp.

  • Ingel_Riday
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    Honestly, I think the high-fantasy cosmetics aren't nearly as corrosive to the "historical tourism" angle as the incessant anachronisms and intentional historical revisionism.

    These games have always had silly optional outfits, but they used to care a LOT more about getting the setting right. When they deviated, they'd even leave bloody notes in the database (ex: "Cannons would never be on the decks of ships because they'd obstruct crew movement and cause weight imbalances, but it's no fun to fire something you can't see and how else will you know they're actually reloading?").

    Now we have sugar-coated Vikings raiders that are 50% male / 50% female, 50% LGBTQIA+, super diverse, and 100% inoffensive to Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity committees. Oh, and they'd NEVER hurt civilians. Sure, they'd rob them, murder their enlisted men-folk, set fire to their homes, and dance with glee in the reddish hellscape lighting of a burning monastery... but remember, they're the GOOD guys. They're just migrants looking for a better life. Check your privilege, Anglo-Saxons!

    Compared to all of the above, I find it hard to care about a non-binary unicorn bear in dire need of therapy being ridden by a burly lesbian Sauron wielding two glowing Japanese katanas? At least I can opt out of wearing / using any of the above. They're less Orwellian and more innocently puerile.

  • pesto.
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    I’m not adverse to fantasy stuff, but It used to be an Easter egg when there was something anachronistic or fantastic in AC that wasn’t the item of power for that game. Now it feels like it’s become padding.

    The fantasy elements in AC are beautiful but the most memorable and fun bits of the games for me have always been the human stories rather than the big set pieces. Those tend to just be simple, set in the period, no fancy props.

    I’d love to see more of that content, stuff that enriches the open world and make it feel more alive and real.

  • SpirantCrayon22
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    @pesto me too, I also really liked the "real world" tour things that they did, also felt the story to the Valhalla one was rather well done, exactly the right sort of tone

  • Ingel_Riday
    30 posts

    @spirantcrayon22 Honestly, I'm glad you liked the tone of the story. I thought it was awful, but I was coming off of a second playthrough of Assassin's Creed: Black Flag... which was a high note of this franchise.

    Vikings were Scandinavian pirates. To go "vikingr" was to go pirating. They weren't good guys. They were ravagers, looters, and pillagers. They took slaves. They violated people physically in every single way imaginable. They only agreed that Anglo-Saxon lives had actual worth due to a peace treaty, which didn't include Britons so hurrah to more slavery.

    But... you can be a slaving, thieving, unscrupulous monster and still have your good points. Black Flag showed that. You liked Edward, Blackbeard, Calico Jack, and the others... even though they were horrible people. Almost all of them deserved their untimely demises, but you still felt bad to see it because you'd seen them off the clock. The game humanized buccaneers without condoning or sugarcoating them. They were fun dudes, when you weren't their prey.

    Not this. Not this at all. I cringed over and over playing this and it took me a year to beat the base game. I kept getting to the point where I literally had no will to continue and stopped playing. The only things that brought me back were seasonal events due to FOMO, and even then I'd burn out in two to three weeks. A year. It took me a year to FORCE my way through this. So I'm not there with you. 😛

    But yeah, Black Flag had everything that kept me playing AC. I miss those days.

  • arni-GX
    42 posts

    i just wanna next AC with PC, the setting is chinese old empire, example of ming dinasty or qing dynasty......or, the setting of shogun tokugawa, on japan old empire........ there is so much to explore in that era........especially when using musket rifle and sword (together, not separated just like AC unity.... !!!), spear lance, sabre, crossbow, hand grenade, rocket launcher, etc....

    oh, yesss, lots of soldier from ming dynasty or qing dynasty, also tokugawa shogun, using sword and musket rifle, together.......

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