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  • seamatie
    5 posts

    I was really waiting for this. Nothing is better than testing User Experience, without it a product wouldn't be good. But with it, it will be epic. Didn't recieve an E-mail but I hope that I will be invited in a later stage.

  • Hecobs
    38 posts

    I'm ready! Please send me an invitation!

  • AdrianoGolob
    3 posts

    This is amazing! I hope I can test it again!

  • MAK_879294
    4 posts

    Ow plesea choose me

    14 posts

    Würde auch gerne Feedback geben wie nach der Closed Beta im Februar, leider auch noch keine Email erhalten. @Ubisoft Blue Byte -> Als langjähriger Fan der Siedler Reihe würde ich gerne mit Feedback helfen wo ich kann, würde mich über eine Einladung freuen.

  • Ubi-Barbalatu
    Community Developer 226 posts

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you very much for your interest in the Technical Test. Unfortunately this is not an application thread. We will keep you posted once we invite more players to the test in the future.

    Thanks for your understanding,

    Official Response
  • Janaroh
    5 posts

    If you need more test users for multiplayer feedback . My dad and myself are available. Just let me know

  • C64-Fan
    2 posts

    Just a short question.. will all participants of the previously closed beta be invited, or only a few of them? I participated in the closed beta, but didn't received an invite. I would be happy though.

    I'm glad to hear that the project is still beeing developed. Although the beta had many issues, i quite liked the game and I was really sad about the bashing the game received, especially from gamestar.

  • Ubi-Barbalatu
    Community Developer 226 posts

    @c64-fan Hello. Only a small number of people who participated in the Closed Beta were invited at the current time. If the team sees the need to invite more people, we will expand the number of players as mentioned in the news entry.


    Official Response
  • OldTokken24
    84 posts

    @ubi-barbalatu It is nice to hear something about "The Settlers" again - a sign of life finally. What would be even better and regarding how poorly the situation was handled the last few years with the current build of the game, a statement about the feedback you received during the beta and what will be done to improve the game is something desperately needed. Will old and promised features return? Will the game be more complex and have progression? What has been prioritized that you will work on? What changes can we expect? Have you listened to feedback from the community - if yes, what will be taken into consideration?

    We waited so long for successor in the settlers series which is worth to be called settlers. And till now we just have news about Ubisoft testing something and that is it. It is rather disappointing how long it takes for the developers to make something resembling progression. Makes one truly belief that instead of a good settlers you will only apply quick solutions to a flawed version of a game nobody wants and call it a day. This is the reason why so many people who waited for a new settlers walked away - the initial showcase of your version from 2022.

  • AlxRou
    27 posts

    @oldtokken24 Yes, PLEASE release a proper SETTLERS game and not just make improvements to the version you were about to release.
    I don't have many expectations because i think you are about to do just that...
    I wish i would be wrong about that.

  • Unrealtairo
    4 posts

    You guys have copied the camera angle from AOE4, the worst RTS released in decades.

    This was an issue in beta.

    Revert the camera angles and Max Zoom out to that of Settlers 7 or at least AoE 3 or AOM.

    What it is now is NOT a playable camera angle or view. WAY too zoomed in, it's not at an angle. It's just gross.

    Max zoom distance needs to be like x5 what it currently is. And it NEEDS to be angled. Get rid of this straight up & down angle by default.
    Don't copy the camera angle and max zoom level from LITERALLY the worst RTS this decade and expect anything good to come from it.

    People will refund it before even playing the content because of stupid things like this

  • Sanctuary2056
    11 posts

    I'd love to test and give feedback again 🙂

  • Procnessil
    32 posts

    Now I'm pleasantly surprised. Feedback from the players should really help in making the game better. Fingers crossed!

  • Chadders108
    3 posts

    Just give the game back to Volker Wertich and I'm sure he'll give you all the necessary feedback us players would give you anyway 🙂

  • nightmare272
    7 posts

    i hope i can help test the game, i playd every version of settlers

  • Donkie737
    1 posts

    @AlxRou And now back to planet Earth. No offence there friend, but there is no way the game is being built from the ground up. So if that is what you are waiting for you are in for heartache. In the real world Art and Corporate Interests are intertwined and usually the latter drives the former. I am sure they can make some changes to the existing game that would make it a Settlers game that lives up to it's name.

  • alexcapitan82
    1 posts

    Hi everyone!

  • migif23983
    1 posts

    Hi again everyone!

  • Frodosam1
    327 posts

    Hi everyone!
    How are the tests going? Any updates?

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