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  • Oatiecrumble
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    @RaciaIAdhesive to be honest i don't really see much difference between HB & your typical Hunters Fury/Scorpio......if anything i'm still surprised the Scopio didn't get any changes.

  • xcel30
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    @oatiecrumble While skorpion is OP because you can stunlock anything, HF is a red build that require for you to be in the enemy face for the good bonus forcing a very high risk high reward playstyle, it does gives you armor on kill but it doesnt make you a tank + the shield got a reasonable nerf so the survivability of this combo has decreased, so this set gives you less damage and makes you less tanky.

    Meanwhile HB is either use pulse ou hit a headshot then turn almost invincible doing more damage than most people and having more armor than most people. HF is strong butnforces you to be play close range in a very risky strat, HB is free armor and high damage that can let you ignore most things.

  • Oatiecrumble
    954 posts

    @xcel30 i still do think they are as good as each other, just different playstyles, HF/Scorpio/Memento enables you to pretty much stunlock everything whilst gaining some nice armor, has fantastic damage and is way more fun....again just a different playstyle.

    Not so much related to HB but.....

    My only concern with this game is so much stuff is orientated towards p.c...i.e M&K.

    Talents, Gear sets that both require headshots to gain the buff is so geared towards M&K it's unreal.....there is lots of stuff in this game that most console users won't even touch because of it.

    Anyway that is going off track, tbh i'm not really fussed as the game for me has lost it's direction....it's still fun, just not as fun as it used to be, or could be.

  • Mr_TwoToke
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    @sr_0v3rk1ll The whole point of my post is for them to stop the heavy stacking from the ACS12 so the gear set would function as intended. This would balance the set without having to nerf it. You wouldn't be able to facetank npcs in heroic or legendary if it wasn't for that shotgun. It would bring it more in line with other builds. Besides that you can already speedrun any difficulty without that set so I'm not sure what the problem is in PvE anyway. Already have missions like dua legendary at like 25 min before this update. Sometimes you feel like playing missions slow and tactical with a sniper set up and other time you want to blast your way through and be aggressive to blow off steam. It's more an issue in PvP when everyone is running around with the same gun and you have no choice of builds besides heartbreaker or a pulse resistance build.

  • Oatiecrumble
    954 posts

    Been using in Countdown all night:

    1 x Badger Tuff chest with perfectly unbreakable
    1 x Memento Backpack
    4 x Hunters Fury
    1 x Scorpio
    1 x SIG MPX

    3 x Blue core
    4 x Red Core

    Gotta say it thrashes HB....especially when it comes to Hunters....they don't have a chance.

    Ain't seen a call for nerfs for that build 😕 🖕 😂

  • Outofsynx
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    this set 100% needs a nerf.
    i cant even comprehend people saying its the acs12.
    while yes its super strong that it stacks with each pallet comparing heartbreaker to striker shows enouf evidence imo that it needs a nerf.
    and yes i fully understand its only to pulsed enemies but all you need is 1 headshot a pulse or the technician laser and you get 100% bonus damage compared to strikers 65%.
    not only does it give 35% more damage it also gives you 1% to 2% more bonus armour per stack depending on backpack use.

    i dont think one set can be this good especially since it counterpart or rather a set that does something similar is way worse.
    When i look at the 2 sets all i see is striker being the beta version of heartbreaker and not worth using.

    so tldr i 100% think heartbreaker needs a nerf even with all the console players being like oh but the headshot. just use the laser and there you go 100% bonus damage for free no skill required.

  • Gates.Of.Hades
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    the only op about the set is the 200% bonus armor, but other than that, its kinda ok, ubt still the best gear set of them all

    they really should not nerf this but repurpose the other gearsets to be on par with HB set (or even the old brands and talents that need to be looked into)

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