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  • xcel30
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    @chacachaca88 I do remember the whole "rainbow loot" because... it was just random, so that meant that getting all gear with the same color was pure chance but community was 100% sure it was rigged by the devs to troll people, man people were acting so dumb back then (here's a link with a summary someone made https://mp1st.com/news/the-division-2-title-update-11-loot-changes-and-overview-detailed: (https://mp1st.com/news/the-division-2-title-update-11-loot-changes-and-overview-detailed)).

    But regarding loot quality i do remember that legendary had a better "base avarage roll" than heroic, but not that heroic had it's base LOWERED because of legendary, if you can link me to where they mention these changes i would be thankful because i remembering a graph that i'm not finding it anywhere

  • echolecter
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    The entitlement on display here is disgusting! As if your gaming achievements are important, the audacity to think that that will intimidate others. You label yourself as the 1% elites and think you are above others. Its pathetic really.

    Some players just think they are so much better then others because they only like to play legendary mission. Which is silly because everything in this game isn't really that hard to begin with. First few times you will need to adjust, after that you will notice that NPC are stupid, it also applies to legendary. Many open sessions for matchmaking and expect that only those so called 1% players are going to join them as if they are online 24/7. You should expect anyone to join and if you don't like your group players, there is that leave button or play with friends/clan members only.

    As for loot, I do believe that a lot of players (if not all) are looking for top level items, simply because when you have them everything becomes easier, including the legendary missions. Since they tied quality to difficulty players will have to live with that fact and expect new players getting into harder missions as well. About a year ago they adjusted loot and ever since the drops are herrific. They thought that playing highest difficulties only must be rewarded, all others don't deserve better loot. Chances of finding maxed out stuff on lower difficulties are close to, or zero. Same with rainbows which seem to have made a return to the game. In the past few day I've been seeing nothing but tricolore gear, in boxes, activities and NPC drops, on any difficulty.

    They won't be nerfing legendary because why should they, and also never listened to players for other things so I don't expect them to change their stance of this topic. Keep in mind that the more you play the easier it all gets, practice makes perfect. If newcomers join a session it would be gracious to teach and inform them (when excepting) instead of complaining they don't know the ropes. Equally, if you want these missions to become even more difficult so less than 1% of players will play them, just raise the bar yourself and be creative.

  • ArthurFriend
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    Why do you?

    Play heartbreaker? I don't. Built it for testing, got bored and deleted the build. I like to get through missions and overcome challenges by myself, not only because I am dependent on using overpowered, unbalanced gear. Why do you?

  • ArthurFriend
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    The entitlement on display here is disgusting! As if your gaming achievements are important, the audacity to think that that will intimidate others. You label yourself as the 1% elites and think you are above others. Its pathetic really.

    Isn't it also pathetic to demand rewards others have earned with hard work and vast knowledge without being willing to make the same effort? Isn't also pathetic for players who already can play on five easier difficulties to demand to have the hardest difficulties made easy as well, thereby selfishly ignoring that this hard content is the last activity left in the game for players who actually enjoy hard content?

  • RaciaIAdhesive-
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    @traumahawk Agreed.

    Legendary and even Heroic are meant to be difficult and challenging, yet I've seen so many players asking for these difficulties to be toned back to fit their skill level instead of adjusting their in-game challenge settings. Been playing since release and I have only been able to complete one legendary mission and never thought that the difficulty should be nerfed as the intense difficulty is the entire point, is it's legendary.

    [With the release of Heartbreaker, this gear set has made Heroic and Legendary cake walks for unskilled players anyway. A few days ago I was grouped with levels 7-30 all using Heartbreaker, ACS-12 spamming their way through a Heroic mission with active directives with absolute ease.]

    To add, been gaming for about 20 years and I have never been apart of a community where it seems the majority of players constantly complain and nag about almost everything. At what point in gaming did it become acceptive to be overly entitled and whining like a child when things don't work out? No matter which source I look for news on this game, it's always players complain about things that are within their control.

  • Aryotus
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    @echolecter Those (want it now and for no effort) players must be coming from World of Warcraft or ESO 😜

  • Aryotus
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    @grantsheppard Dude I do talk or text 90% of players I join with. I do so to inquire if they enjoy the game and if they prefer solo and I also check their profile to get an image of the possible type of games they enjoy/play. I then leave the door open for them to ask questions (due to a quick text) they can now communicate with me. Very, very few do not want to know more. Even less kick me after healing them to get them back on their game play due to their call for backup when they go down. I look at that as neither good nor bad. Developers may have been a bit smarter than we want to see in allowing recruits to choose level 30, go get Keener, com back to DC to find out they still need to be carried and schooled up by compassionate Agents, rather than player Agents that have Cleaner, Outcast, Rykers or any of the other factions or Ridgeways motives.

  • x41x6Ex64x79
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    We only have 3 legendary missions, and they said they are not going to make anymore for us.

    Week in, week out I see people whinging about how hard legendary difficulty is, and I see people making demands of Massive to make these missions easier for them to do. It's pretty selfish to demand they make the hardest difficulty in the game easier for you because you're unable to roll with the punches.

    You literally have 95% of the game's content catering to you. Enjoy that, and stop trying to ruin our fun because you're incapable of completing the content. We already have to deal with people who have no interest in being a better player, but joined the group to get the weekly exotic. There are so few people actually trying to play this difficulty that we have to take what we can get.


    Totally agree, sure a good build helps, But technique and comms help more. I have taken a squad of new players (running scrappy Hardwire builds) through legendaries.

    They don't need nerfing!

  • Oatiecrumble
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    Please nerf Legendary.


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