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  • FcAc-No-Moe
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    Well, it seems that most of you missed my Sarcastic/ironic post but that is ok, most of you don't know my sense of humor and some of you possibly think I don't have one LOL.
    We can't have missed your sarcastic/ironic post because all of your posts are sarcastic. Haven't seen one of yours being ironic though. You sure you know how to make one? Don't listen to Alanis!

    My Mommy says I am funny, beautiful, Ironic & sarcastic as the best of them so... yeah, you don't know anything!

  • MikeWeeks
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    Journal entry 10 AUG (Wednesday): Only change was a more quick on-line connection from yesterday. All other conditions still taking place.

  • EN075
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    Went in tonight to shoot more of "The Biters" with some friends. We're back to "normal" which is still basically errors all the time and taking forever to sync up with the server- but this is the BS we've been dealing with for months... otherwise forever known as "Ubisoft's A game."

  • Eliza-Death
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    its official ghosts we will have PS+ people here too next week... it brings me tears of joy to see our small family grow larger and larger

  • DNH_17
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    @xcltm3 I have filed my report to European consumer center, now they better find a solution...

    Any way this adding up to the already hard time to find players joining, is basically gonna kill my effort for co-op experience of the story.
    If only I find a mate to join me, that would be great but I got other things to do than spending my whole day looking for a friend to join in at the same time, at least one, as in 2 tons of ops can't really be executed...

  • Eliza-Death
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    it does worth a try there is nothing to be lost only time...
    but you really think they haven't covered this loop hole? they a huge company with an army of lawyers and they have already announced they have a team investigating the issue...
    ECC wont be able to do something because they have acknowledged and working to solve the issue and this could be enough in legal terms

    in EULA the "agree" thing no one reads is written they can do whatever they like whenever they want.... meaning they can just decide to make it "better" as single player only and that's it no ribera errors no problems at all problem solved

  • DNH_17
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    Are you working for them? ... 36 post's sniper... Come on.

    To improve and optimize the product. Modifications. Not take down.

    I totally know what you mean.
    That sentence refers to updates and actual stuff that changes the game, but not not offering a service.
    It's like beyond a logical basic standards, it's given, the fact you have to understand that there is no interpretation to the Law.
    There is no game on this: you do offer or NOT offer a service.

    There is not subjective stuff here nor playing with words. Stop this shooting your foot with a gun loaded with ... air.

    If there is a tool to be used, you are the typical italian, and I can speak like that as I am italian, that uses all sort of excuses not to do something, because ... "ReAsOnS".
    Don't take it as an insult. It's just extremely lame to decide not to use and believe in the tools you have to fix things.
    You speak like a slave.

    Your story is a story of DOOM. There is no DOOM, there is the law and there is tools to actually mention them they do this further they literally PAY A PRICE that is gonna be medium or big.
    There are standards in Europe, standards to be respected. We are not in some lawless turbocapitalist realm... not make me open my mouth. Ubisoft will pay the price for this sloppy trashing.

    Just sell the company to those that accept less dividendi, if making games means doing trash and offering trash. (like the players themselves... go back to CORE BUSINESS: making games for players)

    From the Cultural management standpoint and profit business: It's like "UBISOFT (let's say) Museum", now was doing Sandwitches and fish and chips and made this a mega galactic biz, instead to take care of its main business that let's say is for a Museum, if it was so, to curate the goods they have, research, explain, write and publish books, hire competent and experience new personnel, get them trained from the best, improve the building and rooms, efficient-ize the rooms and underground cache where the archeological goods are kept.

    No.. now they make money with their Louvre Panino sneak bar, but their core business, if they claim to be a Game developer\producer company IS STILL THAT, and it's DISRESPECTED.

    Or just go in your mission and everywhere company CV and write: Ubisoft, a CASINO Financial speculation company, then you can do what they are doing. Hands down.

    They are a game developer and producer for the players? They do what they are doing?

    They - pay - the - price.


    Let's say you are right: you auto eliminate this company from any sane person choice, who is going to buy Ubisoft "games" in future? Just fools. Like HUGE ones.

    FIXING the problem, I have found randomly a post from someone that is connected to the issue and I answered: anyway there is a Ubi The berry post there
    It's talking of the NAT.. and indeed this could help. https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/133148/failed-to-synchronize-contacts-ghost-profile-not-in-sync?suggested=true&lang=en-US Just a bit

    How to: here https://www.maketecheasier.com/how-to-set-up-port-forwarding-windows-10/: (https://maketecheasier.com/how-to-set-up-port-forwarding-windows-10)

    I don't need to write a disclaimer. There is also your router that could get in the way.. on that there is no guide. Some router just suck at writing what does what... many use WIFI.. that's even worse.
    To play online use a cable.

    EDIT: I tired, regarding the Change of the ports, nothing changes. The only way is to use NET LIMITER. That's how I managed to get Green Nat Status.

  • Eliza-Death
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    lol no i dont work for them i still have some dignity left in me 🙂

    i hope you are right but i lost all hope they just dont care
    in july they decided to turn online features on a bunch of games
    *more here https://www.eurogamer.net/ubisoft-plans-to-shut-down-multiplayer-and-online-features-for-15-older-games
    its nothing for them to add one more to the list wildlands does not make em money so they don't care... just check how fast they fix issues on other more profitable games but here they just looking into it for months on months
    so sorry if i am pessimistic they sold the game they sold as many microtransaction as they could... and the cow just don't give enough milk any more so they will put it down

    PS. the port thing is garbage it does nothing... wifi cable ports forward or backwards even changing clean underwear i dare to say won help, the problem is on their side and only...

    my nat status is/was always open no matter the way i was connected on my end nothing changed on both my pc and laptop till the day they did something and broke the servers they lost our statistics (for the second time) and each month thing just get worse and worse

  • DNH_17
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    @Oompa-Loompa Thanks for explaining as I do with myself.
    I do agree on many things. Also the NAT, it's true, I haven't seen much changes, but I can't test as I do not co-op with randoms being in ghost mode for me it's not just challenge, it's like a style, an approach and this is rare to find in games.
    I am nervous too on these recent events as they bring an additional problem on what is already hard to do: meet at the same time with other players (not to say, with a similar if not same approach to the game: something that Ubisoft really doesn't care at all to do
    and could make miracle on too by making this search based on player stats and other elements like depending on HUD options, how we do move and so on...) They hold TONS of data on how we play, every session every single step is metered.

    Regarding the fact that they see some have organized themselves and informed and send a strong feedback via legal European or other community tools does make a HUGE difference.
    Imagine thinking you can screw those sugardaddies because their kids or addicted adults as I am do pay money for anything you throw at them, imagine they notice some start to organize and actually oppose to stuff.
    It's just what happened with the women at the office. Women do actually organized and asked to be respected not objectified, and the earthquake at Ubisoft and all over the companies has arrived.

    Now, trust me. If you are in Europe and are not satisfied with the ticket answer, if any, then proceed as I mentioned here https://steamcommunity.com/id/SonofInternet/groups/ and here https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/166704/collective-reporting-to-european-consumer-center-for-ubisoft-server-service-misconduct?lang=en-US&_=1660053691862, and it will work. This stuff will get also out on news, not that we need it, because that is just pure advertorialized bla bla bla, just like what we do here, we just bla bla bla bla...

    But we can do facts, despite they think we just do bla bla bla, and despite they believe we have anger management issues, we have not, they are wrong, more than once.

    I have now NAT status open and once a grw "veteran" told me that NAT status doesn't change nothing. He also told me Wifi doesn't change anything, but this is not true: internet stuff is much more stable on a cable, despite that doesn't guarantee anyway packet loss absence and other issues, it is surely stronger on the client side.

    Probably NAT does stabilize the interaction between the members of a session reducing any chance disconnection and such happens (who knows). My Nat was moderate until before, now I think I did this, I put it to Open.

    After 3-4 tries and the intial 1 minute wait, I get into the game but I am alone, I don't see anyone on it in the list and anyway another curious thing is that all our stats have been reset.
    In fact now one can see in the stats if someone has been recently active. This, surely you can see by checking the minutes one has played. Which are around few minutes of a few hours. I don't know if that is a bug client side or it's something all see, but it seems stuff has been reset.

    I use the mod and most of things work.

    I hope I will be able to make the Co-op campaign in ghost mode no HUD as I am trying to do since late 2019 and bridge it to a short campaign in GRB with just selected content.
    In case anybody is interested in immersive gaming and likes to play a story based tactical and strategical team based experience: check this and in it there is a redirect also to the GRW effort - https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/166927/looking-for-team-mates-for-immersive-grw-grb-no-hud-realistic-based-campaign/1?lang=en-US

    It has been hard to progress also because we have faced UNI and SB in the security based districts, first of all you take down security and smuggling weapons and technology elements before proceeding to dismantle such an organization with paramilitary characteristics.

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 929 posts

    Hey there everyone and thank you for contacting us about the Ribera-40002 error code that you all are seeing in-game. I suggest keeping an eye on our megathread here, in regards to this issue.

    Also, thank you @EN075 and @WispyBuzzard70 for providing workarounds that you have found. If you have not already, I would like to encourage you to post these details to the megathread as well so that other players may see this as well.

    Official Response
  • FcAc-No-Moe
    1379 posts

    This is not a work-around nor an answer (well, sort off, depending on how you want to look at it)... the megathread started on May 30 (even if the issues existed before that I do believe) and today is August 11th and the issue still exits (When Ribera goes away, Whales, or Other Cute names pop up) so again, what kind of Company hires people so inept that this issues keeps on NOT being fixed? How long does any other company takes to fix a server/data center issue compared to how long Ubi is taking? Mind you, this is not an isolated issue, it has happened at random and sporadically since the game launched.

    Is the Data Center used for this game in the corner of a KinderGarten class?

  • MikeWeeks
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    Journal entry 11 AUG (Thursday): Not surprisingly, still a mess. Took several tries to finally get an on-line status that would not only allow the challenges to actually register, but also allow for any possible co-op/GW play.

    1 posts

    Hola, que tal
    Hace una semana llevo presenta un problema en cuanto al juego de Ghost Recond Wildlands, el error que me marca es el Rivera40002, no me deja jugar con mis amigos en línea y constantemente lo reviso para ver qué sucede y sigo con el mismo problema. Me encuentro jugando actualmente en Xbox one, soy de México.

    268 posts

    Good connection for me and a couple of others Wednesday but one of our group unable to connect to servers. Thursday, that guy could connect and one of the others couldn't.

    In both cases it was the latest player to get on that experienced the issues.

    Pure speculation on my part, but this is a characteristic of a cap on player numbers. It could be temporary whilst they resolve issues on server loads, could be just down to something else.

    In these circumstances there should be a daily update message issued to reassure players with what is being tried, what is planned, but if not that then a basic we are still trying.

  • Hippolyta.
    72 posts

    @Hdwc_ About a year ago I reported all the issues to ubi with details to fix that what is going on utili now. I think it was on the old forum but I also remember bringing it up on the new one too. Anyways, they completely ignored me then and suggested as always the same workarounds. I wasn't talking only about me then but the same was going on to everyone I knew on ghost wars.
    Here is the video from back then, Nothing changed!

  • Paulo_noob4Ever
    13 posts

    My lucky didn't last long...

    And, of course, the ubisoft website give us misinformation about this issues.
    As long we can't play coop due server errors, the website keeps saying it's everything ok.

  • gutster2007
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    Getting the error in wildlands on an Xbox series X

  • TrashyGamesRUS
    1 posts

    Ya I just downloaded the game and I’ve been restarting my game for an hour now just re loading the game trying to connect to Ubisoft servers and go figure…another rushed game that can’t keep up with the demand
    of people wanting to play online rather than offline

  • DNH_17
    239 posts

    The city of Ribera in Italy, doesn't really exist. The footballer is Gianni Rivera, and he was a great forward and very famous. But this were the 70ties.
    This is a message referred to the post that talks of error names.

    As @Hippolyta shows the only "work around" is going back to desktop and relaunching but it's just something that is temporary, it can't be called sustainable.
    I can play alone and haven't tried with anyone else. Of course people will not come to play if they know they are in for this mess... (and as many say, co-op sessions which is the reason why many are angry, apparently will see people
    dropping during the game... and this is unacceptable)

    The real problem as someone told me that followed GRW production is that this game was not supposed to be coming out. It had a huge problem at mid or in the initial phase so much that it had to be divided in a second phase of development with a second team picking it up and bringing it to the release. There were big problems at mid or initial phase when the game had issues.

    I think this is visibile from several things: how the various part of the game have been created. The fact one has to relaunch the game, the several unpolished things like the AI flat difficulty (no difference).
    Several are the bypassed\shortcutted things while others deserve really a mention as an opposite

    The only thing they could do is remake the game with additional zones, and maybe a new big chapter in Afghanistan, Iraq or else, anyway realistic stuff. (even bridge it to Auroa, actual Luzon, and actually change the premises... being that maybe a High tech investment the Cartel is doing in the Pacific?) Remaking the game could be interesting however, it would be surely better to move ahead directly to new "shores".

    To maintain this game there would be need for a great team of members. Probably they are trying to hire them, or they just won't.

    However we need to signal this to the authorities so that this is taken seriously.
    Fun, for how it can be seen as a non productive thing, is a sacred aspect of our lives.

    We must stop not taking seriously what gaming is and if a service isn't provided we have rights. If we do not believe games deserve to be considered something serious, then nobody will care and we will be in a eye for an eye environment, filled with rage,
    distrust, insults, venting and so on.

    UBI Froggard has just moved my topic
    to a new part of the forums... The topic has has so far 104 views (only). I have sent my report and received a full receipt, in case support isn't offered, it will be the Authority of the Market and competition that will look into the matter, as ECC can only reinforce a friendly deal with the right\service\product consumer contract infringing companies. However the thing is if you send these report (in Europe) you will make change happen.

    It seems to work but there are still long time waits and issues: I haven't tried it yet in co-op so I can't say.
    Anyway loading is long. Now I can see people online on the list playing, so something maybe is improving a bit.

    This is if you try to go into the store (not that I am interested, but there are errors) Still.

    268 posts

    Two of our group in the game, two of us unable to connect tonight.

    I was able to get a Ghost War lobby open at one point, but then stuck as nothing else would work; unable to queue or create custom rooms.

    Rebooted my xbox and now can't get back on the Ubisoft servers so stuck with Ribera-40002 error.

    Friday gaming night with friends doesn't seem to be happening this weekend.

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