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  • Heartbreaker NERFED!

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    I've been playing the game since 2020 mostly solo pve (over 4k hours played - 18k shd) and in my opinion the HB nerf was a mistake. The HB gearset was a breath of fresh air to an old game without any meaningful additions after WONY. I personaly would have bought 10 DLC's if they were availiable. Instead we got constant crashes, rollbacks, glitches, nerfs (don't forget the shielded in sync too). Who asked for this?
    Anyway, I really don't like how they treat this game and where it's headed.
    End of watch for me Ubisoft.

  • aparaskevos927
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    when a new weapon or gear comes out, and you see a vast majority loving it and very few addressing it is op odds are it is OP. Majority of players aren't good enough and need that little oomph to be able to handle the game. It is insulting but it is the reality. You think about where you fall in and made it clear to the community.

    Respectfully I disagree with this statement. As an old gamer and a veteran division 2 player, I strongly oppose this kind of elitism, especially when we are discussing about having fun while playing a video game. That being said, if you think that the Division 2 is not about having fun, but is about something else that you have in mind, then please go ahead and make it clear to the community.

  • Upora
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    @latenitedelight I am coming from the very loooooooooong repeating history that they have done to both the Division 1 and 2. Repeatedly changing things the moment someone [censored] about something. Its plagued the the development the Divisions entire life. From the unfair punishment of all players because of a few from the dmg glitch to the expertise roll back, and all of these constant nerfing for pve players. Yeah its pretty ridiculous.

  • Oatiecrumble
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    @oatiecrumble ok....so the narrative is, "if pvpers didn't cause it, it was the devs"

    ....sure guys.

    If nobody had cried, they would have left it. They tweeted over and over that they were fine with it. Then they released it and the crying started, so they looked again. Simple.
    If you notice, my theory doesn't require the use of a ton of hypothetical math and theory I can't prove.

    I really do believe that it is what it is and you need to get over it, there is much better builds out there that make HB build look mediocre, most if not all are doing much better without it.

    I ain't going to lie it was fun having that much armor/dps BUT a few tweaks here and there with other gear i have much better dps and survive more than using the HB set.

  • Imagine_Brata
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    From the unfair punishment of all players because of a few from the dmg glitch to the expertise roll back, and all of these constant nerfing for pve players. Yeah its pretty ridiculous.

    "All players"? Its fair to me.
    so why are you lying and telling "all the players" when it's not true.

    And the expertise is not something I have used. Because it is only for power fantasy player . Only crying nobs like you crying about this.

  • DEDloc
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    @oatiecrumble I guess you don't remember me saying the same thing before the nerf. I never used it with any regularity so for me, there is nothing to get over. This BS about the PVE players not being instrumental in this nerf though. It's ridiculous.
    A very loud and tiny minority of PVE players contributed to making it happen. Period. Just face it. There were plenty of other polls held by streamers and content creators, with much larger sample sizes, all arriving at similar results, so it wasn't just the votes in this forum. I mean, why do you even think this was being debated? Obviously there was a rift. On one side, the fun police, on the other side, gamers who thought it was fun, both from the PVE crowd. ...and then as I said before, yes, the devs.
    So again, I never really used it. I don't like the playstyle it dictates, and I do more consistent damage with my all red build. Let me know if you need me to repeat anything else.

  • HonestlyOK1986
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    @aparaskevos927 the problem the game has is they dont balance between pve and pvp, its that simple. Heartbreaker was decent in pve and fit for purpose in there, but in pvp its not fit for purpose. So where they try balancing it in one it doesnt then fit the bill in the other. The in game balance isnt there due to the lack of set balwnce beteen pve and pvp.

    The intimidate, shield in sync and shield in general needed to be addressed, there was no downside to it at all, now there is. As a game that promotes its self as a cover shooter with cover everywhere, there shouldnt be a shield build you can just run around with that has no downsides or skill to it.

    Chicken dancing, if it were up to me would be removed entirely and whether you liked it or not the default speed settings and movement settings would be the only settings. Its a move that plays on the lack of bullet recognition, nothing more. Its the equivilent of jumping all the time on a fps and requires no skill at all.

  • Oatiecrumble
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    Let me know if you need me to repeat anything else.

    Yes, repeat to yourself "The set was un-balanced, it needed adjustments to bring it on par with other gear"


  • Deltikcz
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    OK guys because someone is saying that gearset was OP and someone is opposing this I have few pictures for you to reconsider (I am not gonna pick a side just show you real thing)

    this is the HB set I will show numbers for.

    These are numbers pre-nerf

    These are numbers after-nerf

    So these are numbers for the build that you can create in 40minutes (2-3 runs of countdown after level 40 is reached)

    And this is my Health damage/AR gear set with same gun (I cannot say how long would take you to create this set but we can all agree that it would take a lot more time than 3 countdowns)

    And these are numbers for this set

    My opinion: Is HB unbalanced even after nerf? HELL YEAH. Do I like it? HELL YEAH. Is it good for the game? I cannot anwer that one because I am still not sure.

  • DEDloc
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    @oatiecrumble from the guy who didn't know how to fire the ACS 😆 ....means very little.

  • xcel30
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    @deltikcz Thats the sentiment of most people i think, the last part is up to the devs more than playerbase really

  • crossmafia74
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    It did need a nerf !!

  • Oatiecrumble
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    @DEDloc from the guy who doesn't know the difference between balanced and un-balanced 😏

  • DEDloc
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    @oatiecrumble from the guy who apparently can't read 😆
    I'm not even talking about balance. You just keep parroting whatever you hear that sounds smart to you this week.

    Btw, I have never once claimed HB was balanced. Please dig up the post where I said so.

  • Oatiecrumble
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    @DEDloc let me get this straight, you are not talking about balance but yet you wanted a gear set to stay which was un-balanced......or are you trying to say the set is great for new players and it should be left un-balanced to please them and let them have fun.

    I hope you ain't a prison warden, if you are, i hope if i ever end up in prison i end up in yours 😆 😆

  • DEDloc
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    @oatiecrumble you gonna find the part where I claimed it's balanced yet? Let me know when you find it.

  • I3eardd
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    Your whole poll, or did you vote against it?
    Because you defend it like you didn't vote against it?

    Oatie is one of the most neutral/fair guys on this forum.
    I think only Noxious is more neutral than Oatie.
    But Noxious is fanatical with it.

  • xcel30
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    @dedloc Let me get this straight and not takebacks. You openly think that the Heartbreak gear set is unbalanced but that didn't matter so it shouldn't have been nerfed, and the people who claimed that it was unbalanced were wrong in asking for an unbalanced gear set to be balanced?

    Do you realise how bad you screwed up?

  • DEDloc
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    @xcel30 LOL...I didn't screw up at all. I have been very clear as to my position 100% of the way.

    I'm curious what it is that you think I am "taking back"

  • Oatiecrumble
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    @DEDloc You voted for "No nerfs, please. Leave it how it is"......which leaves me to believe you want a un-balanced gear set left in the game, i believe you voted that to encourage new players.

    If so please inform us all how the hell is that going to keep new players to keep playing?...they have skipped straight to end game, and will probably stop playing after sometime due to being at end game, build wise anyway.

    They will probably not even bother to experiment with other builds because they have blizted through all of the content.

    Don't know if you remember when everyone was running around with the Bakers Dozen until it got nerfed badly then re-balanced.....what happened?....players started to experiment with other builds.

    That's the whole point of keeping a balance.

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