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  • Slow Start Up & PC Crashes

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    so many people crashing in different modes - it`s very sad to see after this patch ... near to every round people get disconnects! Me 2 ...

  • Boothen
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    And still no official response to this issue by Massive/UbiSoft.

  • Gabriel.Knight
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    @aturnb It started happening in October. I suspected at the time that they retasked a batch of D2 servers for FarCry 6. At this point, I doubt its ever going to be fixed.

  • MisterFibble
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    Decided to use invaded missions as something to do to get event keys, memorial crashes twice (one of which during a rogue agent thing), plaza just once, space adim twice at which point I gave up. Every single crash was near the end and rather than the usual bump back to a checkpoint I was placed back right at the beginning of the run.

    And each time the game would wait a good 20-30 secs on 0% while it pondered whether on not I should bother carrying on further. Also noticed that loading in the character would sometimes go the full 100% then load to 100% a second time, which might be linked to not being rolled back to a checkpoint like normal. Running on challenge because thats about as high as my tollerance of bullet sponging will go.

    Kind of hoping that given the ongoing crash problems for PC they might consider extending the event by a week since it was delayed out of the double xp part of the cycle and motivation to play rapidly plummets when the game crashes as often as it does.

  • Gabriel.Knight
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    @misterfibble I believe the 2nd load is because you couldn't return to the point you were at the first time. Hence the 2nd time, its resetting everything to restart. Every time I have seen the 2nd time, that is what happened. Occasionally, you will see a backup, say from 78% to say 60% and then progress. Again, this is conjecture on my part, but I believe its trying to rebuild the path to get you to where you once were.

  • MisterFibble
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    Yeah that's what I was assuming was the reason for the double load, the 0-100 just made it more of a kick in the teeth than normal combined with the crashes. Seems like the "safest" bet for event levelling is control points and whatever random stuff is on the map. Missions are a gamble and while bounties are short they're annoying due to the tendency to only ever use the same place in each zone.

  • Swampthing7819
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  • Swampthing7819
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    Constant crashes and no exotic drops from legendary strongholds and heroic control points. I’m getting very bored very quick. I was a ps4 player and after building a pc and restarting the game I’m very disappointed Starting to look for a new game

  • B8Y4GA
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    Any reaction from ubi or business as usual?

  • DCub2017
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    Try tuning off Game Mode if on and see if this works...since turning mine off, I have less game freezes and no more slow FPS.

  • Dust-Demon
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    i thought i was the only one ! the crashing has been here since new content drop, but the slow startup seems to have started ( at least for me ) since last maintenance that activated the apparel event.

  • Kadaf.Son
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    This is FOUR crashes within two hours on my The Division 2 live stream today:

    First 31:06
    Second 39:12
    Third 1:02:44
    Fourth 1:14:02

  • jason95821
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    having same issue 1 to 2 min load times
    and 5 min to 30 min crash window with game play
    forcing me to use task manager to shut it down

  • lordlothric97
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    Just bought the expansion on sale and reinstalled last week but since the weekend I haven't stop crashing. Can't event complete a single mission because I crash every 5 to 30 min. Haven't even started the expansion yet. Already tried a lot of the fixes from here and reddit with no luck.

  • Jim.Lahey.
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    7 min from click to play in game, freezes on snow drop visual, crashed 3 times in 30 min.

    Complete shame this game was given to this half wit inbred buck tooth sacks of s*** dev team.

    Complete s*** show and to not even make a statement about the foul state you left your game in for PC players to deal with and find work around in a reasonable time frame (days) is complete and utter trash.

    Worst of all. The game had so much potential and this group can't find competent people to develop OR release a working update. And that's after a pts people!!! AFTER THE PTS. This is the s*** they offer. A BROKEN A$$ GAME.

  • Oatiecrumble
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    Even though i am in ore of K & M, threads like this makes me thankful i play on console 😮

  • Mikken.
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    whay tf they still didnt fix the loading thing? [censored] is this [censored] waiting the game to start 3,4 min everytime...

  • WrecK3rr
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    Set up a page file. Preferably on a separate drive.
    Change affinity to a single core for easy anti-cheat after game launch.

    It'll help.

  • AmUnRA_
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    Set up a page file. Preferably on a separate drive.
    Change affinity to a single core for easy anti-cheat after game launch.

    It'll help.

    it won't.

  • Jim.Lahey.
    ubisoft:x-posts, 16

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