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  • AmUnRA_
    10 posts

    @valkyrie_77 same here 😞

  • Boothen
    39 posts

    Yep, game is taking ages to load after the latest update. Used to take around 45s to a minute from clicking 'play' on the launcher to my character standing in the White House. Just timed it about 30m ago and it took 3m 51s.

    And also, the lack of an official response to this issue says everything you need to know about Massive/UbiSoft and the utter contempt that they have for us paying customers.

  • Maliarto
    25 posts

    Before I could play for hours on end. Crashed soon after starting up about 20% of the time, but I could play more often then not.

    Now I can't get through a single mission without the game black screening in a window or freezing on me. I can't play the game like this. All I can really do is wait for the next update and hope that reduces the crashes back to how they used to be. That at least would be a band aid solution until they fix things further.

  • Zebedee_73
    62 posts

    I was thinking of a new design for the loading screen.

  • Boothen
    39 posts

    @zebedee_73 As soon as I saw that image I could hear it.

  • Da_Lilman
    12 posts

    Any eta on TU16 patch? That update is maybe fixing crashing issues crossing fingers.

  • MisterFibble
    84 posts

    Achievements don't really need synched, my most recent is two years old and does anyone actually care about them anyway?
    Why can't those adverts for ubi, snowdrop and amd be skipped?
    Why doesn't the game start loading into character select while those videos are being played?

  • Gabriel.Knight
    277 posts
  • B8Y4GA
    26 posts

    Confirm: Since last update extreme slow startup of the game.

    Can't believe how much they ruin such a beautiful game with every new update ... - loser - ...

  • MisterFibble
    84 posts
  • Gabriel.Knight
    277 posts

    @misterfibble Last night, I had 3 crashes/restarts in a row. Was playing a bounty, got the target, got credit for the target, but hung before I could pick up any loot. Restarted. Hung before during the 00% phase and I didn't actually notice that it had hung there, because... it always stops there for 3-5 minutes and I have other things to do besides watch the second hand on a clock move... So now I am *sorta* peeved. Restart again and go all the way back to the bounty location and found out its locked and I can't get to the gear. at that point I just decided to give it a rest. Today within 5 minutes, hang.

    So you are correct. They should show Avg play time today. so it tracks restarts and actual playing time.

    I didn't notice.because I wasn't looking for it. Were any commendations added in the new season? If so, they would probably be related to the power plant.

  • MisterFibble
    84 posts

    Not sure about commendations but those are tracked in game while the "cheevos" on the launcher are all story based ran mission x or y type of thing with a handful of pvp/dz ones.

  • SKDExhumed
    5 posts

    Oh boy, these Division 2 "developers". I have no words for this incompetence anymore. Fixing one bug and implementing three new one. Is there no quality control at all?

    I really rarely had game crashes in all that time (1200h). But now the game is taking it to the extreme. Crashes non-stop and completly random and only happend in The Division 2.
    Is the launcher broken again?

    It started with the last "fix" for the Fairview Crew Apparel Event.

    Szenario 1:

    1. Long delay from launching the game in to fullscreen
    2. A delay of 1 sec. (freeze) if the Nvidia Shadowplay overlay is loading
    3. A delay from in the game to the first loading screen
    4. A freeze in the Snow Drop animation at the end
    5. A very long delay on the connecting screen, stopped loading, freeze and loading started slowly to 100%
    6. Charater screen shows up, login success
    7. Played for 2, 5, 15, 30 min or longer = random CTD
    8. Open taskmanager > closed "The Division 2" task
    9. Restart game, normal play for 1 hour or more. Out of nowhere huge random frame drops and short time later = CTD

    Szenario 2:

    1. Long delay from launching the game in to fullscreen
    2. A delay from in the game to the first loading screen
    3. A freeze in the Snow Drop animation at the end (de-sync sound cracks)
    4. A very long delay on the connecting screen, stopped loading at 34%, goes back to 0% again and loaded the second time now slowly to 100%
    5. Charater screen shows up and just 30 sec. later crash to window mode (desktop) without interacting with mouse or keyboard. [censored]


  • Andrewszed
    14 posts

    keep this at the top. its F***ing ridiculous how poor this game is right now for PC.


    Original poster 17 posts

    Oh wow, I didn't realize this many were facing this issue but glad to know it is a problem and something that needs to be fixed. Out of curiousity, I decided to time how long it took to start the game (may slightly vary by machines) but for me it took 2 minutes and 58 secs to load the game (from desktop to main screen). Normally it would take less than a minute or just slightly over a minute but not much longer than that. Crashes are still a thing, it happened to me (again).

    I really hope these issues get fixed.

  • LeftyLebrandt
    5 posts

    @unzippedunikorn They really should suspend all timed seasonal and league activities until they get their act together. Especially for those that paid for seasonal content. Been playing D2 since launch and with each patch it keeps getting worse. The set affinity for easyanticheat worked for me most of the time. Now it’s nothing but crashes… and they’ve added in 10 minute loads.

  • Gabriel.Knight
    277 posts

    @leftylebrandt I can say with 100% certainty that setting affinity on AntiEasyCheat does not fix anything.

  • gamer8840
    10 posts

    @unzippedunikorn I was crashed even in the loading screen

  • aturnb
    3 posts

    Thank God its not just me. I've given up playing some days as I can't complete a single mission. Yet yesterday (Sunday) I played for hours without any issue whatsoever.

    Surely this a network server issue as I have all the current recommended fixes in place on my PC and still get the crashes.

    Are they trying to run the Division 2 game on fewer servers?

  • F.i.x.e.r
    113 posts

    @aturnb This is also my suspicion, I experience exactly the same scenario.

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