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  • UgandaJim
    27 posts

    @andrewszed There is no value in creating a video, that gathers all useless crash fixes from 2 years of game history and post it with a clickbait title "WORKS 100%!!!!!"

    Nothing will work to fix this except Massive devs fix their code. No windows setting, not NVIDIA/AMD setting nothing will work except programming and bug fixing. So no I will not post a useless clickbait video.

  • Metal_Greg
    171 posts

    tried a few of the things in the video and I think it actually helped with the crashing and just overall smoothness of the game. thanks!

  • Marc-fr
    5 posts

    remove the "comments HUB" in windows 10, in my case it was the most problematic

  • Andrewszed
    Original poster 14 posts

    @ugandajim 1st off, it's not my video, 2nd, they're fixes included which are related to more recent issues like exploit protection work around, 3rd, they're fixes that can help stabilize your pc IF one doesn't know how, 4th, if none help you that doesn't mean it doesn't help many others, 5th, if it doesn't help you move on, nobody asked you to respond or give your opinion.

    Perhaps appreciate the fact that this person spent his time and effort to help the community during a really bad time for pc players with td2. Just be grateful there are people willing to help others, despite some fixes not being completely fixed until massive fixes them. We all know massive needs to fix them, but there are some work arounds.

  • Marc-fr
    5 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • echolecter
    354 posts

    @andrewszed Whatever video is posted it will not solve anything, and some changes can potentially create even more problems. Saying it fixes the crashes is about the same as when UbiSoft mentions something is fixed, usually it isn't. My PC hasn't changed at all, one day it's fine (play for many hours), the next day it crashes multiple times again. All changes that are suggested are placebo fixes and it may seem like it's solved, eventually you will encounter crashes again. Same with the startup times we had last week, nothing changed here on PC but today it's back to normal.

    The real issue is that Windows updated something (security) and UbiSoft can't handle it (many games have similar issues), and wasn't willing to update their software accordingly. Only when they realise that they can't leave the situation as is, they implement changes. All they need to do is simply read the MS patch notes themselves and see what could be the problem. Same applies to EAC, if that's causing problems as well.

  • Marc-fr
    5 posts

    @echolecter please test this >>

    Uninstall the Feedback Hub in Windows (HUB de commentaire) en français

    Since I removed the feedback hub, I've only had one crash in a week.

    the comment hub sometimes takes very high CPU resources, I was monitoring the CPU and GPU resources on a second screen and every time it crashed, the feedback hub required a lot of CPU resources.

  • echolecter
    354 posts

    @marc-fr No need to try, disabled since day one, never activated feedback. Reason you see CPU taking resources is because it's gathering/sending info to MS because an application crashed. Besides that, never had a single crash or delta before (3000 hours), only after Ubi/Windows updates the crashes started. And one crash a week is still a crash, so doesn't help to prevent it either.

    But I haven't had crash either simply because playing other games. Only speed run to collect coms and logout again as quickly as possible.

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