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  • dallersuk
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    What hurts more than anything is that this game is incredible and so addictive but the relentless crashes wear you down over time.

    I have returned twice and left twice just to complete the solo missions because you cannot enter a group in which a mission takes longer than 10 minutes as you have a 50/50 chance of wasting your time with a CTD. People are not leaving the group they are crashing....

    If only the devs would actually read the posts they would have fixed the game. They don't care it's simple, hence why Ubisoft is so hated by the gaming community.

  • Maliarto
    25 posts

    @imagine_brata How many games have thread after thread of freezing altogether? You're trying to deflect and use other games as an excuse. Since you're playing that card Name me one game that's had crashes to this extent for a year. Something recent. In the last few years.

    Go on then. Name ONE. Personally I think you're talking out of your [censored]. I play games for a living. I never seen things this bad in any other game. At least not any successful ones. Indie games aren't counting because clearly limited resorces. But Ubisoft HAVE the resources. They just might not have the "brainpower" to use them effectively.

    You also didn't answer my question about how Battlefield 2042 crashes and not. It's almost as if you're picking and choosing how to twist words. Let's stick to the facts here. This isn't "any other online game". TD1 didn't have these issues. So why would TD2? Answer me that mr know it all.

  • Imagine_Brata
    888 posts
    TD1 didn't have these issues. So why would TD2?

    I had lots of crashes in TD1 and other games. What caused the crashes there was Msi afterburner and Rgb lights software. I uninstalled the crap programs Since then no problem

  • Szepord
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    @gnarlyatol1793 I liked division2 much more when it didnt crashed all the time after few to 20minutes after launch. And NO Im not using any msi aftershitter, not using any useless third party programs, always trying to keep up with drivers, crashes started after WOTNY if I remember correctly (when devs and suits stopped to care about game). As someone stated its not my pc fault. Its brainless programming/noone care to fix this [censored]. I think it works fine after few exe kills in program manager and deleting some file in game folder in documents. I cant be 100% sure thou coz I dont have time to check some broken [censored]!

  • hralex1951
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    Anyone who plays on pc and says they don't crash is either lying or doesn't play the game at all. Pure BS trolling.

  • RaciaIAdhesive-
    410 posts

    @hralex1951 I play on PC and legit rarely crash.

    I crash more on games like Squad and Escape From Tarkov.
    Even if I do crash on Division, it's no where near as frustrating as crashing in games like Squad or Escape From Tarkov.

  • hralex1951
    229 posts

    Amazing that you are exempt from the experience of every other player on pc. My skepticism remains.

  • Gabriel.Knight
    340 posts

    @hralex1951 got banned for saying that??? wow.

  • Nerfed-Again
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    I'm new to the forum but not new to the game. I've just come here to see how the game is doing because i stopped playing this game half-way through 2020 once i completed WONY. I just got bored of the grind because i never had anything drop that could take me to the next level. I have moved on to different console and a better PC now and no longer have the game. I still think Division 1 was better, way better.

  • GnarlyAtol1793
    738 posts

    Its a matter of taste I think. Both games are great games without any doubt, with different pros and cons, and worth every pence, even when still sold for the original asking price.

  • WalkinTarget1
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    I'm a grinder, no chance I am throwing in the towel anytime soon. I take a few breaks here and there - longest was about 4 months to try and find another game, but I came crawling back to Div2 when nothing else tickled my fancy. I find that I can focus on an area of the game that I may have ignored for a while to allow me to play it slightly different way - find all collectibles/comms, or dabble in some DZ runs when I feel like getting insulted by sweathards.

    I also have two accounts, so I am a build freak - 8 chars, 128 loadouts. Stash is perpetually at 300/300 and all chars inventory around 147/150. Primary account at 2890 SHD, secondary at 1640. I'm constantly tweaking my builds to suit whatever the latest TU changes (gone are my In-Sync weapon builds, replaced by Flatline in most cases) and I've been working on adding CHC/CHD to more builds as well. The PC crashes are definitely worse - I ALWAYS get one within the first 10m of every gaming session, but its typically fine once it's crashed early in my runs.

  • Nerfed-Again
    70 posts

    @gnarlyatol1793 That's a fair comment. I definitely prefer The Division and the skills that are available in the game and i feel the game is harder then The Division 2 because i could complete all of The Division 2 missions on challenging and never had anything drop to get me to that next level. I could only finish every The Division mission on hard. Challenging just annihilated me every time within a few minutes on that game. But the games are fun in their own way.

  • GnarlyAtol1793
    738 posts

    Hey, I do not know what your experience is with the division games. Let me explain a bit. This great forum here is very helpful, great people here to help.

    When I played Division 1, I love it, I had now clue about builds and I cared a [censored] about it, even didn’t read what attributes and talents are on gear pieces and guns and I also didn’t care about skills and perks. Played the campaign 3 times, other games in between inc the campaign of Division 2. Right now I am playing my 4th Division 1 campaign and still love it.

    Division 1 changed my life 😊. I played the campaign always solo in slow pace to enjoy the visuals, all the details and fantastic atmosphere. I played probably 2 times in a month only. Because I love the map so much I was curious about the darkzone, wanted to see that part of the map, at least somehow manage the way to Empire State Building because I visited it quite some years ago.

    So, I registered for Xbox life, made my first step into the darkzone, South West entrance, my heart bumping 😊, … dead within the first 10 seconds 😁. After some iterations and learnings I finally managed the way to that beautiful skyscraper.

    But that experience changed my life, started playing several times per week, only one movie per week, less sports, my wife went furious 😁. Played half a year darkzone and still play it, great. In that phase the build came into play of course, I lost every rogue encounter, took quite some time to prepare a good build and I sweared never to buy a loot shooter again but because I love Division 1 that much, I bought Division 2 inc WoNY as well … a big shock and frustration followed … took me a while to overcome this and to find a way to somehow enjoy Division 2 as well, being at SHD 8.900 right now, quite some play time for me.

    May last year I started my second character in Division 2 and played the campaign a second time, took me 150 hours 😁 … I am no rusher 😊, therefore I do not like Countdown which is like playing DOOM and not postapocalypse agent game.

    I mostly play open world, missions and darkzone but no PvP (Conflict, darkzone) anymore due to Expertise. Do not play the modes (Countdown, Summit, Kenly, Raids), only when someone asks for help.

    I like open world most because there is less linear feeling despite that the tasks are rather meh and repetition only and without any story contribution. I love to walk through the great open world to the next battlefield taking different routes, finding new or forgotten places, enjoying the details and the passion the developers put into this great game, having random encounters and fights in areas you would never fight. GREAT! But nothing for the farmers and people playing for quick rewards 😊. People have different things what they motivate in this game. I have friends who play PvP only and care a [censored] about PvE (currently they do Countdown every day to reach Expertise 20 😁), others play Raids every day, others a lot Summit but most people I know play open world and missions, only few darkzone but I like darkzones a lot … if there wouldn’t be the [censored] Expertise … .

    You mentioned you are struggling to make progress with better loot drops for your build. As said before I do not know your experience because it’s the same in Division 1 and 2 but much easier to get a good build in Division 2.

    If you are looking for a good build with good attributes then you should start playing on heroic level, ideally with some directives and a full team, because that results in more NPCs and loot drops and makes more fun as well. Mostly the advanced players in the team dropping their loot for you. Some are saying playing on challenging level with directives has better input/output ratio but I think that the attributes on gear and guns have mostly bad scores. Therefore I suggest to immediately start heroic.

    Look for an area that has the target loot you are looking for and then play all content in that area, control points, bounties, territory controls, convoys. When this area is cleared I am sure you will have a good build already but not a perfect one, that takes a bit and is also not really important. That’s something for the perfectionists, the raiders, legendary and PvP.

    Don’t look for the fastest ways or metas, simply play what you like to play.

    Of course you can also play Countdown, I assume it’s the fastest way now to get quick loot but I fear that you might get kicked out by the leaders because some accepting good builds only and the Countdown players have only one thing in mind: loot and quick rewards in no time. But you can try, why not?

    Further you mentioned in your first post that you were bored of the grind. Not sure if this is because of your low quality drops only or driven by the task itself.

    The first I explained what to do. In case you don’t like the task, well, there is no need for a huge grind tour if you don’t want. Mine was very short. I had one build only till I reached SHD 1.300 which I do not use anymore (Hunter Fury), collected some pieces in parallel for a better PvP build, a SMG and a AR variant, done. When I reached around SHD 6.000 I prepared a skill build, for completeness purposes because never had a skill build. Use this for legendary mainly because in legendary I do not like to shoot because of all this drone, grenade, robot … stuff. No need for big grind for endgame activities.



  • Aced_100
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    I have a bit lately since Memento doesn't work well with Heartbreaker, it takes more trophies to get full stacks and at times the trophy icon won't even appear, it also does less damage now with Heartbreaker.

    Add to that Heartbreaker won't proc at times, you have to remove a piece, substitute it with another piece of gear then put it back again, sometimes you have to do this a few times to get it to work, didn't the devs say they fixed this in the last update?

  • Nerfed-Again
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    Thanks you for taking the time to type all of that. I will take you your advice on board and try it out.

    I had no idea about buids or talents either when i was playing the division 1 i remember playing through the whole campaign without using a skill because i didn't even know what they were i remember i was level 26 and my brother and his friend invited to me the final mission which i was not geared up for (i didn't know this) after completion i jumped from level 26 to 28 and just had to roam the open world to get to level 30 and start the end game. I had never played a looter
    shooter before. I was more of a sports game person. Months after compelteing the campaign i learned about builds.

  • Oatiecrumble
    959 posts

    @nerfed-again If you want a very good build as a base to start for exploring other builds i would suggest:

    1 x Memento Backpack (Exotic)
    1 x Sokolov or Badger Tuff chest piece with Intimidate
    4 x Hunters Fury
    1 x Sub Machine Gun of your choice with Strained (I prefer SIG MPX)
    1 x Scorpio Shotgun (Exotic)

    A mix of weapon damage and armor (whatever your comfortable with)

    Run countdown and target your loot: Hunters Fury - Bacpacks - Sokolov or Badger Tuff Chests for the Chest - Shotguns - Sub Machine Guns.

    Probably the easiest build to put togethor, try and play with friends or clan mates and tell them what your looking for.

    Plus playing countdown you get points to spend at the vendor who also sells exotic caches.

    Once put togethor you can start trying out all other types of builds.

  • Maliarto
    25 posts

    Crashes have stopped for me now. So I'm not forced to stop playing.


  • Nerfed-Again
    70 posts

    @oatiecrumble shouldn't be too hard to get the pieces, thanks for the advice. I think it's still crashing on PC which is my preferred Device to play on. I'll give it a try and see how long i can play for before it crashes. I have a fairly high end-ish PC so hopefully it'll be fine.

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