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  • Don.B._CN
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    @Lordzilla You can be sure they have to pay for licenses we can not even imagine. A good example is the Chicago airport. In TC1 we had that in the game. In TC2 that airport was scratched (like a couple of other landmarks). I have no proof for it, but it's quite possible that missing licenses are the reason for it. In todays world everybody wants to get money for everything.

    I guess you are refering to the NFS-series. But you can't really compare both games. NFS lays it's focus on the tuning but the game lacks of other stuff. For example they have not that many carbrands and carmodels. Even in Forza it's already limited when it comes to tuning.

    One thing you have to be aware of is that the game(s) get more expensive, the more the Publisher has to pay for licenses.

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    --- > 9- With a stock car and reinforced engine volume, its handling and cornering stability at high speeds should have increased compared to its stock state.

    this is a bug on the wheels that came out with the insertion of the bolts to upgrade the vehicles it has never been solved if you want confirmation just remove the tires from the upgraded kit and put those stocks "practically nothing changes"
    Another bug is the part of the gearbox only 10km of difference and the stock gearbox will also give you a better time from 0 to 100km. if you put the boosted one to the maximum the maximum speed increase and less than 10% with very long times

    They do things based on data and often get the data they don't control wrong They leave all things half done and badly done. Ubisoft should take serious steps with their programmers to work more seriously

  • Lordzilla..
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    @Don-B-_CN may be true, maybe he paid for all brands including nfs wheels. But wide body kits look great on most cars, at least there is a way to avoid paying a license, just like the wide body kit handles a different point a little differently, just like in gta 5, the cars are not licensed, but they look exactly the same except for some minor details.

  • Lordzilla..
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    Completing all these are very serious issues that require a lot of thought, there is the expression of teething when you say eye to eye, if they are all intertwined when dealing with a problem, other problems may arise and everything can be worse. I think they'd be better off focusing on a great The crew 3. I don't know how players will handle wide body kits in car customization, I guess they have to buy licenses, but on the one hand, these wide body kits give cars a much nicer look and increase the enjoyment we get from the game.

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    tc3 is expected to come out mid 2023. I don't think this is the problem with regard to the licensing issue because there are too many errors even of a simple banner link an image that opens a link "does not work"
    This shows how superficial and full of themselves the ubisoft programmers who don't even control. there are 4 year old bugs that have never been solved and will never fix them they are bothered to listen to inexperienced players and they have limited the game on many factors people chose this game for the freedom of strategy. but this ubisoft will never understand it.
    This game has too much potential but people don't understand it, they see the game's rpegi as flaws and flaws as good points. For example before I was testing a vehicle without having the special racing kit of the summit without any point used for the aprti but only for the followers .. with the magnet kit and fame parts I nevertheless managed to overcome without having anyone close to 512km. If I would make the video people would like to see the settings but I keep my settings for me.

  • Lordzilla..
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    @CREW_ITALY You've probably reached 512 km/h with a Bugatti or Aventador. Without the nitrochamist, it's a good speed with only the follower set, but in fact, even stock nitro can meet the need. Still, if you joined with a friend and tried to hit the best score together, you would have made a 30-40 percent difference. The return of this to you in livesummit, you could score between 125k - 130K alone, while you would score 140-145K with your friend with that amazing realistic effect of the slipstream.

    Yes, the crew 2 has both problems, but as you said, it is a game with a very high potential. That's why I can't even tell you how excited I am for The Crew 3. Almost all of Ubisoft's games are good if I have to speak for myself. There will always be deficiencies, steps should be taken about artificial intelligence in games, especially for npc in breakpoint game. I love it so much, but I have many friends who insulted its artificial intelligence and buried this game because of it. Ubi I don't know how much criticism they are open to but they are being hit too much. When it comes to appreciating and thanking, no one takes the responsibility. Whenever it's about seeing flaws and criticizing, then nobody leaves ashes in the barbecue. I live in Turkey, even the gaming news channels I follow here can criticize and bury them too much. This is not a game ubi, what a new game this is, no different from the previous one. There are some of your youtuber friends who say that they are exposed to too many ubisoft games.

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    something like? they promised better graphics "I don't even save video settings" every time I have to put in the full screen menu. "most likely they put the wrong file permissions in that category which should be 775" I have a doubt.
    Thank them for removing the snow fog filters? Those originally weren't there. Over time, snow was introduced first and then 2 years later fog. "a total disaster".
    We have to thank 80% of the vehicles have not been set up and therefore practically nobody uses them?
    Thank them for when you enter the game to relax a few hours the traffic added in 2021 after 10 minutes makes you want to do alt f4?
    The big bug when you invite a friend to crew 9 times out of 10 you see it underground and then you either change vehicles or enter the HQ hoping that the bug will then be unlocked.
    We want to thank them again for the hole on the map under the tunnel to which people with any motorbike after they get the result 719km "off map"
    We also want to thank them for the settings menu always been unclear with the settings bug telling you totally wrong values?
    We want to thank the keyboard bug on the manual gearbox where with a certain configuration you finish the races earlier and guarantee you the world records .. "using the controller" or worse always the maximum score in the vortexes.
    We want to thank them for the visibility of the roads and the feeling of having the collar locked and of being seated in the back seat while driving.
    We always want to thank them since 2021 when 7 gear is automatically engaged, the vehicle has a drop in power. as if a caravan had been hooked up behind you.

    We want to thank them in some places on the map that are also part of some races, can't you avoid crashing into the walls?
    Do we still want to talk today in some top races about the players who use the glitch reset on certain courses and take them further in the race? ..
    I am very bitter, a pity this game really deserves a lot. They do not listen to anyone only who suits them and make mistakes on mistakes damage on damage. The hugely publicized new update has brought back a few players but how many of the old players are left? How many of the new ones will continue to play?
    So the problem would be SleepStream. ?

  • Lordzilla..
    Original poster 26 posts

    @CREW_ITALY Actually, I can see that you like this game at least as much as I do, and of course there are just as many disappointments. I understand your frustrations when you find yourself caressing your eyebrows and forehead while caressing your expectation in the hope that all the problems you mentioned will change with new updates.

    Sometimes it's best to set low expectations or not. Of course, they are aware of all the problems, but when they do one place, they may encounter a completely different problem in another place. I think they are trying their best, so it is good for me to be tolerated. My only hope is that ''The crew 3'' will make a great debut. Incredibly realistic graphics, tasteful and enjoyable semi-arcade and realistce driving mechanic feel, variety of vehicles and customization, huge four lanes, huge highways, beautiful and strange events that we can encounter while driving in free mode, a real-life atmosphere of outdoors and environments. such as human behavior.

    Think like that; This game is getting old now, he has a few years to live, the doctor calls him not to smoke, but because he knows what will happen, he does not give up the pleasure of smoking and continues to smoke.

  • Ubi-Milky
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3613 posts

    Hello everyone thank you for your sharing your thoughts and ideas on the current way slipstreams works in the game.
    I will move this thread to our player General Discussion section of the forum so it can be seen by a larger audience, including our game devs and community team.
    If you have any more feedback about the game or would like to discuss the current gameplay further, please make sure to post this in our General Discussion area of the forum, as the Player Support section is more for bug reporting and technical issues, thank you!

    Official Response
  • Lordzilla..
    Original poster 26 posts

    @Ubi-Milky Thank you for your attention. Our only request is; The complete cancellation of the slepstream and instead something that will create an equivalent power and effect and bring a performance in a singular and individual sense, for example; more torque and engine power.

  • Lordzilla..
    Original poster 26 posts

    @Ubi-Milky Of course, we have other requests as follows; Elimination of licensed (LiberryWalk and Pandem) or imitation wide body kits (LiberyWar and Dandem) and of course important bugs in the game

  • virtualaughing
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    My 2 cents
    Group with similar level of players.
    The only problem I have with slipstream when it grabs you in turns. When the player ahead using the breaks.

    Ghost slipstream is the best! The game called The Crew after all! 😄

  • Lordzilla..
    Original poster 26 posts

    @virtualaughing Why should those in groups have such an advantage?. I always do the summits by myself. While racing online, sometimes I can't miss the corner and catch up with the two people in front. The horsepower and topspeed of the new bugatti added today are great. For a fairer and more enjoyable game, it could be something like this; It would be great if the horsepower of cars and motorcycles in all disciplines is increased just like in Bugatti and an extra increase in nitro power is brought, and there is no need for slepstream, everyone can push their own limits individually.

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    I was testing the new Bugatti +300 / Col upgraded racing kit that is won in the summit top speed 534 km
    With the magnet kit and fame 519 km without doing SleepStream
    Before, many vehicles were very fast almost like the new Bugatti they are now but then they limited the speed and handling in 2021 to all vehicles. This has created a lot of discomfort for players as the added traffic has meant that a lot of friends no longer play this game. Really good people from all over the world making videos and supporting the game by buying vanity and more.
    Now I am almost certain that even this vehicle after 15 days will gradually decrease speed and performance like all the other vehicles that are added. The programmers have no respect for the players they do as they want by lowering and increasing the speed and performance as they want.
    I play from pc .. if you see some videos of friends of the current summit playing on consoles in the escape and speed tests, the traffic is practically absent while we on the pc and really too much despite trying to afre the test 100 times nothing changes.

  • Trebaruna2012
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    The solution is very simple, I do it like 99% of the players who don't play PvP at all or only play very little PvP. So PvP remains the pleasure of a few players who are happy.

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