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  • suschunga
    611 posts

    LOL, I knew this thread was going to turn from reasonable QoL improvements to completely impractical wish lists. It's like some of you have already forgotten the core team consists of 35 people compared to the hundreds that worked on WoNY.

    I just don't see how survival would fit into The Division 2. Dark Zones aren't big enough

    Exactly this. Heartland is the spiritual successor to Survival, and sounds like it has more for people looking to do the PvEvP thing. It's a waste of resources to add stuff to the DZ when most Div 2 players aren't interested.

  • I3eard_of_War
    549 posts

    - Able to move and adjust size with this Ammo thing in Customize HUD.

    - An option to remove team mates names above their head.
    Multiple options:
    - Remove all the time
    - Remove only when aiming
    - Always show
    (When players sit infront of you their name can block the head of a enemy that pops his head out of cover)

    - Make it so we can buy Receiver Components/Protective Fabric's.
    (With the SHD Watch points AND normal credits in vendors)

    - Let Proficiency Caches have a chance to give a Exotic item.
    (Don't even open them anymore)

  • the_Kettle
    340 posts

    Have the game save your weapon scope setting between uses rather than always switching back to default, if using a weapon with a togglable scope.

    Slightly less likely QOL requests:
    Remove all skill mods, buff skills very slightly to compensate.
    Change gear mods to work on a similar system to weapon mods (once you've got that mod, you can freely equip it in any slots, doesn't use up inventory space).
    That should, hopefully, free up 100 extra spaces to use in the backpack, as well as removing a tedious micromanagement task when swapping skills around.

    Would also like to see some improvements to the shepherding system (remove level reset on new season, maybe add some rewards at milestone levels, provide more information about a shepherd request before answering the call: eg world difficulty, active directives, number of players in the group).

  • Wolfe_Protocol
    82 posts

    you said quality of life. most of the things in your post are not qol related, in any way. a big quality of life feature i would like to see is the option to send a player a dm in the social screen.

    the ability to return to dc while doing wony content.

    a way to increase camera distance... seriously. i cannot count the amount of times i have died because my character got caught on a bit of the world that happens to be outside my field of view, and not knowing where or what the object keeping me snagged was. because i couldn't see it on my screen. here's a friggin news flash for game developers. fps and 3ps is dumb. people have peripheral vision, and if the NPCs in your game are not programmed with the same bs the players have to deal with (limited field of vision) then your game is not fair.

    a jump ability.

    scopes that don't force us to aim through them. div 1 it was right click to aim. then tab to look through scope. do that. it was perfect.

    and, for the love of gaming, why can't this game remember how i want my audio settings? i do not want to ever hear players on my speakers, just my headset. but you guys didn't build that very very very simple and basic functionality into your game.

    basically, i want a massive game developer to log into a successful mmo, and start implementing the things those games have done that make playing more enjoyable, that are possible in this game. there is a lot of really basic character functionality that massive has ignored. they built a single player console game and just dropped it into an open world. it wasn't well thought out, and if fixed, could help the game grow, a lot.

    and whoever said adding the div 1 map to div 2 would be great. i agree. i would buy that.

  • GnarlyAtol1793
    733 posts


    „manhunts missions instead of them being entire story missions“
    the new manhunt mission setup is basically a small story mission. It’s great to have smaller and bigger missions.

    „bounties randomly spawn and roam districts“

    “It'd be a must buy if they released the original NYC map, original DZ and all.“
    Woah, yeah. I am just enjoying my 4th campaign in Division 1 in a very slow pace to capture the great looks, the rich details and stunning atmosphere.

    „Add control points and world activities and we would have a great new experience. Would prefer a re-release of the original NYC map over a Division 3.“
    Right. And here is the only point that made me angry in Division 1. We were all disappointed when we arrived at the endgame in D1 and found out that you can basically do nothing in the open world, apart from few bounties. A lot people were commenting that. Frustratingly they used their ressources to add modes to the game only …

    „Release the original NYC map … they could charge upwards to $80-$100 and I'd still buy it.“
    I would pay it 😊

    „Division 2 has a great foundation for expansion for DLCs. There really is a lot they can do with Division 2.“
    Yeah, there is also a lot possible with smaller things as well. I mostly play in open world … so many unused locations and areas.

  • GnarlyAtol1793
    733 posts


    I agree to all your points incl your great improvement ideas.

    With regard to Survival, I of course don’t expect such a mode for D2, because it would be huge efforts. I understand from some posts that Heartland will be a kind of survival game.

    I made that comment because Survival is the only mode from Division 1 and 2 I was really interested in. I am fine when they add modes to the game I am not interested in but what I hate is when they use their ressources for modes only and ignoring the main game.

    Lets take Countdown: they developed even a new map for this mode. This map could be an expansion of the main game (like the later added Outskirts, Pentagon) and the existing rusher raid as mode on top (like the Survival mode makes use of the map of the main game).

    I get emotional when I read the word “mode“ since Division games. Need to see a doctor 😁

  • GnarlyAtol1793
    733 posts


    The problem I have with the game right now is that there isn't any decent end game content.“
    Unfortunately I agree despite I play most of the time open world. That’s why I was hoping all the time that they add some good activities to it … till the latest announcement.

    „Countdown for me goes hand in hand with Proficiency/Expertise and … amazing source of loot … gets boring and repetitive fast.“
    Played it only few times. Not my cup of tea. But I had the impression that this mode is well done apart from few minor things.

    “… more teamwork … puzzles rather than capture this, destroy this, plug in this … „
    Gameplay is not the strength in Division 2. Too much focus on Doom-style.

  • GnarlyAtol1793
    733 posts


    „The Summit never really stuck with me“
    Me neither, played it when I was fresh in endgame for the weekly project and few times because of target loot functionality but stopped quickly playing it.
    I assume it’s done for run and gun gameplay and farming. For that I assume it’s well done. I know people playing it often. Nowadays a lot people play it because of floor 10/90/100 exploits, even me 😁. Used that [censored] a bit to make named items and exotics proficient … why did I start this crap… 😁

    „… too isolated from the rest of the game's world“
    Well, it’s a mode. Basically all additions to the game are isolated from the main game, even the added new missions, the outskirts, Pentagon … the classified Assignments with reduced functionalities of the main game. Even main missions feel like apps. If you dont start the mission the door is locked, different to other open world games.

    „Like, if it was a building in the WoNY map that we could enter … „
    I agree

    „Have an entire district revolved around The Summit.“
    Thats what I tried to describe in my post. This is partially existing. The skyscrapers you can see through the windows from the Summit lobby. I was standing in front of these buildings and surrounded them and they were even complete looking from the backside and graphically detailed. That wouldn’t have been done for the blurry looks out of the Summit lobby windows. It looks to me that they planned something bigger and skipped it, as they developed a huge open Coney Island map, put 2 missions on it and did not use the other half of the map. Would have been a great open area.

    I wished they would have done it with the other additions as well, smaller open world areas (like the Coney map) with the missions and some smaller activities on it, Pentagon, Zoo, Camp White Oak …

  • III.VeXeL
    2 posts

    Add bulk purchase to the vendors so we can purchase the amount we want instead of spending way to much time clicking the mouse and keyboard to purchase 100's of items to deconstruct.- e.g. purchase 100 or 150 item option!

  • GnarlyAtol1793
    733 posts

    black menu background

    This game entails a lot reading stuff of collected items in backpack and stash.

    It would help me when the background of the menu would be black instead of transparent. Would be great if there would be an option for such setting.

    The black background is already existing. When I open the inventory, the background is transparent. When I then switch to apparel I get the black background, which remains when I switch back to inventory again.

    But this is not possible when looking at the stash. It’s tiring for my eyes when reading a lot with that transparent background. An optional setting would be great.

  • RainyAttendant0
    19 posts
    @GnarlyAtol1793 I just don't see how survival would fit into The Division 2. Dark Zones aren't big enough, plus we don't have the chilling winter.

    Could you imagine if we started in either the east or west dz? In order to progress out, we had to clear 1-3 land marks to find the key to get into the light zone. All the while gearing up and working our way to face our hunter at the white house. Only to kill him and get the fuel for the chopper to take us to the NYC dlc map that would serve as the dark zone did in Division 1. Insert random objectives culminating in the final battle with two Rouge agents to achieve victory. Holy [censored] that would be fun. It's just a rough outline but I could totally see an awesome survival mode in this game.

    But heartlands right around the corner so...

  • suschunga
    611 posts

    One other improvement I'd like to see:

    Give us more ways of obtaining faction materials (aka "Tactical Assessments")
    Particularly for Rikers, as you can only get their bounties in NY. Those seem rare as heck, and there are only two Riker missions to choose from.

  • SuspiciousPixel
    Original poster 587 posts

    Nothing promised but Anticheat feedback tools is being looked into.👍 (f2p Heartlands will definitely need this)

    Whilst I know how it works in PUBG, I am not familiar with R6S. Maybe someone can shed some light? All I can find are 3 year old Reddit threads where R6S players asked for the exact same thing in PUBG lol

    For those not familiar this is how Feedback is given in-game after the investigation when a suspected cheater in PUBG is found guilty. (I can't find ones when a player is not guilty and is legit)

    This is a good way of empowering gamers and encourages them to further report suspected cheaters. Knowing that your video evidence, in-game encounter had a resolution brings trust and confidence between players and developers who maintain the PVP side of things.

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