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  • Gabriel.Knight
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    @Crossaber This isn't exactly new to D2. The Merciless and Ruthless exotics are the same, yet different.

  • suschunga
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    Phase 2 patch notes are up: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/168956/phase-2-of-the-season-10-pts?lang=en-US

    Nice to see the new brand set name was updated, and that Umbra Initiative has had a small buff. Also, just gonna leave this here:

    Picaros Holster:  
    Removed the 20% Weapon Damage bonus from the Attributes. Instead, Picaros Holster will now provide a 20% Weapon Damage Perfect CORE Attribute and roll normally 2 random Attributes.


  • Brockk_Landers
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    Picaros Holster:  
    Removed the 20% Weapon Damage bonus from the Attributes. Instead, Picaros Holster will now provide a 20% Weapon Damage Perfect CORE Attribute and roll normally 2 random Attributes.

    That seems much more in line with where it should be.

  • the_Kettle
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    Ah well, for the holster I was hoping they'd just remove one of the secondary stats instead to bring it more into line with other named items - as it stands, I can see it only being of use in red/yellow hybrids, and even then there's probably better options.

    Exotic pistol sounds pretty strong, on any build that doesn't use pistol slot or other exotics much (and doesn't lose important stacks by switching away from eg Capacitor) it'd be really fast to switch to it, land a shot or two then switch back for a worthwhile dps buff. I can see it working particularly well with Umbra Initiative, taking advantage of that downtime in cover by building pistol stacks at the same time as 'from the shadows' stacks before changing to main weapon and stepping back out.

    Exotic rifle buff just makes it even more of a clickspam fest, not sure how much value is added by the RoF boost (relative to the added damage to controller/mouse and fingers). It seems to me that this weapon is aimed at tank players rather than healers, presumably to give them a bit more team support than they currently bring, although it's hard to see it being more useful in that role than scorpio. Perhaps for a blue FI tank?

    Strikers buff sounds like fun, might be a bit OP but I guess that depends how easy it is to manage stacks at the top end. I'm not personally a fan of the stack-building mechanic playstyle (getting in close to build with an ACS-12) but I can see it being very handy in certain situations.

    QoL additions are awesome, very happy to see those!

  • TxDieselKid
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    @Brockk_Landers Disagree completely, but glad you fun-killers are happy. 🙂

    I was excited for this next TU. Now I'm not. Getting more mundane with each one.

  • the_Kettle
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    @TxDieselKid In phase 2 now there's a new one to get excited about and then angry when it inevitably gets nerfed! The 'Busy Little Bee' exotic pistol now adds 20% amplified damage for each stack after you switch away, which massively buffs weapons and some skills (at least the ballistic ones: assault/sniper turret and striker drone). At max stacks that's 200% amplified damage, more than pre-nerf HB ever offered! (In practice of course, you're unlikely to reach max stacks very often, but even with 2 or 3 stacks it's a pretty serious buff).

    Personally I think they should switch it to plain old Weapon Damage to match the description, it'll still be useful in some builds but won't make turret/drone missions into even more of a cakewalk than they already are.

  • As1r0nimo
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    @the_Kettle tye buff is 10 seconds only, so not a big deal, imo. Even with drones

  • the_Kettle
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    @the_Kettle tye buff is 10 seconds only, so not a big deal, imo. Even with drones

    10s is enough to put out some serious damage.

    Been testing the Bee a bit with a few different builds, so further feedback: it's not often possible to build to a high stack count (only when enemies are clumped out of cover at close-medium range), and the accuracy at longer ranges seems pretty poor so it can be frustratingly difficult to land hits and build stacks when enemies are spread out at a distance. However, it only takes a couple of stacks to be doing more damage than perfect glass cannon, and at shorter ranges it's extremely quick to switch, land a couple of quick shots then switch back to main, so overall it's definitely still too powerful. Doesn't fit every build of course, but for turret/drone builds, Umbra Initiative and Negotiators Dilemma it is a very strong addition with little downside.

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