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  • Ubi-Milky
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    Hello everyone, thank you for getting back in touch with us recently regarding the PS5 synchronization issue and the 'Your entitlements will be granted to you shortly' error message.

    If you have all been able to follow the steps we gave you in this thread for PS5 connectivity troubleshooting without success, can you please tell us the following information, which we requested for another PS5 issue with the game, so we can open an investigation into this issue that has affected some of you since August >>

    • Is this issue still occurring after TU16.2?
    • Platform used (as one players also mentioned this affects Xbox)
    • Do you have the game installed on an HDD or an SSD?
    • Is the message displayed after purchasing apparel items, premium credits or add-ons?
    • Is the message displayed when a commendation is completed?
    • Are you able to do an internet connection speed test and upload the results to this thread?

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