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    @TheNorfolkian Hope they make something good with the coins. I think they've done that so far, so I'm in; get me the full Aladdin suit, please!

  • Stark7Ghost
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    Mirage looks really good and going back to the old AC roots will be great.

    Codename Red I'm doubtful of since it's back to that RPG style. I actually don't mind RPG, but Ubisoft really needs to tone it down with the RPG elements. The gender choosing and dialogue choosing and massive world is just too much. Give up a character and story to follow, not the option choice thing.

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    @Stark7Ghost In Odyssey, the battles there I remember fondly. Not that they did anything buy what if they did? What if every battle was difficult to build up for: Soldiers being a scarce resource that you could get in various ways, from population mainly. Population, too, was a resource, and so was timber and ore, and food. But not to upgrade your weapons and armor but to build things in your kingdom and sustain it.
    What if it was a kingdom management game? There was no main story and the objective was to conquer the world?
    Each region would need a lord and this lord, like everyone, dies. It also has stats, so it's better or worse at things like defending and attacking, settlement resource management and keeping the order, and also loyalty towards you. Both drawbacks and advantages, personal quirks. And you'd have a selection of lords to put into power in various ways. If someone displeases you, you'd replace them. There could be vassals also... Like you'd have too little military to seize a region but u're sizable enough to threaten them into submission. Or you'd conquer them but you're stretched too thin so you can't keep soldiers of your own there as stuff is constantly going on, then you'd vassal them. Also alliances, of course.
    You could go about how to deal with the opposition in many ways. Poisoning a well of your enemy, sneak in and remain undetected to stop them from realising the well is poisoned until they're direly sick and your army is knocking at their gates. Or you could visit some lord at night, sneak in and threaten him with terrible vengeance and murder if he doesn't join your side. OR you could single-handedly vanquish an enemy, leaving a fort completely undefended for your soldiers to come seize.
    But with every move you make, everyone else also moves. So it would be a campaign where you'd lose territory, where lords die and get replaced by others. Like you had support from lord Edmund but lady Adelle, the replacement, hates your guts.

    What you think, yay or nay?
    The conquest idea's been brewing in my mind since Odyssey and I was really disappointed it wasn't expanded on in Valhalla. It won't be, as far as the hints go, be expanded on either in any kind of foreseeable future. But perhaps Ubisoft glances that way.. it was just too much work to make a comprehensive conquest game with the AC engine, which is why the idea was dropped after Odyssey?

  • stargun85
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    Was logged in on their website watched the all of the ubsoft forward
    I got nothing!
    Not even the free tattoo for Assassin Creed Valhalla

  • SpirantCrayon22
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    @stargun85 the tattoo was only available for watching on Twitch; you could ask them for it but I don't think they'll give it to you - it'll probably appear in the Connect shop at some point

  • TheNorfolkian
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    the tattoo was only available for watching on Twitch; you could ask them for it but I don't think they'll give it to you - it'll probably appear in the Connect shop at some point

    @SpirantCrayon22 @stargun85 As luck would have it for those of us who never got the Twitch reward, the Sphinx tattoo is now available on Ubisoft Connect for free...

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