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    Original poster 384 posts
    I'm at about 380 in all three

    Thanks for your fast reply, much appreciated.
    Wow! 1140 overall, that's a lot of points. Roughly 35% of the potential maximum (or did you mean 380 overall, the points distributed in the three branches).
    How much time did it take you? (how much points can someone expect to make per day, let says with an 1-2 hours playing time, for instance?)

  • TheNorfolkian
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    @TORFINR how much points can someone expect to make per day, let says with an 1-2 hours playing time, for instance?

    That is definitely an academic question... If we put aside the XP that can be gained from story quests, mysteries, artifacts, map-based wealth, Reda quests in England and Svartalfheim, the Royal Demands in Ireland, selling goods to Azar, and any wealth-carrying elites that yield very high XP rewards... then it is possible to to level up via assassination speed-runs in about ten to fifteen minutes (if you know where to go). And then on top of that, if you have the silver to spend, you can buy a knowledge scroll (two if you get another from a shop in Francia).

    So, the amount of Skill or Mastery Points a player can achieve in 1-2 hours is really dependent on player ability, access to all expansions, and knowledge of where to go to maximize time.

  • SpirantCrayon22
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    1180 overall in my case but then I have spent some time playing!

    as per the other reply, yes, you can get a level pretty quickly with practice; I sometimes do that but usually am not trying too hard and spend half the time head-on, which can be very fast indeed with a decent build

    Original poster 384 posts

    Thanks both of you for your replies.

    So according to what you said, 2 levels per hour is possible and not even hard, by doing standard activities.
    That would be 1500 hours, 62,5 days of actual playing.
    For someone playing 3 hours a day, that's still 500 days, one year and a half roughly 🐷
    (I like that kind of stupid maths haha)

  • Wascaliwabbit
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    @teh_greg I think they concluded that there is almost no visible impact to stats after reaching 100 points spent.

    This is a good thing. The game gets tremendously boring if no amount of enemies have any chance of killing you even if you just stand there. I've got 150 Mastery points spent and I'm almost in that position now

  • NightHawk29
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    Similar systems existed in Immortals Fenyx Rising and yet they added NG+ within months so this team is just LAZY and incompetent when they say they aren't sure how to implement it. It's not hard, look at Immortals Fenyx Rising, within months of launch it was added and worked great. Do similar here ffs! As for ACPR, I don't care which Ubisoft studio is making it, this decision for no NG+ means Ubisoft is now tied with EA on the list of who I will NEVER buy another game from ever again.

  • FarohkTazim
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    @Wascaliwabbit Not even on Nightmarish and +160% DMG received?

    Original poster 384 posts

    As for the NG+ discussion, the main thing for me is : how can they justify or motivate players to redo all puzzles, which were already (for most of them) boring the first time.
    Origins and Odyssey can easily be NG+ssed, I have really dificulties to imagime the point to NG+ valhalla.

  • FarohkTazim
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    @TORFINR For me, I just want Weapon/Armor Dupes and the Stronghold Siege with full gear.

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