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  • lamanticora
    2 posts


    This is a bug or the game is broken?
    Be serious and fix this immediately, a lot of people is having this issue!
    You are killing the game

  • tomcolliflower
    3 posts

    Please fix the issue with the Pilgrimage to St. Albanes quest. I am unable to get the cutscene to play where Fulke is rescued and its completely halted my progression through the story.

  • stroe01
    3 posts

    A huge bug... in the quest a cruel destiny. It’s just frozen after the first part, I can’t do anything and I’m really [censored] about it.... So please fix this bug...

  • louismockler75
    14 posts

    A brothers keeper after Odin cut scene. Can’t get out of room with machine. No quest to follow. Just old lady hanging on her own n blue orb

  • MasterCmndr35
    4 posts

    Redas shop still does not work for me; it stopped working before I could finish “Viking for Hire” quest.

  • KnightHawk8282
    4 posts

    I am stuck at main menu cursor is frozen in middle of screen. Got to play for a few hours then it did this. Please help.

  • FlashXAron
    19 posts

    @mastercmndr35 did he always tell that story to the children ? As I hated his voice , I let my char listen to it and went in reallife to the toilet , when I came back he was finished and I could buy again 🙂
    So you have to listen to the whole damn story

  • dennis.tsir
    6 posts

    Will there be a new game plus ?

  • MasterCmndr35
    4 posts

    @flashxaron yeah he was telling the story on repeat now he isn’t telling it anymore and I still can’t access him 🙃 it’s like the f**k

  • MasterCmndr35
    4 posts

    Was the missable tears in Jotenheim on purpose or a glitch you guys are gonna fix? Kinda stupid if it’s missable considering everything else isn’t.

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