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  • Gen_Sid
    2 posts

    @ubimeesherbeans On High or Enthusiast when i not stream on Ultra 😉

  • kookil
    1 posts

    Hello I am a new streamer and I would love to take part and start streaming my first game as Assassins Creed valhalla, is there any chance to get some game content to play before release and stream that. It would be my dream to really play assassins creed as my first game, I have played assasins creed since the first assasinscreed 1, I am happy to give you my Twitch stream and shout you out and buy the game myself. Best Regars Kookil 🙂

  • JasonWoelfel
    1 posts

    @kookil Yeah me too. Unlock the game early for me as well.

  • kodan420
    1 posts

    @UbiMeesherbeans I plan on playing on Ultra it looks like. I do have a question isnt a 2080 S actually better than a 2080? The picture says 2080 for ultra and the 2080 S for Enthusiast.

  • diiorio
    40 posts


    yes the super is better then the default 2080 and also more over clockable. Not as good as the 2080 TI but about an 8fps difference on average. SO more valued. at least for me on MS flightsim 2080 the super paid off.

    To optimize the game however because some RTX features are not implemented. I recommend playing at 1080p or 2k rather then 4k to get smoother frames.

    make sure if you have a stock nvidia card you are using afterburner or something to set proper fan speeds and keep temps under 78c at all times as Nvidia really messed up drivers

  • serg.radu.serg
    1 posts

    Во второй части мисии "Жестокая судьба" после падения с обрыва зависает процесс прохождения. Сама игра работает, но бой\миссия не продолжается.

    1 posts

    [censored] all this give me my money back

  • Alper_94
    1 posts

    Wow i love this game brooo so lit

  • turkbey01
    1 posts

    oyun bilgisayarım odysess serisini gayet iyi bir şekilde destekleyip oynamıyordu. Fakat valhalla da low modunda olmasına rağmen kasmalar ve donmalar yaşanıyor. Oyunun kalitesine gölge düşürüyor bu sorunların bir an önce düzeltilmesi gerekiyor.

  • TejaTheGreat1
    45 posts

    Really nice game

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