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  • AORUS2017
    40 posts

    I agree with you this is UGLY👎 I don't think I will be coming back to this site I like the original website

    @ubichem is this a joke changing our original website for this Ugly one and you wasted all the team time for this I think you made a big mistake this time round, I will give it a miss 👎👎

  • AORUS2017
    40 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Sir_Magnetron
    2 posts

    It's so hard to see where you have to look for things.

    EDIT: I just made a post about something and its not even here while i pressed submit.


  • Offworlder1
    5 posts


    Not liking how the new forum is done either, it was better with the old site and formatted better.

  • Gravelmead
    62 posts

    @offworlder1 Why have they done this? It's horrible. Why do they always have to fix stuff that worked perfectly?

  • JCar4327
    626 posts

    Yeah, I think I am gonna have to agree here as well. The original forum set up was better than this mess. There are posts I seen earlier that I can't even find now.

  • TheHoboKilla
    11 posts

    I fart in this forum design's general direction.

  • MeinChurro
    39 posts

    Is there a way to minimize it a bit, so I can see more topics at once? 😑

  • CyberWolf-N7
    22 posts

    Agreed , I'm not liking this either , before was easier see posts and navigate , ubi please stick to old style , if it's not broke don't fix it 🙂

  • MythicLuna
    2 posts

    I like the old version better, like the gardener25 said: "Each thread was a slim bar, with the title, thread creator, & name of last post. Without scrolling I could view something like 15 threads at a time."

    Easier and faster to look at.

  • Vlerk2020
    29 posts

    Don't like it either, old forum layout was MUCH better.

  • Tauroseus
    2 posts

    100% agree what a messy
    bad design forum
    Go back to the basics ubi

  • JCar4327
    626 posts

    A new complaint about this new format. You only have a 5 minute window to edit a post. I reread a post in another thread and realized I needed to clarify a point I made in said post. This was outside that 5 minute window, so I had to make an entirely new post to make the clarification. My opinion, this is a bad decision.

  • Superboy4ever2x
    8 posts

    It just needs to be organized better. Imo the UI is fine, the UX not so much. I'm also having trouble navigating topics, there needs to be more segregation like the old forum. I saw a player support post next to a general discussion post [Awkward Look Monkey Puppet]

  • sheby1911
    3 posts

    I agree! The old forum was better... much clearer.

  • xrayspex_73
    144 posts

    I agree. These forums are TERRIBLE. Impossible to navigate quickly. Can't see the thread topics in a clean and concise way.

    I HATE IT Ubisoft.

    Seriously... is this ONLY meant to be viewed on a phone? It is terrible on a PC/browser.

  • Sam_Boo26
    152 posts

    I also really prefer the previous forum. It was much cleaner and better organized.

  • WilderDK
    14 posts

    Yes, i relly dont like this either. its way to big title, so its hard to get an overview of post. really weird the went to this, from the old, the old is perfect.

  • Thaliruth
    1 posts

    It's the new forum in the beta, at the top of the page is where you should give your feedback!

    But I agree with you!

  • xrayspex_73
    144 posts


    Same boat. I will not be using these forums for Valhalla discussions. It's a shame as I was very invested in these forums during Odyssey, but I can't stand the new forums so I will also just use Reddit.


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