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  • sheby1911
    3 posts

    I agree! The old forum was better... much clearer.

  • xrayspex_73
    141 posts

    I agree. These forums are TERRIBLE. Impossible to navigate quickly. Can't see the thread topics in a clean and concise way.

    I HATE IT Ubisoft.

    Seriously... is this ONLY meant to be viewed on a phone? It is terrible on a PC/browser.

  • Sam_Boo26
    148 posts

    I also really prefer the previous forum. It was much cleaner and better organized.

  • WilderDK
    14 posts

    Yes, i relly dont like this either. its way to big title, so its hard to get an overview of post. really weird the went to this, from the old, the old is perfect.

  • Thaliruth
    1 posts

    It's the new forum in the beta, at the top of the page is where you should give your feedback!

    But I agree with you!

  • xrayspex_73
    141 posts


    Same boat. I will not be using these forums for Valhalla discussions. It's a shame as I was very invested in these forums during Odyssey, but I can't stand the new forums so I will also just use Reddit.


  • WilderDK
    14 posts

    this most be the worst forum i ever have seen, that for sure.

  • EggKnobble
    36 posts

    Wrong topic, i know i clicked the forum feedback topic.....

    But this proves some more points 🙂

  • Gravelmead
    62 posts

    @sir_magnetron This forum suits the game. They are both worse than the last one.

  • Offworlder1
    5 posts


    You must be trolling, Odyssey was a far worse game at launch, I am sure most if not everyone remembers the huge backlash that "enemy level scaling" recieved making the game practically unplayable with how not fun or enjoyable it was. I loved Origins and I love Valhalla because they give you tons of options of how you want to play be it [censored] easy or insanely hard.

    Odyssey removed that "player choice" and it was not until many updates/patches later that the game was fixed so people who hated that "enemy level scaling" garbage could have more options. I put Odyssey down after 2 days of not liking the game, then 1 year later I started it again and it was finally "worth playing".

    Valhalla is a joy day 1, and I am loving it as are many other people, Origins was amazing at launch as well and thankfully the team that made Origins did it right again with Valhalla.

  • Gravelmead
    62 posts

    Please bring back the old forum, this one is so clunky and hard to navigate. The old forum was perfect, why did you feel the need to punish us with this messy thing. On the old forum I could quickly find topics I was looking for. On this one.....forget it. Besides this forum being a broken not fit for purpose mess, it looks horrid, the old one look dead lush.
    Please tell us why have you changed the good forum for this thing? I would really like to know your reasons.

    32 posts

    Ubisoft did not care about it.

  • Flanker1Six
    39 posts

    @gravelmead That is NO ****! This goofy format; bug infested mess needs to go!

  • Gravelmead
    62 posts

    @rhylass I don't think they realise that the old forums were one of the best on the internet. They were a joy to use. Who ever it was created the old forums deserves a promotion. That's why I'm totally confused and flabbergasted at why they would downgrade their forums in such a significant way.

    32 posts

    @gravelmead I agree, the old form was easier accessible, however, I had to check myself form a bitter remark on how UbIsoft handled the pre-release Valhalla forum - spam all over it - usually obscene advertisements from all over the world. It was literally an attack, Ubisoft did not seem to care. They just closes the mess.


  • distrust74
    8 posts

    Just to agree. The old forum was perfectly fine. This new one is just a mess.
    It`s like someone didn`t understand what a forum is supposed to be, and changed it into some kind of social media newsfeed timeline thing.
    Best solution would be to revert to the old forums, they worked well.

  • MeinChurro
    39 posts

    @distrust74 My thoughts too! It kind of reminds me of the Official Bethesda forums, but worse. I can see a lot more topics over there..

  • TheGrimReeferzz
    44 posts

    Nothing Wrong with the old one , it was simply , user friendly and easy to navigate , the old forums was probably the best forum interface I have ever used . If it isn't broke don't fix it !

  • Patricia81994
    113 posts

    Yes i agree this forum is terrible an example i was here as a visitor and i saw a thread that i wanted to reply to so i went online and when that was done the thread was gone i could not find it anywhere. Until ten minutes later poof there it was again at the same spot where it should be. Very strange and this is not the first time that that happened there is definitely something wrong with this forum. Also it is very hard to find something here the old forum was a lot better.

  • Fumetsu_Akaichi
    1 posts

    It looks a lot more messy and less organised. Not a fan.

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