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  • MrChristopherH
    11 posts

    I personally HATE everything ubisoft has done in the last WEEK just my personal opinion. Considering yheyve completely broken a game that was working gloriously on ps5 for me and now im completely at a stand still and locked out of map areas even by the animus when i have cleared and synced that area already. No acknowledgement from ubisoft at all, yet they have made the decision to nlock me from a thread that i was diacussing this matter in with other people sharing the same problems. Very interesting decision making ubisoft. I should have stuck to my original idea of never buying a damn assassins game again!!! Completely dissapointed in you and myself for giving you more of my hard earned money and wasting my time. [censored]

  • hoellenbewohner
    1 posts

    can we get the better working/ looking OLD foruM BACK please > this "discussion" thing is AWFUL

  • kizza0721
    63 posts


    This new forum isn't without it's issues, but after using it for a few weeks on mobile it's becoming better the more i get used to it. They've added heaps of features to mobile version now that actually make it better than the old system.

    Give it some time. It gets easier to use and there will be improvements made to the functionality.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1042 posts

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts on our new Discussions forums here in this thread. I sincerely apologise that a further response to your updates was not shared here until now.

    I'll do my best to address some of the points made here, as well as pass on any specific suggestions / feedback to the forum developers that I find within. I've amended the title slightly to reflect that it is a general thread for feedback, rather than focusing on a specific topic, and I will continue to merge into this thread any other similar generalised threads to try and keep everything neat and orderly. If there are a lot of requests for a particular feature or change, I'll fork these posts into their own thread so that we can explore that topic in more depth. I hope that you all don't mind! 🙂

    Without further ado, please refer to my individual replies below for additional information -

    @thegardener25 - Could you provide additional details as to what made our older forums easier to use and navigate? I can pass these specific ideas to the developers for them to review. Regarding telling read/unread threads apart, I have passed forward some ideas from other users on how we could improve this (e.g. to allow filtering by read/unread, or having unread threads display in a different highlight colour) so please let me know if you have any ideas of your own as well. Finally, you had mentioned when tagging my colleague UbiChem about how many threads you were able to view on the old forums at once compared to here. I'm pleased to say we introduced options to not only disable the post previews but also compact the thread cards down using the "list view" option in the meatball menu if desired; this creates a more traditional forum "look" if preferred! 🙂

    @Megas_Doux, @AORUS2017, @WilderDK, @Gravelmead, @Flanker1Six, @TheGrimReeferzz & @Fumetsu_Akaichi - Thank you for sharing your opinions on the visual appearance of Discussions, and its navigation. How do you think we could improve this? What specifically do you dislike, and what did you like about the previous forums more that you think we should emulate here? I'm happy to pass forward any additional insights you have.

    @DreadGrrl - As mentioned above, we added the ability to turn off post preview from the meatball menu, as well as a new "list view" option which compacts the thread cards down to create a more traditional forum "look" (similar to how it was on our old forums). The editing limit for posts has also been increased from five minutes to ten minutes since your posts. I hope that these options have been making your experience of using Discussions more enjoyable, if you've already been using them!

    @bitebug2003 - Your join date for Discussions is the date you first started using the platform - it doesn't reflect the date you created your Ubisoft Account, or your old join date for the old forums. These forums are a completely new platform - a clean slate - so everything is reset. I apologise if this is disappointing. As I mentioned above as well, we added the ability to turn off post previews from the meatball menu, as well as a new "list view" option which compacts the thread cards down to create a more traditional forum "look" (similar to how it was on our old forums).

    @Aloninor - Thank you for sharing this positive feedback with us! Very glad to hear that you have been enjoying several of the new features these Discussions forums have to offer. 🙂

    @CoastalGirl, @Trode-_, @MissM16, @MythicLuna & @sheby1911 - If you weren't already aware, we added the ability to turn off post previews from the meatball menu, as well as a new "list view" option which compacts the thread cards down to create a more traditional forum "look" (similar to how it was on our old forums). Regarding nested replies and replies to the main thread - feedback regarding having only one or the other has already been forwarded previously. 🙂 For reference, only direct post replies are shown nested; it is possible to reply to the thread itself without nesting your reply under any particular other reply. I hope this information helps!

    @xrayspex_73 - It has been a few months since your posts in this thread, and from seeing you around in a lot of threads, I was wondering whether your views on Discussions changed since the new features we added? 🙂 Do you have any additional feedback points you'd like to share regarding the forums themselves at the moment?

    @RHYLASS - We continually moderate all of our forums to remove spam, offensive content, and anything inappropriate. I sincerely apologise if you encountered any before we had a chance to remove it, or before our automated systems picked it up. Here on Discussions, you can use the "flag" button to bring any inappropriate or rule-breaking content to our attention, so please do this if you need to. Your assistance in this is much appreciated. Thank you.

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  • jewlz2814
    7 posts

    This forum seems to be made either crapily or so buggy/complicated that the average person would just give up instead of telling you folks all the problems this game has and by the way never got a single response on any questions damn ubisoft from cloth physics to fps drop wth ubi

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1042 posts

    Hello again everyone,

    Please accept my apologies for the second larger post in a short space of time; I've just merged a second large thread containing general feedback into this one, so in this post I'll be addressing those who posted in that thread who did not yet receive a reply. Please let me know if any of you I am now replying to require any additional clarification or assistance - and please also accept my apologies for the delay in getting back to you all. 🙂

    @Sir_Magnetron - Would you be so kind as to offer additional details regarding what you find difficult about navigating Discussions? When you posted, and then the post did not appear, were you presented with any sort of error message to indicate if an issue occurred? Thank you!

    @Offworlder1 - What do you like better about our older forums? What changes would you like to see here on Discussions in order to improve your experience? Any additional information provided would be greatly helpful in order to allow me to pass your ideas onto our forum developers. Finally, please do not discuss off-topic matters in an irrelevant thread. Keep your posts relevant to the discussion at hand. Thanks!

    @Gravelmead - Please refer to my previous reply, as I addressed you there, and also refrain from taking topics off-topic; this thread is not for feedback on Assassin's Creed Valhalla itself. That feedback should be posted in the General Discussions section, and appropriately tagged as feedback.

    @JCar4327 - As above, what did you like about our older forums that you would like to see carried over to our new Discussions forums here? Regarding the posts / threads you were struggling to locate again after seeing them, do you recall if this was due to a large number of new posts being made? Or do you feel that our search functions are not effective enough in allowing you to locate the content you want? Regarding the post editing timer, this has since been extended to ten minutes. If you feel that it should be even longer than that, please let me know a time frame that you feel would suit and I'll pass this feedback on.

    @TheHoboKilla - What would you like to see improved about Discussions' design? Any additional feedback would be much appreciated.

    @MeinChurro - There is now, yes! You can enable "list view" from the meatball menu (...) on the right-hand side. This compacts the thread cards down and makes the thread listings look a little more "traditional". I hope this helps!

    @CyberWolf-N7, @Vlerk2020, @Tauroseus & @WilderDK - Please see my above reply to @MeinChurro! If "list view" doesn't help to resolve the concerns you were all having with regard to navigation and browsing, please give me some additional details about what you'd like to see changed, and I'll happily forward this feedback to the forum developers. Thanks!

    @Superboy4ever2x - The General Discussions and Player Support sections are completely separate, and in visiting each, you should not find that you see any threads from any other sections appearing there. The only places where you will see posts from different sections is the homepage under the pinned announcements, or else the different feeds at the top (ie. Popular, @Ubisoft). Please let me know if you continue to notice topics from other sections in the wrong places, and we can look into this as an issue.

    @Sam_Boo26 - Would you mind clarifying what you mean by "cleaner and better organized"? How would you like to see the appearance / organisation of Discussions be improved? What features from our previous forums are you missing here on Discussions that you would like to see us re-introduce?

    @distrust74 - Please can you elaborate as to what you prefer about our older forums, and the features that you'd like to see mirrored here on Discussions? Why do you feel that these forums do not feel like a forum? Thank you.

    @Patricia81994 - Can you recall whether you were browsing the homepage when encountering this issue with the thread you were browsing disappearing from view? Have you encountered a similar issue again since, or was it an isolated incident? I'm happy to investigate further with you if you are able to offer any additional context. Finally, what about our older forums' organisation do you feel is better? Why do you find it easier to find threads on there than here? Thank you.

    @MrChristopherH - Please keep the contents of your posts relevant to the thread(s) you are replying to. Any feedback you have on Assassin's Creed Valhalla itself should be posted in the General Discussions section, and appropriately tagged as feedback; this section is exclusively for feedback on our new Discussions forums. If you are experiencing an in-game issue, you should post in the Player Support section to seek help from support agents such as myself. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this. Regarding being locked out of a thread where others were sharing the same issue - which thread was this? I'd need to know the thread in question to understand what might have happened, as there are a large number of reasons a thread may be locked. Finally, please keep your language appropriate for the forums. We will not tolerate abusive language nor our language filter being bypassed, as both breach our forum rules. Please consider this a formal warning.

    @hoellenbewohner - What do you prefer about the appearance / organisation of our older forums? Have you tried "list view", to see whether this addresses any of your concerns? I'm happy to forward any feedback you have.

    @kizza0721 - Glad to hear that you have been enjoying the experience on mobile, and like the new features we have implemented! Do keep us updated with any additional feedback points you have, or any feature requests / suggestions you have.

    @jewlz2814 - Can you please clarify for me what features you find difficult to use here on Discussions? I'm happy to forward any feedback you have on the platform to the forum developers. Regarding your in-game issues, we're replying to threads posted in the Player Support section as quickly as we can. I sincerely apologise for the delay, and any inconvenience caused by the issues you are experiencing in the meantime.

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  • JCar4327
    626 posts

    @ubi-woofer Thanks for the reply, but I posted this way back in November I think. There have been a lot of upgrades to the forum since then so I'm not even sure what issues I would discuss at this point. To be quite honest I'm not even sure why there was an investment made into creating a new forum when the old forums worked just fine. Either way the matter is moot at this point because it appears we are stuck with this forum.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1042 posts

    Hey @jcar4327 - my apologies again for the delay of the previous reply. I'm glad that the updates to Discussions since the time of your previous post seem to have changed your mind a little about it, and that you've been successfully using these new forums since then.

    These forums will continue to be developed and additional brands will, in time, be transitioned to this platform as well. As such, if you do encounter any issues with the platform, or think of any other feedback you'd like to share, please do not hesitate to do so. We're passing forward all ideas and feedback to the forum developers for their consideration. Thanks!

    Official Response
  • Savagenation69
    38 posts

    @thegardener25 I don't like it either. I can't screen past the first page nor find anything with my similar or same topics I have posted. It's been over a week's time since I posted two relevant topics and no one has responded, no suggestions or feedback. I only get robot response of suggested topics that do not come no where near my topic.

    I just finished AC Odyssey not too long ago and I have been posted my experiences, asking questions and providing feedback on this game in Steam over the 450+ hours I have played the game over the past few months. Even today as old as the game is users and the community were active and responsive for the AC Odyssey. We do not have this for AC Valhalla, this is a serious problem.

    I do not have any social media account nor will I ever. They pose a job security risk and is a terrible idea. Anything I say can hold me accountable to someone's twisted misperception and misrepresentation of what I state. Ubisoft needs to remedy this. The support is awful.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1042 posts

    Hey there @savagenation69 - thanks for taking the time to share your feedback regarding our Discussions forums here in the Forum Feedback section. I'll do my best to address each of your points below; do not hesitate to reply with the information I've requested, and if I have misunderstood anything or if you'd like to provide additional information, please do!

    First, with regard to not being able to find similar threads - did you both check the suggested threads, and also use the advanced search to check for previous submissions from other players? It's not unusual for a topic to not already be covered, and in such a case, creating your own thread is of course welcomed! 🙂

    Where did you post the threads you would like feedback / answers to, and what do they concern? If in the General Discussion section, it is my colleagues over on the Community Team who answer those threads (if it is a staff response you are looking for, as opposed to from other players?). If in Player Support, myself and my fellow Player Support agents are replying to posted threads as quickly as we can. It is taking a little longer at the moment to get back to everyone due to the high volume of contacts we are receiving, so I sincerely apologise for that. If you have additional feedback with regard to our support / responsiveness generally, please take this over to the Off-Topic Discussion section, as this is a forum dedicated to feedback on the Discussions forums themselves.

    Finally, regarding social media accounts - it is of course your own personal choice as to whether to have one! While we do offer support / community opportunities via social media networks, there is absolutely no obligation to engage there if you do not wish. I'm unsure why you have mentioned this here - could you please clarify? Thank you.

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