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  • JCar4327
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    @ubi-woofer Thanks for the reply, but I posted this way back in November I think. There have been a lot of upgrades to the forum since then so I'm not even sure what issues I would discuss at this point. To be quite honest I'm not even sure why there was an investment made into creating a new forum when the old forums worked just fine. Either way the matter is moot at this point because it appears we are stuck with this forum.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    1334 posts

    Hey @jcar4327 - my apologies again for the delay of the previous reply. I'm glad that the updates to Discussions since the time of your previous post seem to have changed your mind a little about it, and that you've been successfully using these new forums since then.

    These forums will continue to be developed and additional brands will, in time, be transitioned to this platform as well. As such, if you do encounter any issues with the platform, or think of any other feedback you'd like to share, please do not hesitate to do so. We're passing forward all ideas and feedback to the forum developers for their consideration. Thanks!

  • Savagenation69
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    @thegardener25 I don't like it either. I can't screen past the first page nor find anything with my similar or same topics I have posted. It's been over a week's time since I posted two relevant topics and no one has responded, no suggestions or feedback. I only get robot response of suggested topics that do not come no where near my topic.

    I just finished AC Odyssey not too long ago and I have been posted my experiences, asking questions and providing feedback on this game in Steam over the 450+ hours I have played the game over the past few months. Even today as old as the game is users and the community were active and responsive for the AC Odyssey. We do not have this for AC Valhalla, this is a serious problem.

    I do not have any social media account nor will I ever. They pose a job security risk and is a terrible idea. Anything I say can hold me accountable to someone's twisted misperception and misrepresentation of what I state. Ubisoft needs to remedy this. The support is awful.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    1334 posts

    Hey there @savagenation69 - thanks for taking the time to share your feedback regarding our Discussions forums here in the Forum Feedback section. I'll do my best to address each of your points below; do not hesitate to reply with the information I've requested, and if I have misunderstood anything or if you'd like to provide additional information, please do!

    First, with regard to not being able to find similar threads - did you both check the suggested threads, and also use the advanced search to check for previous submissions from other players? It's not unusual for a topic to not already be covered, and in such a case, creating your own thread is of course welcomed! 🙂

    Where did you post the threads you would like feedback / answers to, and what do they concern? If in the General Discussion section, it is my colleagues over on the Community Team who answer those threads (if it is a staff response you are looking for, as opposed to from other players?). If in Player Support, myself and my fellow Player Support agents are replying to posted threads as quickly as we can. It is taking a little longer at the moment to get back to everyone due to the high volume of contacts we are receiving, so I sincerely apologise for that. If you have additional feedback with regard to our support / responsiveness generally, please take this over to the Off-Topic Discussion section, as this is a forum dedicated to feedback on the Discussions forums themselves.

    Finally, regarding social media accounts - it is of course your own personal choice as to whether to have one! While we do offer support / community opportunities via social media networks, there is absolutely no obligation to engage there if you do not wish. I'm unsure why you have mentioned this here - could you please clarify? Thank you.

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