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  • Anas-Odinson
    9 posts

    @adkogz7 Yep this is absolutely a game changer. Assassins creed is all about immersion and great stories and this far combat mmo games looking camera that odyssey introduced is just disengaging, ugly, cartoonish and an immersion breaker and Ubisoft as you can see over here https://www.reddit.com/r/assassinscreed/search/?q=camera&source=recent&restrict_sr=1 you'll see how many people complain about the far camera during combat other than that the game looks gorgeous. We hope you'll do something about that cheers.

  • Anas-Odinson
    9 posts

    With all the great work the dev team has done so far, this could be a simple feature with a nice pay off that makes a lot of us happy. The best part about having a FOV slider is everyone is happy.
    We can change it or not change it to our hearts content. We already know that if you increase it's value it will impact the game performance but that should be the player choice so a simple warning
    next to the option would suffice. I mean come on guys a lot of other developers understand that this is an important feature in consoles as well so they add it on their titles you have Shadow of war,
    red dad redemption 2, gta 5, battlefield 1 and so on. Let's hope it will be the same case with Valhalla.

    And as you all know the camera is one of the most critical things in a game, so this zoomed out camera during combat turn Valhalla from a beautiful outstanding, immersive looking game into a cheap 
    ugly looking mmo game and that's an instant immersion breaker, your previous installment Origins nailed everything the field of view the camera perspective in both exploration and in combat but
    Odyssey just annihilated it was just a mess, the camera so far and so high from the character he looked like an ant and during combat it looked like a drone shot.If you could go here
    https://www.reddit.com/r/assassinscr...&restrict_sr=1 or in any valhalla gameplay on youtube you'll see how many people complain about the camera other than that the game looks outstanding.
    If we could disable that zoom out camera during combat or gave us an option like you did with Breakpoint in mars update (the camera sets) that would be phenomenal.

    So please listen to our feedback and let us enjoy this wonderful game you made in the best way possible. Cheers

  • adkogz7
    Original poster 15 posts


    And I wanna add something: Origins, while really good at camera placement, still had zoom-out in large battles (not a drastic one like in Valhalla but still...) so it was "dynamic". What I think the devs should understand is, we demand an optional "static" close camera option for all situations (combat, stealth and exploration). Basically a universal close camera distance that covers all. The only exclusions I want is the "zoom-in during interior places" and "the visceral killing cam", that suits the immersion pretty well.

    Shortly, let the camera stay in exploration camera for all times (only exceptions are "zoom-in in interior places" and "visceral killcam"). No dynamic camera.

  • Anas-Odinson
    9 posts

    @adkogz7 This is the most important feature and this problem should be a priority and needs to be fixed asap.
    And here's an example of how many people are bothered and complaining about the camera prespective



    So please ubisoft add an option for camera distance.

  • nightgrave777
    7 posts

    This! I can't believe it even needs to be asked for at this point. The camera is just too far away during combat and totally ruins the immersion. I want to feel like I'm in the battle, not hovering above it.

  • MorlokMan
    2 posts

    Agreed. I’ve been saying it since Odyssey zoomed way the hell back. Let us get close if we want! 🤩

  • Bulwvy
    6 posts

    @adkogz7 yes please.

  • Tyfo211
    1 posts

    Unisoft take note. This guy's suggestion nailed it.

  • Bulwvy
    6 posts

    @anas-odinson yes please

  • LaNague
    7 posts

    the zoom out in combat is often wayyyyyyyyyy too much, when you zoom out so much the game start to look like you are playing Diablo (isometric perspective) then maybe the zoom out was a liiitle too much.

  • zheega
    21 posts

    I agree. Just add an option for the camera zoom to be constantly fixed at the default exploration distance. That would be awesome. Changing the FoW slider is not a solution.

  • XX-Artorias-XX
    91 posts


    I loved souls style camera, immersive Is a very important stuff in this game and now sometimes feels like a "isometric" combat.

    Please, add an option!!!!

  • GtheMVP
    1 posts

    @adkogz7 Yup I'm with you. Once we enter our first multi enemy area, I felt like I was playing a different game.

    The zoomed out camera feels even further away than Odyssey, it's jarring. Why even give us Souls-like controls with a diablo camera lol

  • Sammyjskj
    2 posts

    I, and many others, think that the current camera angle during combat completely ruins the game's immersion. I'm loving the game so far, but the camera being so far away during combat really ruins the immersion of it all. Could you please allow us to change the FoV as we like it?

  • adkogz7
    Original poster 15 posts

    Thanks everyone for your support, appreciate it 🙂

    This post was in the old Assassin's Creed Valhalla Forum before it was archived and I wanted my feedback to be heard, so I posted it here as well, word-by-word. Of course since the system is in beta, I encountered a lot of problems, system allows you to edit in the 5 min after you post so I couldn't fix the video links and wanted to delete the post to rewrite again but it doesn't give you the permission to delete your own post, so I have to let it as it is. Hopefully they'll fix all of these issues.

    Returning to the subject, I was hesitant to ask for a close camera option since I didn't play the game (maybe it was the only way to enjoy the combat) so I was cautious. But after I played it for 3-4 hours now, believe me, this game (desperately!) must have a "close camera" option. Everything looks and plays very good, there is a charm to the things devs did with this game that clicks, only sour taste is the combat camera.

    Some people suggests a "slider" type of thing, yeah maybe it works but the real problem is it's "dynamic", it will adjust the camera in conjuction with the amount of enemies in the terrain with constant change in zoom and offset settings, which is jarring with the immersive build the devs tried so hard to achieve. What's funny is the "one-on-one boss battle camera" (that I shared in my OP as "the camera I seek") is actually the perfect camera setting for this game. If only they make an option of it as the combat camera for all situations, it's static, fixed and close enough without distracting the players. The way they made the combat system wouldn't fit for a God of War type closer over-the-shoulder camera, believe me, it's a bit fast for it but very fun and enjoyable combat system, I must say 🙂

    Finally I want to give the links in my OP here as an edit so that you can see the gameplay videos I put there with proper links:

    The perfect camera for combat:

    This is the current default one:

    I see that the demand for it is quite high, so maybe they implement it in the next update I presume as a "Combat Camera: Dynamic, Close". Fingers crossed 🙂

    With no further ado, I have two suggestions for you guys:

    1- Valhalla must be experienced with "Pathfinder (Minimal HUD), Drengr (Very Hard), and Master Assassin (Hard)" difficulty settings. It is quite good.

    2- If you desperately in need for a close camera for now (before the devs hopefully implement an option in settings), I suggest you guys to lure the enemies into an interior place if there is a possibility, because the camera comes closer when in interior (which is awesome!)

    That's it, thanks again and keep up the demand, we'll hopefully attract the devs attention. 🙂

    And lastly, I have one question for you all: In the "Valhalla.ini", there is an "AutoFOV=0" line, is there anyone who knows what does that mean? If we give it value as "1", will it change something in the game?

  • Omgilovesteak
    23 posts

    Yes, i have noticed this as well 😞

  • zheega
    21 posts

    Here is my suggestion: add an option to lock the camera to default exploration distance at all times and add an option for the camera to slightly zoom out when running outside of fights - to give a better overview of the surroundings.

  • EzioAuditore223
    1 posts


    Couldn’t agree more. I really REALLY don’t like how far the camera pulls out. It makes the whole thing feel so impersonal.

    It can’t possibly be that hard to either bring the camera in a bit, or give us the option to select what kind of FOV we want for gameplay as a whole.

  • Bulwvy
    6 posts

    Wow. I just fired it up and got to the first proper melee. The zoom out is atrocious.

  • xlaxxic
    1 posts

    hello. is there a option so i can change the camera view. at the moment i see my character at the left of my screen. is there a option so i can see my character in the middle of my screen ?

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