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  • GtheMVP
    1 posts

    @adkogz7 Yup I'm with you. Once we enter our first multi enemy area, I felt like I was playing a different game.

    The zoomed out camera feels even further away than Odyssey, it's jarring. Why even give us Souls-like controls with a diablo camera lol

  • Sammyjskj
    2 posts

    I, and many others, think that the current camera angle during combat completely ruins the game's immersion. I'm loving the game so far, but the camera being so far away during combat really ruins the immersion of it all. Could you please allow us to change the FoV as we like it?

  • adkogz7
    Original poster 15 posts

    Thanks everyone for your support, appreciate it 🙂

    This post was in the old Assassin's Creed Valhalla Forum before it was archived and I wanted my feedback to be heard, so I posted it here as well, word-by-word. Of course since the system is in beta, I encountered a lot of problems, system allows you to edit in the 5 min after you post so I couldn't fix the video links and wanted to delete the post to rewrite again but it doesn't give you the permission to delete your own post, so I have to let it as it is. Hopefully they'll fix all of these issues.

    Returning to the subject, I was hesitant to ask for a close camera option since I didn't play the game (maybe it was the only way to enjoy the combat) so I was cautious. But after I played it for 3-4 hours now, believe me, this game (desperately!) must have a "close camera" option. Everything looks and plays very good, there is a charm to the things devs did with this game that clicks, only sour taste is the combat camera.

    Some people suggests a "slider" type of thing, yeah maybe it works but the real problem is it's "dynamic", it will adjust the camera in conjuction with the amount of enemies in the terrain with constant change in zoom and offset settings, which is jarring with the immersive build the devs tried so hard to achieve. What's funny is the "one-on-one boss battle camera" (that I shared in my OP as "the camera I seek") is actually the perfect camera setting for this game. If only they make an option of it as the combat camera for all situations, it's static, fixed and close enough without distracting the players. The way they made the combat system wouldn't fit for a God of War type closer over-the-shoulder camera, believe me, it's a bit fast for it but very fun and enjoyable combat system, I must say 🙂

    Finally I want to give the links in my OP here as an edit so that you can see the gameplay videos I put there with proper links:

    The perfect camera for combat:

    This is the current default one:

    I see that the demand for it is quite high, so maybe they implement it in the next update I presume as a "Combat Camera: Dynamic, Close". Fingers crossed 🙂

    With no further ado, I have two suggestions for you guys:

    1- Valhalla must be experienced with "Pathfinder (Minimal HUD), Drengr (Very Hard), and Master Assassin (Hard)" difficulty settings. It is quite good.

    2- If you desperately in need for a close camera for now (before the devs hopefully implement an option in settings), I suggest you guys to lure the enemies into an interior place if there is a possibility, because the camera comes closer when in interior (which is awesome!)

    That's it, thanks again and keep up the demand, we'll hopefully attract the devs attention. 🙂

    And lastly, I have one question for you all: In the "Valhalla.ini", there is an "AutoFOV=0" line, is there anyone who knows what does that mean? If we give it value as "1", will it change something in the game?

  • Omgilovesteak
    23 posts

    Yes, i have noticed this as well 😞

  • zheega
    21 posts

    Here is my suggestion: add an option to lock the camera to default exploration distance at all times and add an option for the camera to slightly zoom out when running outside of fights - to give a better overview of the surroundings.

  • EzioAuditore223
    1 posts


    Couldn’t agree more. I really REALLY don’t like how far the camera pulls out. It makes the whole thing feel so impersonal.

    It can’t possibly be that hard to either bring the camera in a bit, or give us the option to select what kind of FOV we want for gameplay as a whole.

  • Bulwvy
    6 posts

    Wow. I just fired it up and got to the first proper melee. The zoom out is atrocious.

  • xlaxxic
    1 posts

    hello. is there a option so i can change the camera view. at the moment i see my character at the left of my screen. is there a option so i can see my character in the middle of my screen ?

  • TombstoneUK
    2 posts

    Same for me, I would like an horizontal camera offset option , I prefer to play games with my character positioned centrally on screen, not off to one side.

  • PierreAngelique
    18 posts

    Yes this game needs some more camera options. I don't like how it zooms out so much when in combat, really detracts from the experience imo.

  • PierreAngelique
    18 posts

    Yes, please Ubisoft.

  • PierreAngelique
    18 posts

    Yes definitely. I have been warry of that zoomed out camera since we first saw preview footage. I will not purchase this iteration of AC or any of its DLC until they patch this.

  • dbgager
    158 posts

    You guys never played an AC game before. Its not Dark Souls. Seems to be the exact same angle as Odyssey and Origins.

  • Anas-Odinson
    9 posts

    @dbgager You must be playing a different game then, i have played every Assassin's creed game even bloodline on psp and never had any problem regarding the camera perspective and distance , the camera work kept improving from title to title, when it reached origins ubisoft nailed it, how the camera zoom in when you walk slowly to how it zoom out when you climb really tall buildings and zoom out only by little bit when you engage with multiple enemies in combat. But odyssey sets the camera so high and further from the character in exploration and zoom out even further in combat that it looks like diablo. And now Valhalla sometimes in battles the camera seems to move even further away than Odyssey which was already bad.

  • Beylous
    42 posts

    I agree, the camera is WAY too far away during combat. It's a little irritating when you lose your character in the melee.

  • zhead_
    31 posts

    This is a huge letdown actually. It's also making it harder to know who is friend or foe during fights.

  • nightgrave777
    7 posts

    This really needs fixing ASAP.

  • Sammyjskj
    2 posts

    @zhead_ I literally had to fight blind, because we were fighting outside of a tent, and due to the far away camera angle, it just showed me the tent and not the fight. Luckily enemies aren't sponges in this game

  • Bulwvy
    6 posts

    @dbgager I only just recently played through odyssey. Maybe its just in connection with the movement speed/dodge speed or something but I feel very far away from the action.

  • Jin....
    16 posts

    i agree.
    but i think fov can't resolve this, because it's activated when combat.
    we need an option for the auto zoom-out depth.

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