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  • MrInterfacer
    5 posts

    I completely agree! I'm just not sure how easy a fix this would be at this point.

  • adkogz7
    Original poster 15 posts

    @mrinterfacer They probably have to implement a code that overwrites the dynamic camera into the boss-battle's fixed camera distance that is already in the game, and code it into the game as an option to choose from the "gameplay" settings menu as "Camera: Dynamic/Close".

    But I'm neither a programmer nor know anything about coding, so it's just my logical thinking to find a solution 🙂 If somebody has knowledge and has a probable solution please feel free to enlighten us 🙂

  • fish212121
    2 posts

    Yes Ubisoft, please fix this horrible camera zoom out! This is ruining a potentially great game. Combat is about 50% (or more) of what makes this game. Don't let this issue mess up the game and please make this a priority fix!

  • partobazyar
    8 posts

    @adkogz7 Ubisoft PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let all consoles including base Xbox one and ps4 have an option either to change the fov during combat or turn the zoom out off. PLEASE UBISOFT it’s so immersion breaking and all I want to make this game perfect is to experience it upclose and personal the whole way through.

  • adkogz7
    Original poster 15 posts

    I still can't believe that any community manager didn't respond to this topic. Don't get me wrong, they don't necessarily have to respond, but after so many people declaring their distaste of the dynamic zoom-out camera during combat (there are many posts besides mine BTW), I wished that they'd say something like "Yes we saw and delivered it to the devs" at least.

    I'm playing the game, having fun for sure, but I want to keep going further in the story and just because of my distaste over the zoom-out, I can't, I play 1-2 hours every day exploring the world but can't go further in story, only 1 or 2 mission most. Because I believe that this issue will be addressed in the future update, but I don't know if it is the closest patch. Or maybe they haven't even considered an option for close camera. We. Just. Don't. Know. We kept in the dark with no update over their response which sucks.

    Like I said, they may not give us any information about their response to the feedback and they don't have to, but if you're telling people that you take feedback seriously, I think you at least have to address it, that's what I understand from it. Still hoping that we'll see an option for the combat to have "1-on-1 boss battle combat camera for all combat situations" in the next update because there is a huge demand. 🙂

    Only time will tell...

  • XX-Artorias-XX
    92 posts

    @adkogz7 Is ridicolouse.

    Zoom out Is totally garbage,Is impossible nave a precise combat if you does not see well enemy moves or range of their weapon.

    Is too far!!!

  • Jin....
    16 posts

    1.0.4 title updates has no fix for this. I'm very disappointed.

  • adkogz7
    Original poster 15 posts

    You and me both, I was very excited when they released the notes to check if they addressed this or not. They didn't. 😕

    I'm still hopeful that we will get the close camera option in the next update. They can't possibly neglect the demand for it. Most people find the far camera distasteful and unnecessary, so an option shouldn't be a bother to the dev team. It's immersion we are after.

    I really want to progress the story and having a blast playing it, the best AC so far for me, only this brings great sour taste.

  • Apolo_9
    1 posts

    Helloooo everyone, the only solution I founded in PC is to going to ACValhalla.ini (Documents>ACValhalla>ACValhalla.ini), scroll down to the option FOV and set to 0.60000 aprox. The lower the numer is, the closer will set. My english is rusty. Hope it helped!

  • Jin....
    16 posts

    Please Ubi.
    This game is almost perfect except for this

  • vassalpoteto
    60 posts

    Still nothing?

  • Conzolax
    2 posts

    @vassalpoteto Nope, not a damn thing so far.

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