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  • DracoCW
    Original poster 3 posts

    @darthsebious Protecting from spoilers by not show the track names on a finished soundtrack case? Even the numbers (I assume they are supposed to be the track lenghts) are wrong! A response from Ubisoft would be most welcome.

  • AkraWolf13
    2 posts

    Soundtrack names below. Attempted to upload pic but kept getting errors.

    1. Main Theme
    2. Kingdom of Wessex
    3. The Sceptred Isle
    4. Hrafnsmál - The Words of the Raven
    5. Out of the North
    6. Holmgang
    7. Asgard - Hall of the Aesir
    8. Hausbrjótr - Skullcrusher
    9. Son of Fjord
    10. Odin’s Plunder
    11. The Well of Wyrd
    12. The Tree of Life
    13. The Guardian
    14. Vigahugr - Lust for Battle (Skaldic Version)

  • AkraWolf13
    2 posts

    13. The Guardian
    14. Vigahugr - Lust for Battle (Skaldic Version)

  • DracoCW
    Original poster 3 posts

    @akrawolf13 Thank you, now I can have the OST displayed nicely on my Plex server 🙂

  • guest-iNJzVcRG
    3 posts

    Got my CE just a few minutes ago (Italy) and my soundtrack has the same anonymous titles.
    Plus the empty space of the physical game copy for PC, of course.
    The latest is not a surprise, but I'm a bit disappointed anyway. 😐

  • lL3nny
    1 posts

    @dracocw Wow that's are the same tracks who are also on Spotify. And the collectors edition is really cheap there was the box from Origins better.

  • Stedmister
    22 posts

    @dracocw Ubisoft has always done this with their collectors edition. Th music for most ac games wouldn't fit on a single disc, AC Unity is like 3 cds full of stuff, mine has the tracks listed, I think it was perhaps an error

  • Reallennon
    1 posts

    Doesnt make sense, the selected soundtrack for Odyssey and Origins are correctly labelled. This looks like a mistake. Also as an observation the quality for the collectors edition for Valhalla is substantially lower than previous games, but more expensive. Not sure what they are doing.

  • kigo3339
    1 posts

    I just got my collectors edition (for PS4) yesterday and I noticed the same, however, for me that is not the biggest problem with the soundtrack. For some reason the soundtrack disc is unsupported by PS4 which is weird considering that is the platform I ordered the game for, and I have previously played other game soundtracks without any issues. It is very disappointing since it is the only electrical equipment I have which can take discs (my computer cannot), and I was quite exited to listen to the whole thing (since I find what I have heard so far quite good). Does anybody else experience this problem? 😕

  • guest-iNJzVcRG
    3 posts

    I totally agree.
    I even got some stuff out of the "collector box".
    Previous boxes had dedicated space for all the collectibles, this one doesn't.

    I really don't understand.

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