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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Cannot proceed with quest 'A Seer's Solace' | POST HERE

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    @ubi-woofer is there any update on an ETA for a fix? There are many players waiting for this game to be finally playable again. This is really bad support and customer service. There is just no response or updates anymore since 2 days. Issue has been known for a week now, how is this not fixed yet?

  • loubylou28
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    @saulja_boy I have the exact same issue and I thought that I done something wrong and also the little markers that you get when your controlling the raven disappear too I hope they fix it soon cos I've already spent 11 hours just exploring the map and havent even started playing the actual game

  • chefgaz
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    Any form of update would be nice ubisoft. If you dont know when it will be fixed or if it will just say so but the lack of communication between yourselves and the playstation fanbase to whom this is affecting isnt the level of professionalism that we would expect of a company of your stature that heavily rely on our hard earned money. 20 hours sunk into a game that i cannot get past chapter 2 after completing all of norway, that i will not be restarting in any way shape or form. Thankyou for letting me pay full price for a demo. @ubisoft

  • CrazyDonkey88
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    @chefgaz PC users can't even play. Game still crashes in UbiConnect or stuck on splash screen.

  • Yoktet
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    For those didnt see my post here it goes.
    Guys I didnt reinstalled the game a have deleted all the saves apart from one that I did almost everything until the valkas quest.
    And I started the game with the patch 1.0.2 and I rushed from the beginning and for my fortune the valkas quest it works I just dont know after that Im still playing now to see the rest.
    I think I ill do only The main quest until I change to england and when Im in england I will come back to do everything.
    I hope I help some of you with this informativo,and I know it sucks to start again but we dont know how much time we ill wait for a patch to fix the game.
    Good hunting and may the god be with you all.

  • Jay-Moe313
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    Same here!! It won't proceed on the mission..

  • guest-injY7zCF
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    10 hours wasted it seems, so do i wait for the bug to be fixed, our start from scratch.

  • Kljpetegem
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    Can,t proseed at my First mission (familly matters) normale i need 2 see the king before Sigrid comes ,see now symbools,It’s A empty game with now goal

    pleas help !!!

  • former_user
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    Hey there, this issue is known and we have a sticky about it, please have a look!

  • chefgaz
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    @crazydonkey88 didnt realise pc couldnt play either this really sucks. I was game racing with my mate hes on xbox and nearly finished it ive wasted a week off work not being able to play.

  • Mikeywatson10
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    I’ve found a crazy bug in my game which is going to force me to restart a new! Doing the quest a seers solace and found out I’m way to underpowered to complete the quest but it won’t load a previous save before asguard!!!

  • MinDav12
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    bruh it s been like a week and this is still not fixed the game is out now but I can't to the quest it s not even showing in the quest list anymore Ubisoft pls fix it

  • MinDav12
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    bruh the game was released and the bug is not fixed Ubisoft what are u doing?

  • TheBlueVoodoo
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    An indication of when there might be a fix would go a VERY long way. If it's the case that there's a fix right around the corner then people will just wait. But patches can take weeks sometimes. If it's not looking likely to be fixed soon then people will probably just want to restart and cut their losses.

    I'm stuck now because I don't want to restart just to find out that you're going to patch it in 2 hours and I end up losing out.

    Please give us a rough idea of when this is likely to be patched!

    I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to this game and this is just a massive let down. 😞

  • Svalboord
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    UBISOFT : Please can you say something about when the Seers Solace bug will be fixed. You have had more than enough time and if I'm forced to delete 10hrs of gameplay due to your lack of internal QA then I'll be returning it for good. Your silence is speaking volumes about how much you care about your playerbase, and it is not good.

  • Mbrain88
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    I wouldn't advise deleting and restarting like I did as you lose all opals collected. These don't respawn even in new run through as they are tied to your ubisoft account. Really [censored] off I have a broken game.

  • Lukensen87
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    They posted info on Ubi Connect about how well game was received and how it doubled the sales of Odyssey, yet nothing about issues or game breaking bugs, or at least you know, actual info about the patch, if they even are making one lol

    They're celebrating, also it's Covid-19 time, so maybe next month the first big patch will come.. Going back to other games for now, I wasted enough time on this buggy mess.

  • chefgaz
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    @mbrain88 just to let you know this isnt true ive just restarted and got up to chapter 3 all my opals are still there. I have however lost all my upgrades 20 hours of play time maxing out all the equiptment i have and all my dlc runes and everything .

  • MinDav12
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    ok so it s basically my third restart and now the quest don't even appear at the at the quest log so basically I can't even track it this [censored] is broke af

  • Ubi-Raziel
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    @jerre_602 Hey! I will do my best to help you however I'm going to need a bit more information, to be certain we're discussing the same issue.

    Can you please specify the name of the quest and the issue you are facing?

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