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  • Mbrain88
    4 posts

    I wouldn't advise deleting and restarting like I did as you lose all opals collected. These don't respawn even in new run through as they are tied to your ubisoft account. Really [censored] off I have a broken game.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1009 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello everyone,

    With the deployment of patch 1.0.4 today, I've been advised that the issue with A Seer's Solace should now be fully resolved. As before, please let me know if this is not the case so that the investigation can be reopened. Thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout this process so far - we're really appreciative and will continue to do what we can to get your issues seen to and resolved.

    @Itslileloke I have seen you post about this case on multiple threads, but all for unrelated issues. Please stop doing this as derailing threads goes against our forum rules. As far as I can see from your case, you submitted a video and this is now under review before we can update you. Please wait for our reply.

    Official Response
  • Lukensen87
    15 posts

    They posted info on Ubi Connect about how well game was received and how it doubled the sales of Odyssey, yet nothing about issues or game breaking bugs, or at least you know, actual info about the patch, if they even are making one lol

    They're celebrating, also it's Covid-19 time, so maybe next month the first big patch will come.. Going back to other games for now, I wasted enough time on this buggy mess.

  • chefgaz
    9 posts

    @mbrain88 just to let you know this isnt true ive just restarted and got up to chapter 3 all my opals are still there. I have however lost all my upgrades 20 hours of play time maxing out all the equiptment i have and all my dlc runes and everything .

  • MinDav12
    4 posts

    ok so it s basically my third restart and now the quest don't even appear at the at the quest log so basically I can't even track it this [censored] is broke af

  • Ubi-Raziel
    Ubisoft Support Staff 197 posts

    @jerre_602 Hey! I will do my best to help you however I'm going to need a bit more information, to be certain we're discussing the same issue.

    Can you please specify the name of the quest and the issue you are facing?

    Official Response
  • Mbrain88
    4 posts

    @chefgaz ok good to know. Mine aren't in inventory or at the map locations so hopefully this changes. I have little hope though.

  • Mbrain88
    4 posts

    Ok you were right @chefgaz. Think it needed the update to come back onto account. Cheers!

  • Kevin19552020
    1 posts

    So basically, I decided to be less linear with this game and pop off and do other things. However this appears to have caused Problems in Sears solace. I cannot go forward. The suggestion is to start again but be completely linear. For a £59 game this is somewhat unsatisfactory, and even I note, not always successful. Unfortunately reading the comments I cannot see any assistance or urgency from the developers. This again is somewhat unsatisfactory. Have decided to spend a couple of days meandering around in the hope that someone will get their act together.

  • MManolito
    2 posts

    To make things worse.
    The third episode that only u locks after te buged episode 2.
    You will get the hidden blade to assassinated.
    So there is no way accept for the patch or start over and losing all progress to continue

  • chefgaz
    9 posts

    @mbrain88 glad it worked for you im getting straight to england before i do anything else.

  • ganeysgod99
    1 posts

    I cannot advance "Pricking the Needle." I have stolen the key from the guard and the one behind the statue but the door that the key is suppose to open still says locked as if I do not have the key. I have reloaded my game several times and reloaded saves leading up to the event, but I still run into the same issue.

  • guitrento
    10 posts

    @kevin19552020 welcome to UBISOFT. is it your 1st time?

  • guitrento
    10 posts

    @svalboord definitely, this will be my last Ubisoft game. I will not give my money to this company again. EVER. even if the next one is AC: Japan

  • dionapersson
    8 posts

    Does anyone know how many days a patch usually takes? I compared the release of odyssey's day one patch and its next and it was just under two weeks, but I don't know if that game had the same amount of trouble as this one...
    I don't know if I care to wait two weeks...

  • The_Mr_Blonde
    1 posts

    Im getting the same bug on A seer's Solace. Quest is not tracking on my map and when I get to the hut, nothing happens she just stands at the table. Please fix!

  • jamespaylor32
    1 posts

    How much longer do we have to wait for a fix? Does anyone know what our rights are in terms of a refund? I've waited long enough for a fix and still nothing.

  • robbevds
    3 posts

    Completed the 1° raid
    Went to the hometown and did first quest (where you can't yet see the king'.
    Did the sleepwalking man, started the reindeer antlers quest, upgraded weapons, got tattoos, played 'Orlog'.

    After this, the seer's solance quest wasn't marked and didn't work when entering Valka's hut..

    Still waiting on an update about fixing this bug..

  • DisbarredMIA
    2 posts

    This is getting crazy I’ve been playing for 7.5hrs and haven’t been able to processed beyond this quest. I’ve read some people complaining about this besides me and one of the responses from Ubisoft was delete the game from the system and reinstall it while you are offline so the system doesn’t update to 1.02 so we the gamers have to lose all the time we have put in for a mistake. That not acceptable at all. This needs to be fixed ASAP

  • Yoktet
    11 posts

    For those who didnt see my post before, and I think its better to do it then wait for a patch.
    Guys I didnt reinstalled the game a have deleted all the saves apart from one that I did almost everything until the valkas quest.
    And I started the game with the patch 1.0.2 and I rushed from the beginning and for my fortune the valkas quest it works I just dont know after that Im still playing now to see the rest.
    I think I ill do only The main quest until I change to england and when Im in england I will come back to do everything.
    I hope I help some of you with this informativo,and I know it sucks to start again but we dont know how much time we ill wait for a patch to fix the game.
    Good hunting and may the god be with you all.

  • DisbarredMIA
    2 posts

    @king_louien1 it’s not just set on one storyline I’m playing as the male and my game has the glitch can’t processed beyond this quest. It has something to do with this 1.02 patch caused a lot of people to have the same issue

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