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  • guest-xua8kZiF
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    How many Assassin's Creed games in and there is a glaring issue with one of the FIRST missions that you can't fix? This game so far is a complete embarrassment in the series. Don't you test these things before release?

    As a standalone game, I give it 3/5 stars. As an Assassin's Creed game, I give it 1/5 stars, even if I ignore the Seer's Solace mission bug. For reference, I bought a physical copy and I play it on PS4.

    If I'd never played an Assassin's Creed game and you made me play them all without telling me the order of release, there is a 0% chance I would say this is the latest and greatest. The only thing "Assassin's Creed" about this game is the return of the hidden blade, which I've yet to encounter because I can't get past one of the first missions. I would even rank Syndicate and Rogue above Valhalla. There is almost no evidence to support that this game is the newest or more fun than previous games in the series. Ubisoft didn't even have to make any huge changes for it to be newer or better. It seems they've taken steps back as far as quality and gameplay from previous games. There are other issues and comments I could cover but I'll save that for a better forum.

    I guess I was too excited for new releases after playing much better versions: III, Black Flag, Syndicate, Origins and Odyssey.

  • GraduatedSumo7
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    Ubisoft have said that Ubisoft Connect makes it so we can transfer saved data from PS4 to PS5.

    Does that mean we could reinstall the game on PS4, but keep the saved data?

    Is that possible?

  • ubishaykenway
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    Ubisoft I’m begging you to give out a update I have been waiting for this game so long and I can’t even progress forward please I took a whole week off for this game I’m begging you to give an update SOON!!!

  • XenaFan20
    23 posts


    I played as male Eivor and got the glitch too.

  • glenn276
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    I got the same problem on the ps4 when is this gonna be fixed? What can i do about it for now?

  • XenaFan20
    23 posts


    Try this...delete your saved data again, reinstall again, but before you do disconnect from the internet so the update patch doesn't load. That seems to be where some people are having the problem, the patch automatically installs if you're connected to the internet. The patch might be the issue.

    When I deleted and reinstalled, I chose 'NEW GAME' which still showed the version without the update. If I chose 'CONTINUE' it wouldn't let me load without the update.

    I know this is probably as clear as mud, but, I have a huge headache and words are not my strong suit right now.

    Good Luck.

  • Ubi-Raziel
    197 posts

    @janbravo6 Hello!

    I'm sorry I'm not sure I understand your issue. Can you please explain in more detail?

  • XenaFan20
    23 posts


    That's it then. You rushed to do the quest. Others have not. Others, like me, have raided, found the wealth and mysteries in some areas, gathered armour and so on and then done the quest. That's where we run into the bug.

  • DonHinkley
    2 posts

    I have the same issue. What's the point of getting a game early and having to stop play on the second mission. I paid $119 just to play a game for maybe 10 hours total.

  • cwej1985
    7 posts

    Ubisoft fix this problem please. Still stuck at Seer's Solace quest for 2 days and waiting for an update to continue playing this game. This realy makes me feel like 😖 😕 😢 😑 😔 😣 😡 😫 ☹ 😟 😒 😤

  • driton_the_don
    5 posts

    Well I spoke to their support team they don’t seem to give a crap they are just happy they got our money luckily I can return mine this is just disappointing

  • cwej1985
    7 posts

    If that is true that they say they realy dont give a f*ck then i'll hope they all get Corona 👿

  • Yoktet
    11 posts

    @xenafan20 I rushed just to see if the problem persiste.
    I wasnt start a new game and doing again 12h and arriving to the quest after doing everything and not working.
    So I rushed to the quest it worked well and Im still playing fine and when I get to england after I ill come back to get all the collectibles.

  • DonHinkley
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    @ubi-swaggins I did 8 hours worth of side quests, looting, and raiding.

  • poonyhooman
    8 posts

    Advising your players to start again is not good enough! I have sunk 12 hours into this by playing it as an OPENWORLD adventure and clearing the map before the missions. You seriously think it is OK to suggest I scrap three deays of play to start again? Sorry - but my time is more valuable than that.

    YOU are at fault, not the players - you have published a faulty game with issues you have known about since before its release. That is contemptuous behaviour and shows UTTER disrespect for the people who have preordered or bought the game on release day with their hard earned cash.

    To add insult to injury, you spend dev time repairing minor bugs that make you more PC while actually gamestoppers for a vast swathe of your audience go seemingly unaddressed.

    For god’s sake stop treating your players like idiots; test your games before you release them; don’t rely on patching - and TELL US WHEN WE CAN EXPECT A FIX!!!

    You MUST have an idea of what’s causing this by now and how to fix it or even bypass it. You simply can’t be that inept or disorganised.

    Update is NOW with progress so we can make informes decisions as to whether we ask for refunds, start again or wait, fuming, until you pull your thumbs out of your collective arseholes and communicate with us.

    And tell us how you intend to compensate us. If a car had to be recalled because it broke within a day, or a pair if trousers split at the seams because they weren’t stitched properly, or a record jumped because it hadn’t been pressed properly - in ANY other situation - your customers would be compensated and communicated with. Software is NO DIFFERENT.

    Sort it out, for FFS. This [censored] has happened in every AC game since Unity.


  • dionapersson
    8 posts

    We still haven't gotten an estimation on the time a fix or patch will take... Honestly, I'm thinking of emailing a few gaming sites, this is getting ridiculous, and the amount of people on here with a game-breaking bug is staggering. A lot of assassins creed games got a lot of flack and news coverage over their bugs, and in my opinion, a game-breaking bug like this is worse than some weird bugged animations that the older games had.

  • DOMM3L
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  • XenaFan20
    23 posts


    I totally get the anger. It's frustrating, especially for people who did so much before progressing to the quest only to find out it's bugged. But wishing something on them that could potentially kill them is pretty messed up.

    I expect bugs on day one releases, but not game breaking ones. Am I mad? Yep! I paid 80 bucks for something I couldn't play until I found a work around. But, I'm not wishing death on them.

  • cwej1985
    7 posts

    Okay your'e right, i shoulnd say that i'll hope they all get Corona. I'll change it to (if its true they dont give a f*ck we having this problems with this game then I'll hope they all get stomach ache and [censored] there pants full for not being on time to a toilet ) Thats better ? 😘

  • tmschlegel22
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    I'm having the same problem with the Seer's Solace quest as well. I am unable to progress, and I refuse to restart the game and lose the hours I've spent exploring and doing side missions. It's completely unacceptable to release a game that is this broken and unplayable at launch. I've had a ticket up since Tuesday without any response from Ubisoft. I'm about ready to return this game. This is the last time I buy a ubisoft game at launch if this is what you call an acceptable response to a major game breaking bug. You need to do something to make it up to your many consumers who preordered this game expecting it to be playable at launch

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