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  • sneddsm
    1 posts

    @ubi-woofer am so [censored] off! 10 hours of playing and need to restart again! Seriously!!!

  • GILU9
    1 posts

    Welcome, i can't complete my mission a cruel fate suspends me in 3 combat please help

  • XenaFan20
    23 posts


    I was just going to post this....

    https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/police-operation-underway-near-ubisoft-headquarters-in-montreal-s-mile-end-neighbourhood-1.5188063: (https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/police-operation-underway-near-ubisoft-headquarters-in-montreal-s-mile-end-neighbourhood-1.5188063)

    I hope the same thing. Stay safe Ubisoft Employees....

    Though I think this one was done in Toronto, but, not entirely sure.

  • McSarah
    2 posts

    @poonyhooman well said!
    I imagine it would be a huge amount of pressure for the teams involved. You're 100% right no updates to its customers, not even a wink on their social media platforms acknowledging the issues is such poor performance.
    Almost a week with no answers.

  • McSarah
    2 posts

    I'm experiencing this too, sunk 6-10 hours on it already. Restarting is a cop out and not a solution.
    I get they'd be so under the pump, but to isolate and keep players from moving beyond the start of the game is a joke.

  • manuelcancelli
    1 posts

    I have upgrade at 1.02 version but i don't see the green indicator of the mission and when i arrived at valka's home i can't talk with her, she is at the table and ignore me

  • MuffinStuffin1
    2 posts

    @mcsarah Agreed!

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    @manuelcancelli Hi manuelcancelli! Our teams are aware of this error and have posted about it on the Known Issues thread. If the suggested workaround doesn't resolve this error for you, please let us know.

    Official Response
  • kwaerone
    1 posts

    Quest: Blick von ganz oben lässt sich nicht abschließen . Tor ist offen. Interagieren bewirkt nichts...stecke somit fest.

  • Eredd19
    10 posts

    Has Ubisoft replied to even one question on this thread? Talk about radio silence! [censored] you guys, man. Legit questions about pre-order bonuses, helix credits and the like. ANSWER YOUR GOD DAMN FANS! The bug is one thing, ignoring the people that buy your products (which keeps you employed) is something else entirely.

    So, tell us, is it delete and restart? Wait for a real patch? Or move on to something else?
    Are we going to lose content if we delete and restart? If so, how will you ensure we get it back? When can we expect a solution? Are you even working on it? I would know the answers, if you guys would share them. This community deserves it. We came out and paid for this game. Your most loyal fans, the day 1 guys (and gals). Communication isn't much to ask for.

  • HodgiePodgie85
    14 posts

    Anyone managed to get on the store and buy stuff ?

  • mrjclarks
    3 posts

    If we do uninstall and restart the game etc, what happen with all the bonuses and redeemed codes? will those disappear or be made available again?

  • mrjclarks
    3 posts

    @guest-pu00j6ah same here. got it on Tuesday and only managed to play it today. I have the ultimate edition and a bit conscious of deleting everything and losing all extra content/bonus etc that came with the extra. decided to leave it until a fix patch or something else. 😕

  • Clubmed33
    1 posts

    The worst of it, we all blocked at the same stage and Ubisoft is not even one communicating with us. Worst, I was lucky enough to have some chat with some tech and they act like they don't even know what is going on... Extremely frustrated with the customer service! Ubisoft know they have a problem, take lead, communicate properly, provide some excuses and credit for the players. I bought the Ultimate version months ago and took week off this week to play it...as result I lost one week and we don't even know yet when this will be fixed...REALLY!!!! They need to hire some professionals of communication and crises management.

  • Yoktet
    11 posts

    For those who didnt saw my post.
    Guys I didnt reinstalled the game a have deleted all the saves apart from one that I did almost everything until the valkas quest.

    And I started the game with the patch 1.0.2 and I rushed from the beginning and for my fortune the valkas quest it works I just dont know after that Im still playing now to see the rest.

    I think I ill do only The main quest until I change to england and when Im in england I will come back to do everything.

    I hope I help some of you with this informativo,and I know it sucks to start again but we dont know how much time we ill wait for a patch to fix the game.

    Good hunting and may the god be with you all.

    P. S You dont lose anything and you ill be ablr to get after you talk to the radvi and get the seer quest.

  • jessi357
    1 posts

    I spent $200 on the collecter edition of this game. I've waited months in excitement for this game. And 5 hours into it and I can't progress any further. To top it off I can't even assassinate anybody. I'm truly disappointed right now. Hell even activision gets out patches the next week for stuff like this. I'm turning this of and going to play call of duty.

  • PTBustamante
    2 posts

    @ubi-woofer I sunk almost 15 hours in before going to do A Seer's Solace, so I'm really torn about restarting after hitting this bug. 😞 Valka won't acknowledge my meager existence, and this is even after going and finding her flowers?? while 100%ing Rygjafylke objectives. I don't wanna do all that over again! 😧

  • PTBustamante
    2 posts

    I didn't even start until YESTERDAY because of delivery delay. Still managed to sink 15 hours in and hit this bug. So frustrated.

  • totalmili
    2 posts

    I cannot get one of the ymir shards..!!! this [censored] game just give me my money back!!!

  • totalmili
    2 posts

    @yoktet I shouldn't have u delete anything, the [censored] devs should fix this [censored] [censored]!!!

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