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  • Andrearoselli60
    16 posts

    @jackster1234321 I did that, and when I speak with the lady I get only family matters.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 713 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello everyone,

    With the deployment of patch 1.0.4 today, I've been advised that the issue with A Seer's Solace should now be fully resolved. As before, please let me know if this is not the case so that the investigation can be reopened. Thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout this process so far - we're really appreciative and will continue to do what we can to get your issues seen to and resolved.

    @Itslileloke I have seen you post about this case on multiple threads, but all for unrelated issues. Please stop doing this as derailing threads goes against our forum rules. As far as I can see from your case, you submitted a video and this is now under review before we can update you. Please wait for our reply.

    Official Response
  • Wuki19
    3 posts

    I got up to the family matters quest and it says I have to complete seer solace but the quest does not activate for me. I went to valka hut and nothing.

    I did all the side stuff before coming here so I have about 8 hours into it and I don't want to restart this is ridiculous that on day one the game is already bugged that we can't continue this early on. Can we expect a fix on this anytime soon?

  • Jackster1234321
    6 posts

    Did you anything else?
    Dont do anything else and go straight there

  • Heto59
    4 posts

    Having the same issue, on PS4 1.0.2.

    Explored a bit and did one or two world events in the town that's on the way, and attacked the camp on the small island.

    À game breaking bug, in early game, that seem to affect most (all?) PS4 players. Really disappointing to say the least.

    An official statement with apologies and an ETA for the fix would be the bare minimum here...

  • fireinthesoul
    18 posts

    @heto59 exactly, that awkward moment when Ubisoft ignores us worse than the seer 😉 still though, loving the game so far, I'm sure they're working on it 🙂

  • kittyleigh2013
    3 posts

    Is ubisoft fixing this?? It's really annoying that I can't continue with it.

  • ChangazAndMash
    1 posts

    Just like everyone else I’m having the exact same problem on ps4. Unable to track the quest but managed to find the hut in the forest but it doesn’t trigger the mission. This is absolutely insane.

  • guest-uPYq0UaF
    2 posts

    Having the same issue. Returning the game tomorrow and just wait till it goes on sale. Very disappointed.

  • Andrearoselli60
    16 posts

    @jackster1234321 nothing happens

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Ubisoft Support Staff 340 posts

    Hey folks,

    I can appreciate that it is frustrating to deal with and for that I am sorry.

    I have passed this onto the team as well as any extra information we did not have previously. They are aware of this issue and are investigating it further.

    Once we have more information to share we will do so. Once again, apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Official Response
  • fireinthesoul
    18 posts

    @ubi-swaggins hooray 🙂
    And now we wait!
    Thanks for the reply.

  • oceano-
    5 posts

    @ubi-swaggins thanks for the reply, there are few more bugs i discovered roaming around, It would be easyer to have direct talk to You guys.
    Ill Just wait You fix the seer Mission, but please make sure we dont have to restare the game, in already 7 h played.

  • Andrearoselli60
    16 posts

    @ubi-swaggins Thank you!

  • Andrearoselli60
    16 posts

    @oceano I'm not going restart the game, we have to wait...

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Ubisoft Support Staff 340 posts

    Can anyone who has started their game on Update 1.0.2 and is unable to progress in the "Seer's Solace" quest please reply to my comment and let me know if you completed any side activities before trying to start this mission?

    Official Response
  • kittyleigh2013
    3 posts

    @ubi-swaggins i didn't do any side missions but I did explore and collected some artifacts and did a raid aswell.

  • raoulvr
    2 posts

    @ubi-swaggins I started today in this game and did not any side axctivities except talking to the town folk and play some games and drinken mead but that is part of the mission right? but i cant indeed not go to the seer

  • abcghi123789
    12 posts

    I did quite a lot. Looted some treasures, did the raid on the small island and basically everything that there is in the village: played orlog, the drinking game and flyting, talked to the woman who gives you new tattooos.

  • fireinthesoul
    18 posts

    @ubi-swaggins ....completed the mission with the sleeping guard first then went back to the seers hut. I didnt go into the seers hut first walk past but did get close enough that it picked the location up. Decided to take a wander up the hill first. Helped the sleeping guard, then went back to the hut.

  • Keezeke
    11 posts

    @ubi-swaggins I did side quests the first time. Then I loaded a save I made right after you meet Dag, only did main quest lines this time untill you have to complete seer's solace but no luck

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