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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Cannot proceed with quest 'A Seer's Solace' | POST HERE

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    @guest-hiswwjah I wont start over. I just changed the whole controls bc it fu** me up a lot. And I got everything working without any problems now.
    I only spent two hours in game but I had sooo much trouble with delivery. Now I have no understanding for that ^^’

  • guest-hiSWWjaH
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    Well hopefully they fix this soon. Im not one to usually complain and be a Karen, but considering they release a bunch of gimmick editions asking for more money, they should compensate for this game breaking bug literally at the start of the game, no to mention the countless others mentioned that I havent yet got to. These big A list developers should really take a look. I just bought mortal shell, an indie game, not only does it work perfectly, but they give you a free poster and art book. Not to be stingy, im not asking for free stuff, but if a small indie developer can give you that, the least an A developer should give is a working game.

    Oh and by the way, their october dlc and track update was free. Take a seat and learn a lesson ubisoft

  • Dommel87pv
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    @ubi-woofer @Ubi-Swaggins is there any update on this issue? It is ridiculous that we are not getting any updates about this. It was already reported on the 6th, it is the 15th now. We still cannot continue the game without starting over (which isn't a fix!!!). We have received no updates on support tickets, twitter or here about any progress or an ETA on a patch. It is really the worst support and customer service I have ever encountered.

  • neoTyrant1984
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    Poor form. I'm not replaying everything I've done. I'll wait for fix or not bother. Glad I use a rental service and didn't pay full price for this.

  • ravingmad2
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    Family matters

  • Steinkauz-99
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    I try it. I installed the game on the Windows (C) ordner but it doesnt work. the problem is the same as before. Any other tip?

  • Paul-F25
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    I’m reading a lot that there is a bug for this quest. I go to valka hut but I’m unable to talk to her! I’ve spent hours on this game already so I hoping for a fix/work around if possible

  • Toocoolforcapes
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    I've been watching this forum for days hoping for a patch. I'm not going back through the slog of that opening walk or the trauma of the scene afterward. Nor am I considering all of the rigamarole of uninstalling updates, and turning off the PS4 internet access. That is not a 'fix'.
    Adding a comment to this forum in hopes that more unique complainants makes more of a difference.

  • ravingmad2
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    @ubi-baron family matters. And. Now. Because I restarted the game for the third four time. Its not letting me pick male or female.

  • CvdMosselaar
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    So is there already a date known for the updated in stead of just 'next week'...?!

  • Screamliciouss
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    @cvdmosselaar Nope
    I contacted one but he only gave me a link to this thread. I thought they would tell us anything ^^’
    but Everything we got now is ... next week

  • poonyhooman
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    jesus. I’m not expecting direct comms from the dev team. I am expecting their community managers to manage their community. That’s all. It’s what they are paid to do. One comment a few days ago is not communication.

  • NikkiGrind
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    My husband and I both got the game. He pressed through story immediately to get the hidden blade, and I spent eight hours collecting everything from the first region. I, of course, am stuck. Guess I'm *not* getting into AC. Thanks.

  • Xhopemariex
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    At this point I just want a refund. I’ve completed everything it would let me due to the map making you turn around making certain treasures unreachable. I’m bored and haven’t picked it up in days, just checking this forum for hope every day. But alas, woe is me.

  • Lenlenbell
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    Same here!

  • Vissenkom1107
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    Get this [censored] fixed goddamnit!! This is [censored] rediculous. [censored] you!!

  • Amandamalli
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    @theoilplug it's absolutely ridiculous that's they've known about this for almost 2 weeks and haven't done anything. Everyone needs to contact their bank and have them refund the money to you. They can't keep the money for a product that doesn't work, and I'm certain our financial institutions would agree. I've already done this myself, and gotten a full refund.

  • AlexisJeanine
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    I refuse to restart. I’m like 10 hours in just exploring and raiding. I’m afraid of restarting and then running into another bug. Ugh. I’m going back to Ghost of Tsushima...

  • guest-jnleH96I
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    I've recently updated to the new version 1.0.2 yet I still cant get passed valka hut. Please dont tell me I must start again. Hoping for some solutions

  • guest-jnleH96I
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    Someone please help. I've updated to the new version of 1.0.2 yet the bug still ain't fixed. Is there a way to solve this without having to start again?

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