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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Cannot proceed with quest 'A Seer's Solace' | POST HERE

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    Same here.

  • Jonte76
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    So. First you messed up the delivery (got my copy one day after the launch) and now you messed up the entire game. What is going on ubisoft? Fix this problem ASAP!

  • Rhayes376
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    I really hope that they’re aware of the issue because it’s ridiculous at this day and time to have that many bugs on release. I love ubisoft they’re one of my favorite companies their games is by far the glitch I have a played same goes for the new watch dogs I couldn’t beat the game because it kept crashing and I’ve been waiting a long time to play this assassin‘s creed and now I’m stuck at the beginning so not very happy and I spent a lot of money on this game with all the add-ons

  • BearinM1nd
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    @ubi-swaggins completed a raid, spoke to most of the townspeople, by this point the seers quest wasn't showing up on my map

  • johanvdh
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    @ubi-swaggins hi, no, nothing was done other then setting options for game play and graphics (note that options screens seem very sluggish), hit 'new game' then stalls when entering key hole after seer speech. there is a slight variation in the white screen depending on whether game is launched from Ubisoft connect or straight from exe file. in either case game hangs, requiring cntrl/alt/del to exit through task manager. WIN 10, latest updates, RTX 2080TI with i9-9900ks, latest drivers - all other Ubisoft games working just fine.

  • carinapusn
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    @ubi-swaggins i roamed around for a bit, inclusion doing side missions. Hoping This issue will be fixed asap, wouldn’t want to start all over

  • Hedwige66
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    @saulja_boy same here. I get the mission, but when I enter the house , nothing happens. Hope Ubisoft reacts

  • Ghost_Fury_88
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    same for me. Thought I was missinh something but indeed there seems to be an issue 😞 I can't progress in the game with this bug.
    (edit: I'm on PS4)

  • guitrento
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    @ubi-baron this a really [censored]-e-d up bug, bro. We can't proceed on the main mission, and it's literally the 1st mission/quest. How we are supposed to play the game if it doesn't work? I already have 8 hours of gameplay, I will not restart and lose everything I did, my time is valuable, as a father of a 3yr old child, I don't have much time to deal with this. So get your [censored] together and release de freaking patch to fix this issue.

    YES. we are really [censored]. we have been waiting for this game since it was announced, and now we CANNOT PLAY ¬¬ 👎

  • bayek94
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    I have the same issue too i cant progress with the game... and does anyone know how can i put the game in spanish?

  • marc5916
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    You will just disconnect your PS4 from your modem router, or just switch your modem-router OFF.

  • marc5916
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  • KenPachI_1993-
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    I spent 4 hours collecting and discovering places on the map, I also completed the quest to collect 3 deer's horns but there's no way to go on with the main quest

  • k4rl0_
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    @marc5916 you know this thread is for a gameplay related bug right?

  • guest-Y2QNjOSF
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    Had quest tracked and was on my way there. Game crashed, forced me to update to 1.0.2 and now it won't track the quest or let me do anything when I get there. This big of an issue this early on really doesn't look good on you guys...

  • marc5916
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    Yes i know, and I will start right now to play the game and tell if something doesn't work right. 🙂

  • Sp00gle
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    Players who started their journey before the Day One Title Update (1.0.2) may not be able to find “A Seer’s Solace” in the Quest log or cannot proceed with the quest.  

    • Note: As this quest is early in the game, we recommend starting a new game while our devs work on addressing this issue.  

  • lancvlenna
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    greetings from austria. i cannot start the quest. i mean i am by the seer but the there is no cutscene, no possiblity to go on. i also deleted game and restartet everything, same problem. do have any time table until this problem is solved?

  • Rohhx
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    Hope they gonna give helix to compensate that's starting to be annoying ...

  • PaulyINM
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    I had the same problem with patch 1.02. I had raided around some and done side quests in stavenger. Quest never came when talking to Randvi. Started over and instead of raiding after the first island went straight to Randvi and the quest was given.

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