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  • chefgaz
    9 posts

    @szalkiria yeah everytime if i dont it says i cant use my save game.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 713 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello everyone,

    With the deployment of patch 1.0.4 today, I've been advised that the issue with A Seer's Solace should now be fully resolved. As before, please let me know if this is not the case so that the investigation can be reopened. Thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout this process so far - we're really appreciative and will continue to do what we can to get your issues seen to and resolved.

    @Itslileloke I have seen you post about this case on multiple threads, but all for unrelated issues. Please stop doing this as derailing threads goes against our forum rules. As far as I can see from your case, you submitted a video and this is now under review before we can update you. Please wait for our reply.

    Official Response
  • szalkiria
    14 posts

    @chefgaz When you don't need patch they give you every 3 days if you need one you need wait. Is [censored] me off sometimes.

  • xwgtho79
    1 posts

    Hi Ubisoft,

    I have also raised this with you as an online case. When can we expect a patch and or fix when players like myself and others im sure have spent over 6 hours of gameplay, exploring, gathering, upgrading, killing legendary animals etc.

    I personally have also spent ACTUAL ubisoft units from my personal account on this game. I trust Ubisoft will be looking into this and reimbursing players who have done this?

    Not a good start for such a high expectation game and for fans such as myself and others who have the entire assassins creed game series and over $1000 spent on this series alone.

  • guest-5P6NLC6G
    1 posts

    same problem with me. I did what was previously mentioned in the forum and deleted the game, restarted, did no side missions or raids, just followed the story and I was able to do the seers solace mission. BUT..... after this I continued as normal with side missions and when I went to fast travel nothing happened! Except that I froze at the location I was at.

  • Dem_Mac
    2 posts

    Have had the same problem with the Seers solace quest.
    I am now stuck and would probably have to restart the game until it bombs again!
    All distributed games nowadays are bug ridden, but this must be a new record!
    It now is only a matter of time before one falls through the bottom of the world or gets stuck in a wall 😉

  • szalkiria
    14 posts

    @dem_mac We need to wait. Well it will be one big patch .

  • RnCMetalSi
    3 posts

    Just to confirm, to get around this you have to delete your saves and restart the game playing with the 1.0.2 patch. No need to reinstall the game. To be safe i didn't do any side activities until i had completed A Seers Solace but everything seems to be working now.

  • szalkiria
    14 posts

    @xwgtho79 I was waiting for this game a year. And now it suck when you can't played because of some stupid error .

  • Dem_Mac
    2 posts

    OK, I will give this a go...
    Maybe at the next patch (1.0.3, 1.0.4....) I will again start the game, I guess this will be a long game with many repetitions :-))

  • szalkiria
    14 posts

    still the need fix this .

  • tirillion
    1 posts

    @saulja_boy I tried re-installing offline from disk, but the game wont let me load my save saying I need to update first.

  • aldoBaybiie
    1 posts

    My partner just started a new game on the same PlayStation. Didn’t delete the previous one that I started that’s now stuck at seers solace just literally clicked new game. He did the raid at the start and was still able to complete seers solace and move on. The bonuses for the ultimate edition have now loaded on both saves so I’m just waiting for the patch so I can continue on my save game but there’s no problems for my partners one. Everything working fine. I’ve been sent the code for the pre order bonus but haven’t redeemed it yet until game has been fixed. Hope Ubisoft fix this soon as I really want to play mine and not my partners save!

  • CloudStrifeNL
    8 posts

    @ubi-woofer time to update everyone on an the fix status. Is it ging to be today or tomorrow? Next week? Somewhere on the future (too vague)? We only need an ETA. Played 6 hours, loved those. Not interested to replay them.

  • kristianp93
    1 posts

    @saulja_boy following

  • guest-Zup09wqG
    2 posts

    I have the same issue.
    I can not speak to this women and the cut scene does not start when walking to the door.
    Any idea when this will be fixed, I went round the whole of the beginning area before even starting the main quest, played for 6 plus hours, unlocked almost everything.
    Doing what I thought this game was designed for, exploring!
    No way I'm gonna bother starting the game again.

    2 posts

    @mrfaizulla consider yourself a little bit more lucky, I've put in almost 14 hours and got stuck on my way to England.

  • guest-Zup09wqG
    2 posts
  • jerre_602
    11 posts


    Any updates of when the hugely needed hotfix/patch is coming? Still stuck at Valkas Hut. Tens of thousand of players are stuck there, instead I completed the region, because I thought a major problem like this would be fixed asap. Atleast give us some information. I'm 8+ hours in, I'm not reinstalling. Disappointing!

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 730 posts

    @guest-vWJNPtOF Thank you for reporting this to us, we're sorry to hear you've been having issues with this mission.

    Are you able to track and complete other Quests, it's just this one that won't work? Does the Mission still appear in your Log?

    Official Response
  • Lelonimo
    1 posts

    I have the same bug, just asking if you were doing side quests and collectibles, will this tag appear with the patch, or will I have to play again ... I'd rather not waste my time.

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