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  • Kemza
    2 posts

    @djdarkrobe Yeah I'm trying to be understanding here but this seems like a ridiculous bug to have show up so early in the game. And i just bought the standard edition version, I'd be really [censored] if I spent as much money as you did and then got hit with a progression breaking bug like this.

  • YuramekiKyo
    2 posts

    Same issue here 😧 For a 100€ I would have expected a little less of a buggy game.

  • thomas39108
    1 posts

    also not working for me 😕 very frustrating spending 6 hours on exploring and the ony solution at this point is to restart.

  • mosegard
    3 posts

    Same problem. Completely stuck on seer's solace because nothing happens when I enter the cabin.

    I also upgraded to 1.0.2 during play.

  • LovingHawk13
    1 posts

    I played 7 hours... exploring, raiding, finding wealth, artifacts and mysteries before getting to that point and am unable to progress

  • zoz72
    9 posts

    @hubbard2020 I've been running the 1.02 version, and I completed the Seer quest. I was asked to get the deer antlers by someone in the village, but I didn't actively pursue that one, and that isn't in my Quest list. I only mention that because some people have raised issue with that quest line.
    My problem is zero access to the store. It won't let me buy any helix credits. I bought the ultimate edition, and haven't come across the beserker mission as of yet. I'm led to believe that's when you'll get the armour set etc.
    I used the Ubisoft club, and claimed some items from there, and they didn't appear straight away in my inventory. Then all of a sudden they just popped in there a few hours later when I arrived at your home village. I have been mostly running around grinding iron ore etc reluctant to move the game on too far.........

  • zoz72
    9 posts

    @marc5916 I started the game using the patch from the off. I didn't have a problem with the Seer's quest. As soon as I saved my crew members I went to a little island where a senile old guy thinks he's in Englund. It was one of the mystery side quests. Then I made my way to our home village. In the meantime I've been grinding quite a lot, collecting ore etc. I was on the game pretty much all day as I was off work, but I could have got a lot further but was reluctant to do so as the store isn't working for me, and I want to proceed in the game with a full working experience. Up to press, I've completed about four mystery side quests. And in the main story, I've got the hidden blade and burned down a camp, but that's as far as I'm prepared to go. I spoke to a lot of people in our home village. Did the drinking game, the dice game etc. I did speak to someone about collecting the deer antlers, but I haven't pursued that one yet. Despite the dialogue, that isn't a quest that's showing in my quest log. I don't know if that's a bug or not? I haven't really looked into it.
    Hope this helps??

  • Nier0th
    1 posts

    @ubi-swaggins I only stopped on the island called something like 'Ikke .. ....", no other side quests done. Still stuck on Seers solace.

  • crooks93
    1 posts

    How about not releasing a game before you actually test it. Cant even proceed and it's the 2nd quest in the game. Nice one Ubisoft, no quality control, trashhhhhh.

  • larry225123
    1 posts

    I got the game today and installed the 1.02 patch. I’m having 3 issues so far:

    -I can’t progress in the story past this quest. I was told to go see Valka but I never had a quest marker to where she was. Ran around and found her but I couldn’t start a conversation with her. She’s just preparing something on the table when you run into the house. Pretty frustrating that I can’t progress so early in the main story.

    -In addition to this, whenever I talk to someone for a World Event, I don’t get a quest marker showing me where the person went so it makes it really hard to track them.

    -Finally I’m having issues with the Bow. I don’t know if it’s meant to be harder to use compared to Origins/Odyssey but firing arrows at moving targets is almost impossible.

    Playing on base ps4. Hoping a patch comes along and fixes these issues soon, I’m really enjoying the game and the atmosphere other than these issues that I’m having.

  • Arnieparnie
    1 posts

    here too.. how to fix this? Valka keeps working at the table, to ‘speak’ prompt..

  • marky99uk
    1 posts

    is this going to be sorted as a priority? how many more missions will be affected in the future? this is the first Assassins Creed game I have bought on day 1 for a few years and im never doing it again!!!!!

  • oceano-
    5 posts

    @Ubi-Spud @Ubi-Frons @Ubi-Fractal i dont know Who to tag anymore, Just fix It already.
    Its been more than 3 data Stuck there,develope a patch that solve this guys, then You think about the rest.

  • CryZz6IX
    7 posts


    easier said than done when u already collected every collectible on the first region. Starting over means 7 hours of gameplay lost to a bug that literally breaks the game cuz you cant progress. I don’t know who beta tested this game but it sucks

  • jerre_602
    11 posts

    Having the same big, still after release, why you haven't fix this yet. Also, after choosing my character, I was still playing with young eivor loooool, also many sound bugs, hearing bear sounds when chasing a deer, common guys, what a bad release product. I'm stuck playing on my free day 😭

  • abcghi123789
    12 posts


    I don't even know what is taking them so long?!

    This is not some general performance issue but a story bug. I know it can be difficult to figure out the source of this bug, but why don't they just code in a safety net for this. Just make any object in Valka's hut interactible by pressing triangle, like a letter or anything. If the player does interact with it make a query: If the quest seers solace has not been finished already but the quest family matters has already been started -> add seers solace to quest log/make valka interactible to talk to her. Else do nothing.

    This should not take days. If it were a bug in the store where players can't enter their credit card information this would be fixed within an hour.

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Community Manager 438 posts

    @djdarkrobe Apologies, if you have started your game in 1.0, you would need to continue your progress from 1.0 for this workaround.

    I can appreciate that it is a less than ideal bug to come across so early in the game, and for that I am sorry.

    Once we have more information from the team regarding a fix, we will communicate it.

    Official Response
  • mal8382
    1 posts

    @ubi-swaggins I updated the game and the side quest Seer's Solace still doesn't work

  • FunbagsOfSatan
    27 posts

    This bug has to be effecting 100 percent of people on PS4 doing any side content before receiving the quest. This is pretty crazy. It's like a brand new car with a gear shift that can't go past 2nd gear.

  • Haggy51
    54 posts

    Maybe I'm just lucky, but I installed the game on my regular PS4 on Nov. 9, with the 1.0.2 patch and did tons of stuff before heading to Fornburg. Before doing much there I saw this thread and freaked out! I made an extra save and headed to the Seer's hut (some hut!), fingers crossed. It played without a hitch. Yay me. 😀

    I'm sure the devs will fix the problem for those that it affected asap ... unfortunately there are a bunch of bugs to be squashed. Still, even with all the issues discussed in this forum (too dark, vocal mismatches, stutter animations) it's a great game. 👍

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