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  • malteration_
    5 posts

    They should give pre orders, the real fans of AC, the earyl acces to the game.
    Not any unintteressted high viewer streamer or any 1-2 viewer streamer. Thats not well advertising...
    But hey, the Money counts and the Pre Orders always have payed, so why the should they give them a little love...

  • PatrykGrzech
    6 posts

    @malteration_ so true

  • Janiya1013
    28 posts

    @thehobokilla it's very upsetting that ubisoft vslues youtubers & streamers over good paying customers. I preordered valhalla on 7/28 and it's 3days before launch and my order hasn't even been shipped yet.

  • Silencer-UK
    16 posts

    @mayda7 thanks for spoiling the game for me by mentioning seals are in the game.

    On a serious note, i cant stand it either youtubers and streamers already think they are the mutts nuts without inflating their ego anymore with early access but its not going to stop anytime soon. Why not find another youtuber or streamer to watch. Theres plenty out there and not all have been given access to valhalla.

  • I.z.i.
    24 posts

    I also agree. Huge problem. Internet is full of Valhalla spoilers this last few days and It's a shame how almost all game companies spoiling and destroying fun for all real game buyers.

  • Aloninor
    94 posts

    Well, stream a different game. Stream one of the previous games. If people consider "a seal" a spoiler, then the marketing department can not show us ANYTHING... "What ?!?!? The game is called Valhalla and includes Norway, and we play as a Viking?!?!? How dare they spoil me!!!!!" (You get the point).

    Sorry to say, but complaining about a company because they choose to market a product they want to sell is just..... don't have words for it. The views on the videos speak for it self - a lot of people enjoy

    ACV is, as far as I know, not released four days early. Some streamers have had access (just like on multiple occasions in the last couple of months) had the opportunity to play for a couple of hours (I think some streamers combined up to 14ish hours) showing us a small part of the game. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that any players currently have access to the full game, and even if - as mentioned, don't stream ACV, stream an older game if you don't want to hear anything about the next game...

    (TL;DR. Don't blame companies for presenting some of the game for marketing purposes. If you, consider even the smallest details a spoiler, avoid those streamers/channels that present them - don't outsource your responsibility for own media consumption)

  • Netspook
    261 posts

    Avoiding spoilers on youtube and everywhere else is not hard at all.
    Streamers/youtubers getting early access isn't new, it's called marketing.
    Also, we're getting the game 7 days earlier than originally announced.

    I see no problems here at all, but as usual, haters are gonna hate.

  • Mayda7
    Original poster 3 posts

    @aloninor you clearly did not read what i wrote
    you know the adhd and stuff
    minor details i am sure

  • Aloninor
    94 posts

    @mayda7 I have, and I can see why this frustrates you. But what you are asking is that Ubisoft changes their marketing strategy to accommodate your case. This, I think, is to much to ask - as many people enjoy the streamers content. A lot of streamers show content flagged as "spoiler free", "just free roam" etc.. look e.g. JorRaptor up. The fact that you consider the occurence of a seal a spoiler, which btw was presented weeks ago by ubi on screenshots, makes marketing the game impossible. Therefore I don't think that your rant should be accommodated, sorry.

  • sacrede5150
    12 posts

    @aloninor I can't find any posts here about it but there is huge growing subreddit of streamers/tubers to avoid as they have finished the game and have the full game uploaded already.

    Also you have to take into account a few things. Take Ninja for instance since he is widely watched and popular. Watching someone play a FPS can give you insights to getting better actually. But he did a interview where he ran a poll on both youtube and twitch, where LESS THAN 15% of his viewers ACTUALLY played the games he plays. They were there simply cause they thought he was a great guy and supported his content no matter what game he played.

    I am guilty of this (I hate the battle royale line up) but I enjoyed watching Myth and Ninja play. It was good background noise (albeit loud and funny as well) for my office hours. So you can't a 5M view video and assume all 5M people want to play that game. I like watching Cohh Carnage stream and his youtube videos but I only play a few games he has ever played. And usually I don't watch others play games in interested in.

  • Aloninor
    94 posts

    Well yes, you have to avoid some streamers and youtubers for 4 days if you don't want to see any content that you don't yet have access to that is true.

    I do not quite understand what the Ninja (Yes I know him) example has to do with this? If you want to play the game you watch streams of or not was never the issue was it? Further, you state that you usually (ACV seems to be an exception?) don't stream games that you are interested in, but that is not the case here?

    One solution to the problem could simply be for the next 2 days (until release) to switch to streaming e.g. Ninja or some gamer who does NOT stream ACV - problem solved I guess.

    In the end we are of course entitled to our own opinions. As I have stated previously, I do not have a problem with a few (compared to the size of the AC community) streamers having early acces to the game, I simply see this as marketing. But yes, it is true that you have to be a bit more critical of what media you choose to consume, in order to prevent spoilers. But this is, in my opinion, not Ubisoft's responsibility but every individuals own responisbility.

  • detroitin2019
    99 posts


    [censored] much? My wife is high risk and she can still go outside, you just have to be smart about it like not hang out with people you don’t trust. You can do other things inside besides be on the internet. Read a book, play a offline game, watch tv or a movie, listen to a podcast, take up a new hobby, etc. I’ve been online several hours a day for a week looking up this game and haven’t seen or read a spoiler I wasn’t warned about in advance. It’s easy to avoid. Every medium gets reviewers out there early. Books, music, movies, clothes, gaming consoles, etc. As far as your ADHD issue, I have that and anxiety with it among other issues. I use a variety of sources like podcasts I like, audio books read by people whose voices I like, I’ve had my wife actually make a recording for me of something I enjoyed that I can play when needed. There’s options. No one is the victim in this.
    additionally, become a streamer yourself and apply for a early copy next time. I used to go to a movie festival. I saw people with credentials of all kinds for media from sites I never heard of. I made my own site, did my own reviews, next year applied for media credentials and poof, I was in. I want to play the game but I was never told I got to play it before the 10th so I’m happy for others, not mad. I wish I was that lucky or in the system.

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