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  • Collector's edition mailing question

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    Yeah, You have right, but I had little heart attack at night hahaha :D.
    I want see how they will send it at Monday and i will receive it at Tuesday...
    Why They have problem send it 1 week before if they know what situation is at world, and also it's weekend before release date *.*...
    It's like, they not appreciate Us like Premium Customer's. It's really not nice.
    It's not normal versions of game, usually we order Ultimate or Collector Edition ;/...
    If i can buy Collector in Shop with electronics i will do this but I can't...

  • Tasha-Soriah
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    @arymanik lol i had that come up before and i panicked a bit too. This is the first time im ordering from the ubistore, normally i just buy the gold editions from my local retailer but i got told i could get the ultimate edition for the same price using the 20% off deal and i couldnt pass it up lol.
    At least when u get your game u can play it right away, i gotta wait til xmas 🤣🤣
    Plus even if it wasnt a xmas present i would wait til i had my ps5, we dont get it here til the 19th so would of had to wait til then.

  • CrankthePenguin
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    Ordered mine back in May. Live in the US on the east coast. Today is the 8th and still says pending. Opened several tickets with no response from Ubisoft. Getting very frustrated.

  • Moonmoonshuman
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    @crankthepenguin I ordered April 30th and mine still says pending as well. Collector's edition for PS4. Live on the east coast as well. I paid for overnight/next day shipping. We will see if it in fact arrives on Tuesday or if I will be requesting a shipping refund ($24.99). I haven't received any email communication about my order since the one I received confirming the order. I have actually been checking the junk box of my email as well. I have only received ads and a confirmation of the ticket I submitted, so there shouldn't be an issue with my email receiving information about the order from ubisoft.

    I did get responses on Friday/Saturday to my ticket and a post on this forum. They essentially said that it hasn't shipped yet (obvious since it still says "delivery pending"), that it should arrive on Tuesday due to the shipping method I selected, and that I should just keep checking my email. It's been quite frustrating watching the days tick away like this without it updating to shipped yet... I don't think I'd be as frustrated as I am if I hadn't paid what I did on shipping. We will see though, hopefully we both get it shipped out and it arrives on release day. Good luck!

  • Ubi-Baron
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    Hey guys,

    We can certainly understand it's frustrating to be waiting without information around this.

    If the game was ordered at least 15 days before the release date, then we will aim to have it delivered by the day of release November 10th.

  • Daddy3325
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    I ordered assassin's creed Valhalla back in April the collectors edition haven't received my email for shipping info at all I have a open ticket with no response from anyone in days only thing I can find is where ubisoft took my money and delivery is pending other people got their's already starting to get a little angry bout it

  • agenderdyke97
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    @ubi-spud so it's release day in Australia tomorrow and the link still doesn't work? I'm starting to worry now, is there anyone I can call to find out what's going on? Thanks 🙂

  • harrymarric10
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    @agenderdyke97 I am in same boat doubt it coming moro as can’t track it

  • arymanik
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    For evryone, 5min ago in European Time +1 i receive package.
    Ubisoft just not give Us tracking number of Package. First time I was sawsomething like this.

    Than everybody who didn't receive track number from Ubisoft should receive today self product :)).
    Have a good days with a game 🚪


  • triadofs
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    @ubi-baron Uh....well, ordered on 23/09, not here yet, no tracking number, nothing.

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