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  • Moved many taiwanese and chinese player are unhappy, angry for adjustment of [censored], torture effects and scenes for PS4,5 asian version!!!!!!

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  • umnizck
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    bought all assassin's creed,watch dog,far cry,this year also plan to buy this,after that ,sorry,i think i should think this over,at least,i won't buy Valhalla before ub give a reply

  • nighter00
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    I'm Asian but not Japanese. I bought AC games from ACII to Odyssey, and I really like the historical expression of this series. But this time I won't buy Asian version of Valhalla until UBI corrects the ridiculous decision.

  • wongja708
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    i refunded my psn pre-order. this is a complete BS.

  • freezychan
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    @hansonboyjj you just figured out exactly what they are doing to us. They keeping on telling us no other regional version got the chinese subtitle and interface, and gave us a censored Japanese version like we are some kind of beggar not their customer.

  • Alex_7283
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  • freezychan
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    @alex_7283 大陸玩家也喊多點人來回貼啦。中文都好。

  • dzxcvbnmanny
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    I am a taiwan AC player from the 2008. I bought every works of AC because I really like this IP, this game. When you say you will add new killing system in Valhala, I really look forward to it. So I am also really sad to know you guys give Asian plyers a special edition. Sorry, I can't take it. Please fix this problem.

  • iam_Silly
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    I am a hong konger player, I feel very angry

  • Mikkelsen.
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    @qsh1992 我会帮你翻译成英语然后发布在最新评论里。

  • CARONphoto
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    thằng lừa đảo!

  • Mikkelsen.
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    This game cost more on PSN than PC.But that brings us only discriminatory experience. We don't deserve that.

    As a Chinese player, there is no reason to follow Jpanese law. And Japan doesn't meant all Asian.
    We hope you could bring us the original game back on all the others countries here.As a fan of the AC series, I per-ordered Valhalla the first seconds I could.

    All the AD and CG showed this is a game about bringing back Viking's violence. How could it be still a complete Viking game without it.
    And you never mentioned there will be differenec on the PS store.

    We knew this only 3 days before the release. I call it FRAUD.

  • guest-y7VFPmp7
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    I’m a player from China mainland, I played and liked Assassins Creed series for about 7 years, and I’ve bought a lot of Ubisoft games on both PC and PS4 platform. Recently I noticed two things, the first one is that the Asian version of Assassins Creed Valhalla will not include some special effects which are only banned in Japan, and this makes me really confused; the second thing is that European version of this game will not include either traditional or simplified Chinese subtitle (which included in the last few years). These issues forced me to decide against the option of pre ordering this game.
    Here I sincerely hope that you can hear our voices and concern about this. Thank you!

  • freezychan
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    @torfinr you can understand what he/she meant and that's enough. Stop judging the others, English is not everybody's mother tongue and not everybody got the chance to learned it properly. They are simply game players who paid for or love this game and the point is they got reasonable anger for someone's fault. Then you popped up to tell these ppl mind your words.

  • HartmannnD
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    a Taiwanese Assassin’s creed fan here
    Stop abusing us, We are NOT Japanese
    We are not pay for that stupid shrink Japan Gore cut version

  • killgod-H
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    I am Taiwan ps player, as someone who has always supported Assassin's creed, I really feel very angry for your actions!!

  • lzy1122334
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    It is unbelievable what Ubisoft did. We Chinese and Taiwanese paid the same money but we have to play the abridged version game. It is unfair,why we Asian people can't have the same service as the other countries. If Ubisoft can't solve this problem,we will never buy any of Ubisoft's games in the future.Remember Japan is not Asia.Please do what you have to do as faster as you can. I am so disappointed about Ubisoft's service.


  • RedIndianRobin
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    Do not complain to Ubisoft. This adjustment was forced by Sony headoffice from California to comply with the Japanese CERO rating.

    That is why this is a issue only in Playstation and not Xbox/PC. The Chinese versions of Xbox/PC will have full gore and dismemberment.

  • lcs_sing
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    Hong Kong player here.
    I have been a fan of AC for so many years and I have pre-order the Ultimate Edition as usual.
    But this time, the only thing I can do is to refund. It is totally unacceptable for such a big company to announce the shocking details in just few days before the release.
    I will never buy the game if I knew that there is [censored], and everything in the trailer is gone!
    Such a great disappointment!

  • yao826506511
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    We are Chinese players, we don't need to comply with Japanese regulations. Ubisoft's practice is disgusting.

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