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  • Moved many taiwanese and chinese player are unhappy, angry for adjustment of [censored], torture effects and scenes for PS4,5 asian version!!!!!!

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    @xk5130 三天之內沒有動靜我就準備給兩家法國媒體投書了。

  • KajiMagin
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    This is not the deception we generally talked. Ubi lies to loyal fans of AC and tries to take their money by keeping the secret of asian version from players until the date which is very close to the game's release. I believe most players who are influnced by this issue have already pre-ordered Valhalla due to our love for AC series and that's what Ubi want. I mean, Ubi utilized fans' love to make such unethical profit. 
    Shame on you, Ubi!

  • steven850818
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    Ubisoft choose to stay silent just because it's happen in Asia so that's OK for them. if not in Asia they would already made announcement and correct it right away.

  • Aloninor
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    Please don't multipost the exact same thread in both sub-forums (general/player support). This is spam.

    From the forum rule nr. 6:

    "6. No spamming

    Repeatedly posting the same post or topic in a forum, or across multiple forums, is considered spamming. Such posts will be locked, edited or removed."

  • liboyu123
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    hello, i am a Chinese player.
    i am very look forward to this game for a long time.But now,i am very disappoint ,sad and angry.Why we should obey Japenese law?In fact,you can avoid this kind of situation from happening, right? Just give us what belongs to us,ok? i don't think that you can't do this. i am waiting for your answer

  • Kai5513
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    I am a Taiwan player. Because that censored, I have refunded the game.Jest feel extremely sad about it, I was looking forward to playing Valhalla.

  • tomtom99113
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    I'm a chinese player. This is a really disappointment to have that censored content. Asian players do not want regional difference. Make rest of Asia to follow japan CERO is ridiculous.


  • Kai5513
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    I have already told the Taiwanese media about your company’s unscrupulous actions so that Taiwanese players will not buy your games in the future.

  • LEE5I
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    I am a Taiwan Player. Because that censored, I have refunded the game.
    Just feel extremely sad about it, I was looking forward to playing Valhalla.

  • eriolzido
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    I bought Ubisoft’s game for over 10 years

    but I will not buy anymore, not for the blood or anything, just for respect, I can’t see any respect from Ubisoft to Asian player.

  • LEE5I
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    I am a Taiwan Player. Because that censored, I have refunded the game.
    Just feel extremely sad about it, I was looking forward to playing Valhalla.

  • Kai5513
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    真的太失望了 我不敢相信這是一家國際公司的行為 宣稱賣限制級遊戲,但實際得到輔導級遊戲 已經算是詐欺行為了

  • kitspy2005
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    ubisoft I am a Hong Kong player You need fix this problem To keep our faith on you !!

  • cattycnir
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    JAPAN is not equals ASIA!! You CANNOT use JAPAN's LAW to punish other ASIA gamers !!

  • yao826506511
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    I support your approach

  • Kai5513
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    @freezychan 拜託直接投 別等三天了

  • XK5130
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    keep silence?you Ubisoft don't have the balls to face us?

  • freezychan
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    @steven850818 Let's acknowledge the French medias the whole story. How a French company go against their motto, their ignorance and arrogance for East Asian ppl besides Japanese, their acts lacking of business integrity, their reckless and amateur promoting team, not even mention when we get together with our broken hearts shouting out we deserve an apology, the only response these guys did, is hiding behind their screens, maybe laugh: made you suffer from a different country's regulation is better to make you suffer from a different country's religion.

  • Allgivetome
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    I think ubisoft is playing a raicist in this case.

  • KppKerry
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    Remember when Rainbow six siege back in 2018, Ubisoft censored the game, all European and American players are extremely upset, Ubisoft immediately change the decision to not censored the game. Now, when Asian players are upset about the censored of AC:V, Ubisoft do nothing and refuse to answer any questions from us. Haiyaa~😥

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