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  • Moved many taiwanese and chinese player are unhappy, angry for adjustment of [censored], torture effects and scenes for PS4,5 asian version!!!!!!

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  • a193255707
    26 posts

    We need a full version of the game, not a truncated one. If you are willing to give me back half the money, I have nothing to say. But if not, please give us the game back!!

  • wangxu413574353
    10 posts

    forward out, hope that more people can come over, for Asian players to support.

  • CharmanderQ
    1 posts

    I'm a loyal fan of Assassin's Creed, but I feel VERY DISPOINTTED in that, I'll have the refund.

  • KppKerry
    109 posts

    We need you to answer and give us proper solutions.

  • Steven_Sun523
    1 posts

    I am a player from China and waited this game for so long.I really love the blood effect in ACV and stories of Vikings.
    And you need to follow the policy of Japen's that's fine by me.
    But what's this all about of let all players from Asia to follow the rules of another country's?
    This is a real disrespect to the players of every player from the other places ,A FRAUD!!!
    WE PAID OUR MONEY BUT WE DON'T GET WHAT WE WANT??Ubisoft please at least show respect to your fans and customer that plays PS4 and PS5 alright?
    Give us our missing pieces back!PLZ!

  • king000000000
    1 posts

    I'm a Taiwanese player, not Japanese why we need to follow Japanese law?
    As Origins and Odyssey, we can have a unique version, why this time we can't?

  • lz1715758802
    2 posts

    We need a full version of the game, not a truncated one.

  • lagan31
    4 posts

    I am a korean player. Many Korean PS gamers have refunded Valhalla because of censorship.

    It is natural that different countries have different standards of censorship, and we respect them. However, it is extremely absurd to impose Japanese standards on the whole of Asia. I am concerned that Ubisoft is not interested in Asian fans at all.

  • zhenfeiniao6268
    Original poster 39 posts

    @lagan31 please call as many korean AC players to here to show how angry and disappointed as you can, thank you very much!

  • tabin77
    4 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • kimsanghun2020
    10 posts

    You are making a mistake. Japan has entered Korean soil. Why should we follow the Japanese version? This is an insult to our ancestors. Change it now.

  • Zerojm
    1 posts

    Quickly rectify why people across Asia should be hurt because of Japanese deliberation.

  • kimsanghun2020
    10 posts

    You are making a mistake. Japan has entered Korean soil. Why should we follow the Japanese version? This is an insult to our ancestors. Change it now.

  • eiketooya
    3 posts

    Nothing is shown,
    Everything is censored

    Je suis un player de PS4 qui a joué tout le série de Assassin’s Creed. J’ai fini tout les joues et les DLCs. Mais cette la première fois que j’ai demandé de rembourser. Je suis très déçu de la censure. Pourquoi nous devons obeir le CERO de Japon? Et plus, vous nous annoncez juste plusieur jours avant le lancer. Je crois, vous nous trompez vraiment. Ce n'est pas acceptable et si vous nous ne répondiez pas, je prenne en considération de n'acheter les joue video de Ubisoft.

  • Wei98
    7 posts

    I am a Malaysian player and I have purchased all Assassin's Creed on PS4, but this time I decided to refund the ACV because it was censored. We need the full version of this game!!!

  • palqn
    9 posts

    I don't think we will get a reply

    because we are Asian

    not European

  • Spririt1
    1 posts

    I am Korean and not sure what you want us to do or play.

    1. We are not Japanese and are not under their raw.
    2. Why would I want to play a half of the game you originally create in order to explain the world of Vikings
    3. UB soft were always kind to Korean users but this is not the way to continue that relationship.

    Fix or patch Korean version please. I would love to buy my refunded game again with full contents

  • pinkboota
    1 posts

    I'm Korean Assassin's creed player and a big fan for over 5 years. There are a lot of Asians who play Assassin's Creed series on Playstation in Asia. Asia is a very large continent, and there are so many countries to which it belongs. You say that distribution in all Asian countries follows Japanese policy? It's a very stupid and racist decision.
    We bought the game for the same money as the players in North America or Europe, but we have to play the game with a different patch applied? The company doesn't even make a notice? This is a company deceives consumers. It is also only for certain countries.
    I was really disappointed with Ubisoft. Don't censor the PlayStation version of the game you'll be selling in the future unless you withdraw that policy even now.

  • kimsanghun2020
    10 posts

    In 1945, Korea had to obey the Japanese law, and if it broke the law, it would have to die. Our ancestors made great efforts to be liberated from Japanese colonial rule on August 15. But why should Korea follow the Japanese law again? You made a big mistake. Korea and Japan are different countries. I want you to patch it up quickly.

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