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  • Moved many taiwanese and chinese player are unhappy, angry for adjustment of [censored], torture effects and scenes for PS4,5 asian version!!!!!!

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    Yes, Ubisoft is a racist

  • guest-IQhBgbH9
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    then, turn around and making games about justice, freedom, human rights... DISGUSTING.

  • KajiMagin
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    Since the start of this issue, I have seen no respect for Asian Play Station platform consumers from Ubisoft. Unreasonable restrictions to game version without notice, sudden declaration of restrictions when most players had finished pre-order and no official responce and explanition contribute to Asian players' anger shown here.

  • freezychan
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    @tidesing 這倒是抓到重點了。亞洲人甚至沒資格說種族主義呢,我前面吵的兩位白人還真是這個意思呢。

  • Kai5513
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    Please don't ignore us, Ubisoft

  • wangxu413574353
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    player support There is a reply from the administrator in the section. There's no one here.

  • yao826506511
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    Since Ubisoft looks down on Asians, don't make money from us. Shanghai Ubisoft branch and Chengdu Ubisoft branch company, get out of China

  • freezychan
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    @yao826506511 上工信部網站寫舉報表格!他們在大陸賣未經批准的血腥暴力遊戲!xbox和pc版是沒有閹割的!尤其是出貨量最大的PC版!料足夠了!

  • KppKerry
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    Haiyaa~~Still waiting.

  • Teico_
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    i want ubi to patch them.
    distuinguish japan and other asian countries. this is humiliating and feeling discriminated. not fair for the human rights neither.

  • ya75829
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    PS4 Asian version is actually a cut version? To cooperate with the policy of the Japanese authorities? Are you kidding me? Asia is not only Japan!

    To make matters worse, the information was announced a few days before the listing. How is this different from fraud?

    Ok, if this problem is not improved, I will never touch any of UBI games again.

    I promise!

  • Teico_
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    here's one more korean who is very angry.
    f*** you ubisoft.

  • Teico_
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    this is big discrimination. japan is not cultural representation in asia.
    what are you thinking ubisoft ???
    vikings with no brutal actions and no bloody head offs?
    this can't be should'nt be happen in 2020.
    i refunded my order. and many korean gamers are also boycotting the game and very angry about this nonsense.

  • palqn
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    Fxxx off ubisoft , i wont buy this game until u patch this [censored]! From malaysia!

  • freezychan
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    @palqn 還等什麼,工信部走起吧

  • Zui-Bujue
    17 posts

    This is racial discrimination.
    We only require simple thing.
    Cancel the regional difference for Asia
    CERO is only in Japan.
    And if you don't know, there are a lot of players from different places.
    And we don't need to follow Japanese rules.
    UBISOFT change Asia version for only one country.
    This is a grave disrespect to us who has no need to follow japanese rules.
    And we have been posted our grievances for three days,but UBISOFT has no responses for us,not even a single word.
    If there has regional difference.You should have told us from begining,but you not.
    So,this is the way you treat those players?
    Those who like this game and pay for it?
    By racism,lie and Ignore them no matter how dissatisfied thay are.
    Nice work UBI.
    May the game sell well.

  • mint-drops
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    Hi @Teico_ ,
    I'm still downloading the game due to issue of not appearing in the library after purchase.
    Is this on Ubisoft Connect version (PC)?

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    @freezychan 卧槽!回到家兴奋的开启ps4要下载这游戏,结果网上看到亚洲版本搞成这毛样,果断退订!

  • freezychan
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    @omfgdang 沒下載的都去退!目前這件事已知的已經影響到整個亞洲區而不是僅僅華語區了。育碧必須要為這種做法付出代價!

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