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  • KppKerry
    109 posts

    Please bring us back the original version, Taiwanese players are angry about this censored Asia version.We love Assassin's Creed series so much,please don't bring us down.😥

  • ponyhotboobs
    1 posts

    As a Taiwan PlayStation player, I’m so disappointed with this and I refund two packs of collector’s edition as my protest.

    I’ve supported AC series for a long time and this time Ubisoft just acting like a cheater.

  • AhLeung0809
    2 posts

    i Always stand by Ubisoft pre order many game,but this time i feel very Disappointed complete cant accept this problem, i hope have Good answer

  • Mengou520
    22 posts

    i Always stand by Ubisoft pre order many game,but this time i feel very Disappointed complete cant accept this problem, i hope have Good answ。
    i like ub dont hurt players!

  • Andrew.L.Ca
    1 posts

    This is SCAM!

  • Limitch
    2 posts

    Its would be much easier to just make a CERO-Z version which it allows more adult content

    but I hope Ubisoft can consider this as an option to players in asia

  • Musicf1y
    1 posts

    I remember HK store is EU version + Traditional Chinese. Why on earth now we are sharing the bundle with Japan?!

    I understand EU region and US region has similar censorships thus they share the same version, but why don't we have our own bundle?

    Do you think we are minority so we don't deserve a standalone bundle?

    On the other hand, if EU and US are treated as the same class as us, why don't you publish a bundle named western version which covers EU and US?

    We deserve to be treated euqally as other regions.

    Please don't make excuses like it would be hard to make a patch. I am a developer as well, I know it is even more work to "adjust" exisiting things from product than putting it back.

    Publish a patch for us, or I won't buy Vahalla.

  • ArBean1221
    1 posts

    We need the original version, the REAL Assassin's Creed Valhalla. i know it is about some countries regulation, but what about the other Asian player? I'm not a game developer, but i believe that ONE PATCH can solve the problem. Just do something, don't let us down

  • GuGuGuGuGuu.
    1 posts

    I am a Chinese player. We want know if there will be a update to fix this problem on the first day game released. If this problem is not going to be fixed, I will refund and I will not support Ubi games anymore. I believe most of non Japanese Asian players are also angry Ubisoft and may make the same choice.

  • freezychan
    54 posts

    We need the patch, we deserve the patch to correct the mistake you made.
    Otherwise you deserve a hashtag named #boycottACValhalla

  • wangxu413574353
    10 posts

    I am a chinese player and I really love AC.I want to play this game but I don't want a "special" edition.Please return the blood!

  • wangxu413574353
    10 posts

    让我们体验一个原汁原味的 英灵殿

  • freezychan
    54 posts

    @wangxu413574353 多找人來回吧。這次太噁心了必須要讓他們看到大家的意見這樣。我們不是日本的附屬國也不是日本的殖民地為什麼要我們遵守日本的法律!!育碧以為這些地區都是日本的領土嗎!!

  • shotme4233
    1 posts

    I am Taiwanese and I am very angry!!!

    I needs torture scenes where internal organs and beheaded faces !!!

  • wl01236563
    36 posts

    I am a Chinese Player. Because of that censored, I have refunded the game.
    I have per-ordered and looking forward to 10th Nov for a very long time.
    But I can't stand to play a game which is not complete. We don't need to follow Japanese rules.

    Chinese players cannot be discriminated against!
    Chinese players cannot be discriminated against!
    Chinese players cannot be discriminated against!

  • dtspszty
    1 posts

    Japan cannot represent Asia!!! so why should Asian players obey Japanese laws?

  • andrewlsyy
    1 posts

    I am ps player from Hong Kong and also a fan of assassins creed for more than 7years. I am looking forward for playing AC Vahalla. However, I was totally disappointed with this modified version which lost all the characteristic promoted originally. I hope ubi can make your decision wisely, otherwise, I will not pre-order your games anymore.

  • Mengou520
    22 posts

    我生生打的英文 中文怕他们看不懂。明天就发售了,太恶心了

  • nightseer470
    1 posts

    Looking forward to this game for so long and....what do I get? A special edition only in Asia and only on Playstation?Dude 2020 had hurt everybody enough, don't do this OK? It's “Viking” not Vicky The Viking ok?

    Or is this some kind of discrimination?

  • boreguy926
    1 posts

    I just sent my refund request for PS4 version.
    We already rated this game as 18+ in Taiwan.
    Why should we suffer from a different country's regulations?

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